Hot Yoga

I go to hot yoga and it always ends with ten minutes of Shavasana, where you lie on your back with your legs spread as wide as the yoga mat and arms relaxed to the side. I was particularly tired after this yoga session and fell asleep during the Shavasana ending. I wake up and see that nobody else from the class is still there, and I am the only one, laying on my mat alone in the studio. I hear the door open and my instructor walks in, shirtless as always, his broad strong shoulders pretty much all I can see in the dim light. I am embarrassed and start to get up, but he comes over to me. He gently tells me he left the lights on to let me rest and that he has an extra meditation I should do to rejuvenate if I am so exhausted that I fall asleep during meditation. We sit on my mat cross legged facing each other, and he holds my hands. He moves his hands up to my shoulders and presses down, and then lifts them up, relieving the pressure. He tells me to release the stress that is weighing me down and breathe deeply. He takes me through some breathing and then goes quiet. I wait a little and then open my eyes, to find that he is looking at me. We are holding hands. I lean in close to him and can hear his breath. We kiss, long and slow. We fuck hard and slow right there on my mat. I can watch myself ride him in the mirrors that line the walls of the studio.