In a Bathroom Stall with Nora

When I first laid my eyes on her, I wanted nothing more than to get inside her pants. Her name is Nora, and we met while she was on exchange studying in the US. She’s from Hungary and has this European sophistication to her. She was always in a cute little dress or jeans that showed off her perfectly toned ass. She had a natural look with long, wavy hair and never wore make-up. But best of all, she smelled like vanilla and roses. A smell that tamed me yet brought out animalistic urges every time I was around her. Nora was on every guy’s radar at school, and she knew it well. She just didn’t know she was on mine yet. 

I usually don’t sign up for extra-curricular activities but during this semester I was determined to go out and meet cute, nice girls. Although I’m a good-looking, tall, and very fit guy I get nervous in these social situations with attractive women. So, I ended up signing up for paddle-boarding lessons that coming weekend. That Saturday came around, and I went to the rendezvous point on campus for the trip. There were some cute girls, but no one fully intrigued me. That is, until Nora came around. This was my first encounter with her, and she was filled with mystery. 

Nora joined the group and sat right next to me at a table. Usually, at 7 AM I am the furthest thing from awake, but seeing Nora made me awake in more ways than one. I could feel it in my pants. This wasn’t typical ‘morning wood’. My cock was getting hard just with the fact that she was sitting next to me. I started to get nervous and awkwardly fidget my legs to a more comfortable position. As I did this, Nora turned to me, smiled, and reached out her hand. 

“I’m Nora, and you are?” she said, as her glossy eyes locked on me, knowing they had trapped me. 

“Casper. Nice to meet you.” I reached out my hand to her. I felt my heart sink just by touching the soft skin of her hand.

She kept her eyes locked on me for another second and smirked. I could see the sex in her eyes and the fact that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. Our eyes spoke intimately to each other. Nervously, I turned away from her and introduced myself to others in the group also sitting at the table. After a few minutes, I felt a tap on my shoulder. This wasn’t any normal tap, but the soft touch lingered. I turned around to see Nora smiling at me once again.

“Casper, do you have a pencil I could use for a second?” she said.

“Sure” I said as I reached into my pocket and pulled out the pencil for her. 

I didn’t think much of it, maybe that I scored points with her just then. But she pulled out a small sketchbook, flipped to an empty page, and began sketching. I couldn’t quite make out what she was doing, but I could see sketches of nude bodies embracing one another on the pages as she flipped through. Now my cock was pulsating, harder and harder. Each pulse of blood rushing to my cock, I couldn’t help but look down at my crotch.

Luckily, the coordinator shouted out that we would be leaving to the marina. I was saved by the bell. I was wearing cargo shorts so I was hopeful that there was no way Nora would see my erection as I was walking to one of the cars. She stopped sketching, put the pencil in her pocket, and followed everyone else to the cars. Out of the corner of my eye I could tell that she was eyeing me down. When we got to the cars, she stood right next to me. With our shoulders touching, me just a small distance away from her now, I wanted to grab her waist right then and there and kiss her. Though, I kept quiet. I realized she was deliberately standing next to me to get placed into the same car. 

The coordinator came over to the group and split us all up into separate cars. Nora and I were sent to the same car, and she’d taken the liberty to sit in the back seat, right next to me. For the entire car ride, I felt her soft, smooth leg rubbing up against mine. I faced out the window as to ignore my raging erection in my pants. I wanted Nora to a degree that I had never felt for anyone before. I wanted to be inside of her, to run my fingers over every inch of her body, and to feel her warm breath all over mine.

There was a bump in the road. Although we were wearing our seatbelts, Nora popped up a bit and her left hand flew up in the air. Without a second’s warning, her hand came flying back down, right onto my erection. I turned to her, startled, and she looked at me. Neither of us said a word, but I was sure that she could feel my hard cock underneath my shorts. Nora then proceeded to slide her hand down my inner thigh and bring it back to her side – all as if this was an accidental, casual movement. 

“Oops. Sorry!” Her eyes lit up. She knew that she had ensnared me for the moment being, and forever. I was under her spell.

After 30 minutes we finally arrived at the marina. We all got out of the car and met up with the rest of the group. Everyone was already changed into their swimsuits once we arrived. The coordinator spoke with the paddle boarding instructor and told us to go to the bathroom area to change. I had a strong feeling that this is when something would happen between Nora and I. Sure enough, it did.

Me, Nora and the other girl who drove with us walked over to the bathroom area. We went our separate ways and I went into the men’s bathroom. There was a single stall and it was empty, so I walked into it, but the lock was broken. I leaned against the door to keep it shut while I was changing into my bathing suit. I pulled off my shorts and underwear, throwing them into my backpack. While I was putting my bathing suit on through my legs, I heard footsteps enter the bathroom.

The footsteps were soft and light. They stopped in the center of the bathroom for a moment. Then abruptly, they walked toward the stall. Before I knew it, the stall door swung open. Just as I was popping my erect cock into my bathing suit, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Nora was standing there right in front of me. She was wearing a thin red bikini that fit her slim, yet curvy body perfectly. Her body was the most beautiful thing I’d ever lay my eyes on. 

“I forgot to give you back your pencil.” She looked at me, now with what I’m positive were sex eyes.

She held up the pencil and extended her hand. As soon as I grabbed the pencil, Nora stepped in closer to me. Leaning my body up against the stall. She took my hands and placed them on her waist. Then, she brought her face to mine and kissed me. I let out my inner animal urges and kissed her back, holding on tightly to her waist. It was sloppy and wet, we were two animals craving one another, finally together. After a minute, she pulled her face away.

Her light blue eyes pierced through my heart. Our eyes locked. She licked her lips and kissed my lips one more time. I could smell the faint scent of vanilla and roses. I inhaled her. Holding on so that the feeling would last forever. Then, she let go.

“I’ll see you out on the water.” Nora winked at me and walked away.

I turned my head around the stall and could see her toned ass jiggle as she walked away with a confident strut in her step. She left the bathroom and I put my hand in my pants to adjust my cock from sticking out. I could feel the warm, wet pre-cum on the tip of my penis, and it stuck to my fingers. Finally, I walked outside to the paddleboards. 

By the time I was outside everyone was already heading out to the water, Nora included. I was a little nervous because I had never learned how to balance on the board, but I picked up my board and headed out too. I put my board onto the water and left the shore. About 20 feet in front of me I could see Nora. She was sitting on all fours paddling away. Her back was arched, and her ass was sticking out for me to see. Her bikini was so thin that I could almost see her sweet pussy lips. Again, just by looking at her I could feel the blood pumping to my penis. 

Far enough away from the shore I got onto my paddleboard. I tried to stand, but quickly lost my balance. Just like Nora, I decided to sit on all fours and paddle out through the Marina. Nora had already caught up with the group and I was now approaching them. Most people were standing, and some were sitting, all in a circle. I joined in the only space available, conveniently next to Nora. All I could think about was her touch. I was longing for it every second of that morning. Everyone seemed to be occupied talking, so I turned to Nora.

“Haven’t paddle-boarded before, huh?” I chuckled.

“Looks like you haven’t either,” she laughed quietly. 

“I have before, it’s just been a while.” I slowly tried to stand up on the board. 

My legs shook as I slowly got up, trying to prove myself to Nora. I was able to find my balance for a second. Then, I started wobbling over from side to side and fell into the water. I was fully submerged and quickly popped my head back up.

“See, I’m a pro.” I said, trying to make light of an embarrassing situation.

Everyone turned around to look at me. They were shocked. As I got back onto the board, my cock was fully erect, poking through my bathing suit. All of the girls looked at me and giggled. Nora couldn’t take her eyes off of it. I could see that look again in her face, that look that said, ‘I want you inside of me.’ My face turned flush red and I readjusted my junk so that it wouldn’t be visible and sat down on my board. After a few moments, everyone had moved on from the sight, everyone but Nora. She licked her lips and I could see her nipples get hard underneath her bikini. 

“Everyone, we’re going to move out a half-mile further down the marina”, the instructor said as he turned around and began to paddle. 

“Excuse me? I need to use the restroom, but I’ll catch up later.” Nora got on all fours again and turned her board around toward shore.

“I do too.” I held my paddle and turned my board around next to Nora.

As we paddled back to shore in silence, I could notice Nora almost grinding her board, thinking about having me completely inside of her. She smirked the entire way back. As soon as we hit the shore, we left our boards behind and walked toward the bathroom. Her nipples were still hard and so was my cock. 

“I liked what I saw just before.” She said.

“Me falling? Yeah, very funny.” I said, acting like I didn’t know what she was talking about.

She lowered her voice, “no, your cock. It was nice. I wanna suck it.”

“I’d like that a lot”, I said., feeling those words make me weak in the knees. 

Nora then proceeded to hold my arm with her soft hand and guide me into the women’s bathroom. I looked around nervously to see if anyone was there, but no one was in sight. Once we were in the bathroom, we went into one of two stalls and began violently making out. We were both slobbering, and she was licking my face for my taste. I started biting her neck and sucking on it, not realizing that I was leaving hickies all over her. 

Things escalated quickly and Nora lifted her leg up on the toilet. She was rubbing my hard cock from over my bathing suit in a flurry of motions. I grabbed her waist even harder and then slid my hands down to her ass and squeezed it. Her ass was so firm that I tired myself out squeezing it as hard as possible. Then, Nora unstrung her bikini bottom. I looked down and saw a cute landing strip.

“I want you to eat my pussy, Casper.” Nora took her fingers and spread her pussy for me.

I bent over and started licking it while grabbing her ass, then her thighs, and back to her ass. Her body was a map that I wanted to explore. I started by tonguing her pussy. She tasted sweet and the smell of vanilla and roses remained. I swallowed her juices. She looked at me eating her pussy and I could tell that she was in heaven. She knew that I was finally hers and only hers. I licked rapidly – I was a hungry animal for her flesh. Then I worked my way up to her clit. I started to rub it. Nora started shaking with her leg still propped up on the toilet.

Nora didn’t know where to put her hands too. She wanted to grab onto something. Anything to squeeze and fight the feeling that she would cum. So, she grabbed my hair and pushed my face in closer to her pussy. I continued to lick and now scratch my nails along her legs, leaving little red marks on her pale skin. We were both getting violent with one another, but I liked it. I wanted reminders of what we did that day, whether it was a scratch or a bruise.

Now, Nora started thrusting her hips in closer to me. She was following my licks with a forward and backward movement. 

“Casper, I squirt a little.”

“Oh fuck, I like that.” I licked even harder against her clit.

I made it my mission to get Nora to squirt. I was not leaving that bathroom stall until her juices were all over my face. She started to shake and without warning, a little squirt came out of her pussy and right onto my tongue and lips. I had never tasted a girl’s squirt before, and I really liked it. I knew that she was relieved that I was so accepting and comfortable with this right away. I was willing to explore it all with Nora. I took my fingers and put the rest of her juices on my face into my mouth and looked at her as I did it.

Nora put her leg down on the floor and I stood up. I brought my lips back to her and let her have her own taste. She licked my face to taste herself too. Then, she smiled a little and then looked at me. I knew what she wanted, and I was fully ready to give it to her. 

“My turn.” She bit her lip and squatted down.

Before I knew it, my bathing suit was off, and my cock was deep into Nora’s mouth. She was sucking all of me – my cock was completely covered in her saliva. I could see bubbles of spit all over my shaft and I felt pre-cum leak from my tip. Nora looked up at me and I locked eyes with her. She cupped my balls in her hand and started squeezing them, pulling them down and stretching them out. I didn’t quite know what she was doing, but it was the best feeling I have ever experienced, and she knew that it was working wonders.

She sucked faster and licked my shaft up and down. I grabbed onto the top of the stall and started thrusting my hips into Nora’s face. I could tell that she liked being dominated. I was sweating and could feel my legs shaking. I was breathing heavily. I was about to cum. But then, someone came into the bathroom. 

Nora and I froze and looked at each other. Nora took my cock out of her mouth. We didn’t make a sound. The footsteps grew louder. I was hoping that this woman wouldn’t go into the stall next to us. Thankfully, the footsteps walked toward the sink and I heard the noise of water splashing. After 30 seconds, the woman left the bathroom. 

I whispered to Nora, “holy shit, that was close.”

“What’re you scared of? You’re a big boy.” Nora popped my cock back into her mouth, grabbed my balls, and started stroking me all at once.

My arms were weak, and I could feel my knees giving out, “I’m gonna cum, okay?”

“Cum for me, I wanna swallow it.” Nora moved even quicker with her mouth.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I came inside of Nora’s mouth. I was shaking, and she wouldn’t stop sucking, trying to get every last drop. Once she swallowed it all, she took my cock out of her mouth and stood up. She really did drain every last ounce of cum from my body. Then she re-strung her bikini bottom and I put my bathing suit back on. 

“This was fun. Let’s do it again. Just maybe on a bed next time.” Nora started to walk out of the bathroom.

“My roommates are out of town this weekend.” I followed behind her.

“I leave next week to go back home, but I’ll see you then.” Nora turned the corner and left the bathroom.

As I was leaving the bathroom, I was hit with two conflicting emotions. I was thrilled that we’d developed this relationship in just a single morning. On the other hand, I was devastated to learn that she was leaving the country in a week. From that moment, I was determined to make our next encounter incredibly memorable. I was going to please her in ways she didn’t know possible. I was going to please her in ways she’d never forget.