If you want the A+, give me the D

It was my senior year of college and I was sitting on a 3.99 GPA. For the past four years I had been entirely focused on my grades. I barely went out to party, dinners, or simply to just meet new people – you could’ve considered me to be a hermit during that time in my life. It’s not even that I was going to get my master’s degree; I was studying film. I remained disciplined for the sole reason of being obsessed with perfection. Being nearly at a 4.0 GPA, I studied almost every night during the spring semester of senior year, the only thing in my way was ‘International Film History, 1895-1939’. `

This class had a reputation around campus for being the absolute most boring class that anyone could manage to sit through. At four hours long per session, it felt like an eternity. It didn’t help the professor’s voice was as interesting as an unsalted saltine. He’d lecture on for hours and hours about silent films that no one really cared to know more about or see. Though, there was one redeeming quality to that class: the TA, Rebecca. And boy, did she change that class for a lot of guys.

Rebecca was a master’s student in the film program who came all the way from Hawaii. She had long, luscious brunette hair and was half-white, half-Japanese. To top it all off, she had a beautiful, thin waist and a tight, yet large butt. Every single morning at 9 AM she would greet us at the front of the classroom. 

“Hi, good morning!” she would say to each student as he/she entered.

Though, I noticed that she would greet me slightly differently. Instead of just greeting me good morning, she would stare at me with sex eyes and swallow. I could tell by these smaller signs that she was nervous in my presence, and that she would get a little bit hot and bothered seeing me in the morning. I always dressed in my pajamas since I would hop straight out of bed and come to class, so it was also possible that she’d see my bulge through my pants.

One morning I specifically remember her notice my bulge. The night before I wanted to jerk off in my room because I was so horny from watching one of those older American Pie movies. Only one minute into stroking myself I could hear my roommate walking through the door, so things got caught short. Consequently, the next morning I woke up with the hardest morning wood I’d ever experienced. To add to that, the only clean pair of pants I had were loose sweatpants through which you could clearly see the outline of my penis. 

I had no choice but to wear those sweatpants to class that morning, but it was one of the hottest things that has ever happened to me. As soon as I walked through the door, I got even harder thinking about Rebecca’s warm lips on mine. Eventually I made it to the door. My bulge was so obvious, but I tried to ignore it, play it off cool, and act like it wasn’t there. That wasn’t Rebecca’s experience at all. While I was within a foot of her, she looked me in the eyes, smiled, and then looked down at my erection.

In that moment, Rebecca’s face turned from that smile, to contemplative, — and she started to bite her lower lip. I could see that she was so preoccupied with my hard-on that she had completely forgotten to say good morning. It was only after the fact that when I was walking into the classroom that she mumbled “hello” underneath her breath. I didn’t turn around because the fact that she was flustered made me slightly pre-cum. I felt the warm syrup drip from my tip onto my boxer-briefs.

It was since that day that I had the strong inclination that Rebecca wanted me just as badly as I wanted her. For the rest of the semester I’d come into class twice a week, wearing my loose sweatpants just so she would be able to see my bulge. But I longed for her, and neither of us was making a move – maybe because of the student/TA relationship. Finally, toward the end of the semester, I realized how much she wanted me, and she didn’t even have to say a word.

Confusingly enough, it all started with me receiving a D+ on my final paper. The paper was worth 30% of my final grade. Without an A on that paper I wouldn’t be able to get a 4.0 GPA. At the time, I was furious. I started to believe that Rebecca was just teasing me – playing with me, just so she could humiliate me and deny me what I really wanted. Or maybe I was crazy and sending her the wrong signals, thinking that she was interested in me. I decided to go to her office hours and get all of this straightened out.

After emailing back and forth with her she decided that the best time to come and meet with her was at 5 PM that Saturday. I was a little bit confused – wouldn’t she have wanted to go out or do something actually fun? Regardless, I cleared my already clear schedule (with the exception of Netflix and maybe jerking off) and walked over to her office. This time, I wasn’t taking any chances, so I showed up dressed in loose black jeans.

It was 4:59 PM and I was right in front of her office. The door was closed. I knocked three times. After a minute or so there was still no response. I conjured up the idea that she really was trying to get back at me for the sweatpants flirting, all without confirming if she was interested or not.

Just as I was about to turn back around, she opened the door. Despite how upset I was with the paper grade; I could not help but notice how beautiful Rebecca looked. There was something different about her.

Instead of wearing her typical cardigan and skirt, she was wearing a button down long-sleeve with the top three buttons unbuttoned and the shirt opened wide. I could see her cleavage on her perfectly symmetrical breasts, and it was very obvious that she was not wearing a bra. She was also wearing a short, black mini skirt – it was the most of her long, beautiful and toned legs that I had ever seen before.

“Nice to see you, Kevin. You wanted to talk about your final paper?” She said as she smiled politely.

I took my backpack off of my shoulder and unzipped it. I pulled out the paper and showed her the big, fat D+ written on the top of the page.

“Yeah, I’d just like to talk about the grade I received and understand why. Maybe we can come to a mutual understanding?” I said, trying to push my confidence through.

She gestured for me to walk inside the room. As I walked over to a seat that was placed next to the front desk of the classroom, she closed the door behind me. The classroom was silent, and empty. I sat down next to the desk. I put the paper on the table in front of her seat and was curious to not see anything else on the desk – not a laptop, any piece of paper, or a pen. After a few seconds, Rebecca sat down at the table with me.

“So, what did you want to talk about specifically?” she said.

I slid the paper over to her so that she could read it clearly. “Well, the D. I don’t understand how I got that grade. I did all of the research, cited the sources, and thought that I placed my argument very strategically.” I started to take the offensive.

I could see that me getting assertive with her was turning her on. She was clearly trying to hold back a smile and chuckled underneath her breath.

“Don’t worry, we can try and figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. If you don’t think you earned a D, then what grade do you feel you deserve?” She said.

“An A.” I responded confidently.

“An A? Look, you’re a smart guy, and you’re incredibly cute, but you’d really have to justify getting an A on this paper.” She continued as she smirked with intention.

I could tell what was going on here as she began to twirl her hair around her pointer finger. Rebecca just wanted me to come to office hours so that she could flirt with me. Now I was almost certain that she wanted me. 

“And I’m not expecting you to show me any extra work or your process. But, there’s definitely something you can do to boost your grade.” She now started to slowly unbutton the top-most button on her shirt.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’d only seen this type of scenario play out in porn and in my fantasies. I was really into it already. I could feel myself getting hard in my boxer briefs. My cock started to throb, and I wanted to pull it out of my pants right there and show her, but I know that I wanted this moment to last forever, so I took my time.

“I could definitely do something that’ll benefit the both of us.” I said smoothly.

Rebecca licked her lips and pulled out mango-flavored lip balm. She rubbed it all over her lips. Now, her shirt was barely buttoned, and I could see almost all of her cleavage. Her nipples started to pop through her shirt – it was hot seeing how hard they were getting with just the idea of us fucking.

“Oh yeah?” She said.

“Ob yeah.” I pierced her heart with my sex eyes.

“I’ve been admiring your work for the entire semester, and I’d grade your body an A+. Especially that cock of yours that’s always rock hard. So why don’t you come over here and show me that A+ that you so much deserve babe. And don’t worry, I won’t tell.” This was a confident, sexy, and assertive side to Rebecca that turned me on more than I ever could’ve imagined. 

She captivated my heart with her words, and I was willing to do anything she wanted at that moment. She lifted her arm and gestured for me to come to her with her pointer finger. I stood up from the chair, stepped around the table, and sat down on it right next to her. I was a bit nervous, so I looked at her for a moment and hesitated.

Rebecca rubbed her hand gently down my arm and then interlocked her hand into my hand. She looked me dead in the eyes and placed my hand on her breast. I had never felt anything like that in a long time, it was so soft and warm. She squeezed her hand hard over mine and I thought it might be hurting her, but she bit her lip even more.

“You like that, huh?” she said in a slight whisper.

“Mhm”, I said as I nodded up and down.

Then, I took my other hand and placed it on her other breast. She was taken aback and giggled that I was now taking charge. I’ve wanted this so badly for so long, and I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. I started squeezing her breasts so hard that I could see near her cleavage begin to turn red. I could tell that she liked it – she liked being controlled.

“Wanna take it off for me?” Rebecca subtly nodded.

I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous still, and hesitant to take control, so I just looked at her blankly for a few seconds. Then, Rebecca unbuttoned the last few buttons on her shirt, opened it up completely, and took it off. Her breasts were perfect – better than anything else I’d ever seen before in porn. They were perky and shaped like torpedoes, and her nipples were the size of a silver dollar.

I grabbed her breasts again and became a bit animalistic, shoving my face into them. I wanted to feel all of her, and the look on her face was very telling that she was loving it. I rubbed my face into her warm chest, and she was beginning to sweat.

“Fuck, baby. Suck them for me.” She insisted.

I couldn’t control myself and started sucking her hard nipples as I cupped her breasts in my hands. After, I licked them, grazing my tongue against them. I saw that it was making her shake, and probably making her pussy wet. She clenched my bicep and I could hear her breathing heavily. Even though I was sucking her nipple I couldn’t help but think about being inside of her – I wanted it so badly.

She leaned back in her chair and grabbed my arms even harder as I licked her nipples. Then, I took my hands and put them tightly on her waist, then moved them to her back and scratched my nails against her soft skin. Manically, I licked from her chest down to her belly-button. Her skin tasted like coconut butter, and I couldn’t stop licking all over. As I continued to lick, she grabbed my soft hair very tightly. I liked that she was being assertive with me. 

“Get naked for me now. You’re at a B right now. Let’s get you to that A+” she said, while smirking.

That was one of the hottest things any girl had ever said to me. I wanted to get naked for her right then. I wanted to show her all of me, for her to admire my body. I started pulling off my shirt, then my shoes, and then my pants. I stood in front of her in my boxer briefs with a hard-on. I felt blood rushing through my penis at a million miles a minute. She grabbed me by my butt and pulled me in close. Our warm bodies were now touching, and I never wanted the moment to end.

“Look at that body, daddy. And your cock looks so big.” She said, as she squeezed my ass. I could feel her nails digging into my skin, but I wanted her to leave every mark on me.

Before I knew it, she pulled down my briefs and my cock flung out. It was curving up toward her face and Rebecca licked her lips. She brought her mouth in closer and wrapped her lips around my cock. The soft feeling of her mouth of my cock was heavenly, especially while not feeling a woman’s touch in a long while. She started sucking me and I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to cum.

I wasn’t embarrassed that I felt like I was going to cum so soon, but I felt bad because I wanted to still be hard when we’d fuck, and to make her feel good first. I pulled my cock away from her and shook as her tongue tickled my tip on its way out. 

“Mm, tasty, B+ now” She stroked my cock quickly before I pulled it away again. 

“Let’s take yours off now.” I insisted as I stood in front of her, naked and erect.

Rebecca sat up from the chair and didn’t hesitate to start unzipping her mini skirt. I helped her pull it off. Underneath she was wearing a red see-through thong, her legs so freshly shaved, I couldn’t\ help but squeeze her inner thigh. Through her thong I could see her bush peeking out. I’ve always loved body hair on a girl, and she had a nice, big bush. I pulled off her panties slowly.

Now her entire bush came out. It was interesting to me that her bush was a bit brighter than the rest of her hair. I put my face into it and smelled it all, and it smelled incredibly fresh – like she had just showered. She put one foot up onto the chair and kept the other on the ground. I grabbed her inner thigh and started licking up her thighs to her groin. 

As I came in closer to her, I shifted my hips in and slid the paper off of the table. I didn’t care about the grade anymore, I just wanted Rebecca. I started to lick her pussy so that I could taste all of her juices. She shook with pleasure. I licked slowly and passionately, then started to bring my hands up and spread her pussy. Then, I started to lick her clit.

Her clit was hard, and I put the pressure of my tongue against it. As I licked it she grabbed onto the table and started to convulse a bit. She tried to push away and bring her legs back together, but I held her there in place and continued to lick. Through her heavy breathing, Rebecca managed to make out some words.

“If you want to get an A, then give me that D.” She said, continuing to cut so smoothly with her words.   

Rebecca got up and started kissing my neck. Her lips were wet, and her saliva went all over my neck. She sloppily started rubbing her spit all over me. She was kinky, not afraid to do what she wanted, and I liked it. Then spit on her hand, looked down at my cock, and rubbed her saliva all over it, from shaft to tip.

The spit was warm, but then started to make my cock feel cold. I needed something warm – all I could think about was sliding my cock into her warm pussy and keeping it there. I didn’t even have to move because before I knew it, she was gripping my cock and sliding it inside of her. Once the tip made contact, I could see that she had gotten the chills.

She was teasing herself by not putting it in, just hovering over the surface with the tip of my cock. Then, she started to slap my cock gently against her clit. I could see her crunch up her face and could see each breath intensify as it left her body. I wanted to keep the intensity high (and also wanted to get that A+) so I slide my cock fully inside of her. 

I could feel the warmth of her insides and wanted to keep my cock there forever. She started biting her lips and pulled me into her by the back of her head. We started kissing, though it wasn’t with passion, but sexual drive to consume one another.

I started thrusting into her softly, sliding every inch of me in and out of her. I only used around 10% of my power thrusting into her, and I could tell that she liked and wanted it rough. I put my hands back on her waist and then up to her breasts, grabbing them and letting the touch linger. 

“A- now, fuck me harder.” She whispered in my ear, then nibbled on it.

I was starting to sweat more than her and I thrusted into her even more now. Even though I had every inch inside of her, I tried to push even more. I felt a violent urge take over to control her, to impose my will on her. She looked at me and nodded as I went faster and harder into her.

As I fucked her as hard as possible, I heard footsteps down the hallway. I was a bit nervous but ignored the sound as Rebecca’s legs began to shake. She looked like a belly dancer with her stomach convulsing in and out. She also started to make noises that she couldn’t control. She took my right hand and bit it. This wasn’t a normal, sexy bite, but she bit it hard – and she wouldn’t let go of it.

Although it was painful, I kind of liked it. I think her biting me actually got adrenaline pumping in me, so I had more stamina to fuck her violently like she wanted. I took my left hand and started rubbing her clit as I slid in and out of her. She finally let out one loud scream. Her body was no longer in her control, she was mine.

Sweat from my forehead started dripping down onto her stomach and then dripped further down to her bush. She was shaking and now trying to hold onto the table as her body moved back and forth with mine. Then, we both heard someone try and open the door, but the door was locked shut.

That didn’t stop us from being just as intimate. I pressed her hips against the table and fucked her for another minute or so as we looked into each other’s eyes.

“Cum for me”, I said.

As soon as I said that, I could tell that her mind was focused on cumming and showing me how good she thought it all felt. Rebecca came more than I had ever seen any girl cum in my entire life. It was honestly more than I’d come sometimes. It slowly oozed out of her vagina, onto the table. Rebecca got up and put on her thong and skirt. 

I started to put on my pants and shirt as she was buttoning up her shirt. She organized smaller items on the desk that had been shifted around during the chaos of our fucking. 

“That was your best work. A+ for you, big boy” She said, as if it were straight out of a movie.

She picked up my paper, pulled a pen from the desk, and added a line to my ‘D’ to make it an ‘A’. Rebecca handed me the paper. 

“You helped me, so I’m helping you” she winked at me sexily.

I couldn’t believe that I had just slept with the TA of my dreams, and that I didn’t even had to ask or flirt – she just completely wanted me. My cock was still hard under my pants because I hadn’t cum, but she was already walking me out. She led me out and opened up the door, where another student was outside waiting to speak with her for office hours.

“Have a nice day, Kevin! Just make sure to prepare for your final presentation” she said with her enthusiastic smile.

I walked out of the room and jerked off that night thinking about her. She’d remain the object of my desire for the entirety of my senior year of college. I’d also end up finishing my college career with a perfect 4.0 GPA.