Ice Scream, You Scream

Every summer during high school I’d work at the same Italian ices place down the street from my house. It was the fourth year that I’d be coming back, and likely my last before moving away for college. The pay was never that great (minimum wage), but the manager was incredibly friendly, and it was always nice to be in the cold shop during the hot summer days. It would get pretty busy, and there was another girl, Cassie, from my high school who’d work there three days a week and help out. She and I hung out in different crowds and didn’t really even talk much at work either. We’d just come in, do our work, and close up the shop – all strictly casual. Much to my surprise, on my first day of the new summer, the manager told me that Cassie wouldn’t be coming back – that there was a new girl from my high school who’d be working, starting the following day.


I was a bit nervous to find out who had replaced Cassie because I had gotten into the rhythm of things at work and was comfortable around her. It was a strictly professional relationship and I got to keep my personal life to myself – I was the professional version of Drew. Maybe this new girl would want to talk too much, ask too many details, and get me off focus with work.


But the very next day, the replacement mattered way more than I could’ve ever imagined. I walked over to the shop at 9:00am, opened up, and started to prepare the ice cream that was missing in the display. I was in the freezer room and heard the front door open at around 9:30am. I thought it was strange because no one really came in for ice cream that early, but I went to the front of the store. Standing right there in front of me was Olivia.


Olivia wasn’t just any girl – she was the one girl I had a major crush on for pretty much my entire life. I was always hoping to have classes with her, just so I’d be able to “spend time” with her. And I never quite mustered up the courage to say a single word to her. She was, in everyone’s opinion, the most beautiful girl at the entire school. From Spanish-American descent with long, shiny black hair (with cute bangs), a vibrant smile, and a perfectly proportioned body – she was also on every guy’s radar.


“Hey, good morning. What can I get for you?” I said as smooth as possible.


“Hey, Drew. I’m actually not here for ice cream. Today’s my first day!” Olivia said with a big smile on her face.


Two things that she said surprised me. First, I had no idea that it would be her that would be working at the store with me. I was struck that she actually knew my name after all of these years of keeping silent. I almost didn’t respond – looking at Olivia with a blank stare. After a few moments of awkwardness, I snapped out of it.


For that entire first day I showed Olivia pretty much everything she needed to know for the job, and how we’d delegate tasks for the three days a week that she’d be in. Going into the second day, she picked up on things pretty quickly and was just naturally charismatic and friendly with the customers.


Although it was only the second day, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Olivia while I was in the back. I had a clear view of her and didn’t understand how someone could be so beautiful. She was wearing a small band tee and black leggings. The shape of her body was like a slim hourglass. Just looking at her turned me on so much – It’d actually get difficult to make the ices because of how hard my cock was. I’d try to adjust without her potentially seeing me touch my cock.


When the second part of the day would hit and business would begin to pick up, I’d join Olivia at the front with helping customers. She was so natural at making people feel comfortable and welcome – she had already racked up more tips than I had ever received in a day. Olivia wasn’t even just being friendly for tips – she was kind all day. When business would slow down, Olivia would start talking to me about my life. It was like she genuinely wanted to know more. Maybe she was interested in me? Or maybe she was just being friendly? Either way, all of this attention was making me feel special and turning me on. I had this unique “in” with Olivia that other guys would kill for.


Two weeks went by quickly and Olivia and I got into the rhythm of things. Each and every day she’d wear something that would show off her figure a little more, or something that would accentuate her cleavage. She was definitely aware of how she was making me feel and how she made every other guy feel. After the first month, Olivia started walking home with me, even though her house wasn’t directly on the way.


Olivia would ask me about my family, school, and what I was planning on doing with my future. I was surprised to learn that Olivia was an only child, enjoyed going to school, but couldn’t afford to go to a big private school. She’d be staying local at community college for the first two years. I was a bit sad that I wouldn’t be staying on Long Island, since I’d be going to school out in California; which meant no more hanging out with Olivia.


It was the very first time in my life that I felt connected to someone on an emotional level, not just as a friend or acquaintance at school. I could feel that Olivia was beginning to build real emotions for me as well. She listened so well. But at the same time, I felt like this was all too good to be true and that Olivia probably had a boyfriend who I just didn’t know about. Or maybe she wasn’t into guys – whatever the case, there was definitely a catch and Olivia wasn’t interested in me like I thought she might be.


All of my concerns went out the window around that latter part of the summer, late at night at the shop.


“Hey, Drew. I don’t want to make things weird, but I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” Olivia said nervously.


“Yeah, of course. You know you can tell me anything. What’s up?” I said while organizing tubs of ice cream – trying to keep it calm and collected.


Before I could even react, I felt two cold hands grab my face. I felt two warm lips press themselves against mine. I couldn’t control myself and immediately felt my throbbing cock poke through my pants.

Olivia took her lips off of mine and her look pierced through my soul. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to let you know that,” she said, waiting for my reaction.


“I actually feel the exact same way,” I said calmly. I didn’t want Olivia to feel embarrassed or like she had just made a mistake.


“You never said anything!” Olivia laughed.


“Yeah, because I’ve liked you for a while. I was actually just too nervous to say anything to you. I mean, look at how beautiful you are,” I said with complete honesty.


Olivia looked shocked, and I could tell that she knew I was serious. It was like she was having some sort of discovery about herself and her beauty – as if no one had ever told her. “Did you always want to fuck me?” She said.


Now, I was beginning to feel a bit vulnerable, but I couldn’t leave her hanging. “Uh, well, yeah. I’ve always been sexually attracted to you,” I said.


Olivia and I didn’t have sex that night, but as we walked home, we talked about potentially doing it during our last week of work – which was also the week before I’d move out to California. But, clearly, we couldn’t escape the question of what was going to happen to us – were we going to start dating – have a long-distance relationship, or just fuck and call it a day? We both liked each other, and either way, it’d be hard for us to go our separate ways.


Leading up to the last week of work, Olivia would close up the shop with me every single night. As we’d lock up the shop, we’d kiss in the freezer room – the cold air on our warm lips always felt incredible. Afterwards, we’d hold hands as we walked home, and I’d kiss Olivia at my doorstep. We were quickly becoming an unofficial couple, and it was becoming hard for me to keep up with, because I didn’t want to break Olivia’s heart in the end. But, finally, on the last week of work, Olivia escalated things completely.


It was a Wednesday night and Olivia and I were closing up the shop. This would be our second-to-last day of work ever, and we could feel the pressure of the inevitability that we were going to have sex. The entire day, Olivia didn’t seem to be focused. Since I was already very open with her, I asked her what was going on. She was just as honest and said how she was nervous, how she really wanted to fuck me, but also didn’t want for me to go and her to be too attached. I genuinely cared about her, so I reassured her that we didn’t have to have sex, and that we could try to do long distance and do it later.


Despite me saying we didn’t have to do it, Olivia argued (to me and herself) that it would be best if she lost her virginity to me – someone that she had feelings for, not some random guy from school. And most shocking of all, she wanted to lose it right then and there. Thank God I was carrying a condom on me.


I was hornier than ever, and I didn’t want to deprive Olivia of what she wanted, so we went to the freezer room. Once we were there, I asked her one more time to make sure that she wanted to do this. Olivia’s response was grabbing my face and kissing me just as passionately as she had every time before. She pressed my body up against a shelf with ice cream tubs – I could feel the coldness hit my back and chills run down my spine. I put my hands on Olivia’s waist and squeezed it tightly with my warm hands. While I felt some pre-cum oozing out of me, I pulled her in closer to me and then turned around and put her back against the ice cream tubs. I’m sure it felt like heaven to her with the cold on her back and my warm body consuming her front.


My tongue explored every inch of Olivia’s neck. I wanted to taste every bit of her – her skin tasted so sweet. The warm saliva quickly turned cold, especially as I lightly blew on it, and I could see Olivia getting goosebumps all over. But our bodies were heating up, so I ripped Olivia’s shirt off, and then took my own shirt off. Chest to chest, I picked her up with her legs wrapped around me and sat her down on the cold metal counter in the center of the room. I could feel her warm breath hit my neck and face as I kissed her neck and chest – it felt so good. Olivia was starting to breath heavier; I could only imagine how wet she was getting. To transition smoothly, I wrapped my tongue around hers as I unclipped her bra and her beautiful, perky breasts popped out. I couldn’t help but lick her nipples, drooling all over. Olivia dug her nails into my back and shoulders as I continued to lick and pinch them gently.


I kissed a trail down to Olivia’s belly-button and then bit on the top of her leggings. I wanted to make her completely comfortable with what was about to happen, so I took my own pants off first (with her help). I stood there in my boxer-briefs, and Olivia could see my big bulge popping out, throbbing, and begging to be unleashed. My boxers were also wet near the tip of my penis – I was leaking so much. She put her small hand on my shaft and then put her other hand on the rest of my cock.


I brought my hand back to Olivia’s face and kissed her as I used my other hand to slide off her leggings. She helped me slide them off, and she was wearing cute little pink underwear. At the same time, she bit my lower lip aggressively, and sucked on it before letting go. Olivia didn’t even have to try; she was just naturally cute and sexy at the same time. I wanted to fuck her so badly, and we were nearly there. I bent down, got the condom out of my wallet, and then put it down next to her. Then, I pulled off my boxers. My thick cock flung out, as hard as it’s ever been, pointing right at Olivia. I hadn’t shaved, so I also had a bit of a bush growing, but Olivia didn’t seem to mind. Her eyes opened wide – she was salivating.


She gripped my cock and softly put her finger over the tip. Then, she licked her finger, tasting all of my pre-cum. Her nipples hardened, and I could see a similar wet spot in her panties, too. She was dripping just as much. I slid her panties to the side to reveal her beautiful, wet pussy. She also hadn’t shaved, and I loved the little bush that she had. To warm her up, I slid my fingers along her pussy lips and rubbed her hard clit. Olivia was in pure ecstasy – my warm fingers in her and her skin gripping against the cold metal. I sucked on Olivia’s lip and breathed heavily all over her face.


“I trust you, Drew. I really want you inside of me. Please fuck me,” Olivia asserted.


I reached for the condom next to Olivia, ripped the package, and slid it down my cock. Olivia watched me put it on, and even helped – which was really hot – I never had anyone help me put a condom on. Olivia then jerked my cock for a little bit to get it even harder, I could tell she was also a bit nervous, and stalling, thinking about this pivotal moment for her. But finally, she pulled my cock in closer to her pussy. She rubbed it around her soft pussy lips and then stuck it inside of her. Only a little bit of my cock was inside of Olivia and she was already feeling the pressure, not used to the feeling, and unable to control herself. She let out a little scream, and I slowly slid more of my cock inside, inch by inch. When almost all of my hard cock was inside her warm, wet pussy, she couldn’t control her breathing and her body was shaking intensely.


“How does that feel?” I asked.


“Ahhh, it feels so good,” Olivia responded, “thrust into me a little bit, daddy.”


As ordered, I began to thrust into Olivia lightly as she laid down on the counter. I didn’t want to hurt her or ruin her first-time having sex. I placed my hands on her hips and thrust to a slow, gentle rhythm. She relaxed her breathing, but her body shook a bit more, either from the fucking, the cold table, or both. The coldness of the room intensified the warm feeling of our bodies connected. I leaned over and we kissed with our wet mouths wide open, then grabbed her breasts. There was this animalistic urge that I wanted to let out, but I had to be gentle with Olivia. Despite this being her first time, she was kinky, and I could tell she wanted more – to be dominated.


So, I thrust into her harder and harder, and although I thought she might tell me to stop, she actually told me to keep going. Her screams matched the increased tempo of my thrusting, which turned me on even more. I could feel the cum building up in my body, and I was nearly ready to burst – I hadn’t cum in almost a week, so I knew it would be a lot, too. It was the strangest feeling in the world – sweating while in a cold room. The beads of sweat cooled as they ran down my body, giving me intense chills that hit my spine.


I felt the cum surging through my cock, and I told Olivia. This got her excited, and she said she wanted to see it – she wanted me to cum on her. So, I pulled my cock out of her, rolled off the condom quickly, and came all over her chest as she laid on the table. The warm cum on her cold chest must’ve felt heavenly, and she seemed to like it a lot. Olivia even took her finger and tasted the cum.


I leaned over onto Olivia and kissing her gently, our soft lips grazing each other. We stuck together like glue in a warm embrace, escaping the cold – our bodies became one. Then, we left the shop and walked home.


It’s been roughly four years since Olivia lost her virginity to me, and I’m sure that wasn’t her only time having sex – she might be even more experienced than me now. We’ve always kept in touch but haven’t seen each other in a while. Next month I’m going back to New York for a few weeks, so I reached out to Olivia to see if she wants to meet up. Maybe we’ll even go out and get some ice cream at the shop where it all started.