In the Back Room of the Bar

Walking away from the noise in the bar, I followed him down a dimly lit corridor, passing boxes and crates, watching him move easily through the space. I’d known him for no more than a few hours, during which he’d served me a couple of whiskies on ice. After a lot of flirting throughout the evening, he’d leant over the bar and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere a bit quieter. Totally clichéd, but totally welcome. He was a distraction I really needed, and I was getting more and more turned on by his attention as the evening went on.


I followed him through a door into a small dark room. I waited as he opened a second door, which let in the warm air of the night and the distant sounds of the city. The glow of the street lights created a dim backlight. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt along with an air of confidence, he walked back across the room towards me as I leant against the wall. He moved in close to me. He had my full attention. For what felt like an eternity, neither of us moved. I looked into his eyes, seeing the reflection of the anticipation that I felt. There was something else there too. Hunger? Lust? A thrilling darkness? The unspoken promise of mutual pleasure, the recognition of passion, the acknowledgment that whatever happened next would be our secret.


He lifted his hand to my neck, and I felt his fingers stroke my throat– a light touch that caused me to shiver. When he kissed me, I could already feel myself getting impatient; I needed him to fuck me right then. He sensed my building frustration and continued to tease me, moving his hand down my body, slowly tracing his fingertips over my collarbone, and down my chest, stopping to play with my nipple through the fabric of my dress. I couldn’t help but moan.


He stopped kissing me and looked me straight in the eyes. With his other hand, he slowly and softly stroked his thumb across my lips, telling me wordlessly that I needed to be silent. To make his point, he gently pressed his thumb against my lips, and I opened my mouth and sucked it. I was so desperate to have any part of him inside me that I gently bit down on his thumb to make sure he couldn’t take it away. He continued playing with my nipples through my dress, and I was getting wetter.


I tried to reach for his waist, to pull him closer to me and feel his body against mine. He pulled back slightly, stopping me when I tried to touch his crotch. I had no choice but to lean back against the wall and let his fingers explore my body. His hands moved down over my hip to the top of my leg, and he started to pull up my dress. He began touching the inside of my thighs and then reached my pussy. Now there was just a thin layer of lace between his skin and mine. He gently stroked me, feeling just how wet I was through the lace. He smiled, silently daring me to make a sound.


Then, suddenly his pace shifted. The gentle caress stopped. He pulled the lace of my panties to one side and ran his thumb across my clit. I thought my legs might give way as I felt him open me up and slide his fingers inside me. Deep inside me, whilst he kept the gentle rhythm on my clit. Fuck, it was nearly too much. I pulled his head towards me, and his mouth to mine, so that my moans and gasps would be quietened. Feeling his fingers moving deep into my cunt, I reached down to his waist, pulling at his belt and the buttons of his jeans.


I could feel his hard cock pushing against my hand until finally I was holding it. It was everything I needed it to be. Hard, thick, and the skin was smooth. He didn’t stop pushing his fingers further and harder into my wet cunt, never letting up on my clit. Responding to the building feeling in me, I gripped his cock, my hand sliding up and down with more and more urgency. I could feel myself starting to come, but just as I began to feel my cunt tightening, he slipped out his fingers and opened my legs. Instinctively, I lifted my leg to wrap it around his waist, and he guided his cock into my wet cunt.


And there, at last, against the wall, his mouth on mine, he began to fuck me. Pushing deeper and deeper, until I lost control and came harder then I ever had. He didn’t stop, finding my clit once more and stroking it until I came again. I stopped kissing him and locked his gaze as the wave of orgasms hit me. Finally, just as the pleasure was almost an exquisite pain and his cock was covered with my juices, he released me.


He was still so hard. I pushed him gently back and out of me and dropped to my knees, desperate to taste every inch of him. He took a sharp breath as I slid his entire cock into my mouth, feeling the tip hit the back of my throat. I could taste myself on him as I sucked and licked every inch of his cock. He gently put his hand on the back of my head, and I knew he was close to coming. I could feel him getting even harder in my mouth, and just as I began to tighten my grip around the base of his cock, he let out a gasp as the cum exploded into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed every drop not letting up on the stroking and sucking until he couldn’t stand it any longer and he was almost breathless. At last, I stopped – completely satisfied – and stood up. I leaned in to kiss him. Just once. Then, straightening my dress even as he started doing up his jeans, I turned and walked away through the door and into the night, smiling to myself as I headed towards home.