Holly and Emma’s Sick Day

Holly wasn’t expecting company; she barely had any on the weekends (by choice, shout-out for introverts), so it came as quite the surprise to hear a knock on her door at 4:00pm on a Tuesday. Wearing only panties, she wasn’t exactly in any shape to answer, but the knocking continued so she sighed and got up. She had just finished tying her robe when she answered the door and saw…

“Emma!?  What are you doing here?” She tried to hide her confusion but wasn’t sure how successful she was being. “I mean it…it’s nice to see you of course but…”

“OH well you had called in sick to work today so I just wanted to come by and check on you. I wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong so…” She held up a bottle of ginger ale in one hand and a can of chicken noodle soup in the other. All of a sudden, Emma felt ridiculous and self-conscious; she and Holly said hello every day at work, and they’d talked a bit during group things at bars and such, but they certainly weren’t on Bring-You-Ginger-Ale-When You’re-Sick terms. “I’m sorry if it’s a bad time, though! I can totally just leave these here!” She almost turned to go as she felt the color in her cheeks bloom but relaxed a bit when she saw how visibly touched Holly was at the thoughtfulness.

“No not at all, it’s actually really sweet. Honestly, I’m not sick at all I just really needed a day, ya know?”

“OH yeah I totally get it, I do that too sometimes.”

They smiled at each other, both pleasantly surprised at how quickly the awkwardness faded away.

“Doooo you wanna come in?”

Holly opened the door a bit wider and stepped to the side to open up the entry. Emma smiled and walked in, placing her impulse-purchased remedies on the coffee table as she nestled into a comfortable spot in the corner of the couch.

Holly sat down on the same couch; far enough away to leave some respectful distance but close enough to be warm, and Emma found herself transfixed by Holly’s naked leg, peeking out from under the terrycloth of her robe. Holly realized what was happening and felt compelled to explain. “HA yeah I’ve been lazy; I haven’t shaved in a few days.”

Emma knew better though, and surprised herself with her own boldness. “Oh that’s more than a few days.” She pulled up her pant leg to show her own long term growth. Holly’s eyes widened.

“OH – well, I guess you’d know, then.” They both laughed and held each other’s gaze.

They knew electricity when they felt it.

“Sooo…do you want a tour of the place?” Emma nodded.

“Yeah, that sounds nice.” Holly moved to stand up and Emma couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of her neon orange panties underneath the soft white robe.

She wondered if Holly had flashed her on purpose. And of course, at that very moment, Holly was wondering if her little maneuver paid off and Emma caught the peek that she’d thrown at her. The slight blush in Emma’s cheeks confirmed that yes – she had.

The tour was perfunctory, but pleasant, and all the while Emma kept trying to catch little peaks underneath the edges of the robe. Holly knew exactly what she was up to, so she tried to stand or move in ways that would let fabric fall and leave skin exposed. It was subtle, but effective, and soon they both felt that familiar warmth. Eventually the tour reached its obvious destination.

“And this…well, this is my room.”

She opened the door and they stepped inside, the pretenses of a tour starting to fade. Emma walked around the perimeter, admiring the trinkets and photos, and eventually ended up standing in front of Holly.

“So there ya have it,” Holly said, looking Emma up and down, trying – but failing – to be discreet about it.

“It’s lovely,” Emma said back, doing the same thing Holly was, but not at all trying to be discreet about it.

She took a step forward, her eyes running up the length of Holly’s hairy, caramel legs. Another step forward, taking in the natural cleavage from what had to have easily been D-Cup breasts, nestled in the folds of that robe. She took another step forward, her eyes moving quickly from Holly’s tight black curls that spilled out from her head in every direction, to the small freckles that dotted her cheeks, to the beauty mark that punctuated the corner of her mouth. Emma wanted her badly, a feeling that rooted itself deep in her core and radiated out over her entire body. The arousal was so intense that she gently shuddered.

Soon they were standing face to face, and after a brief pause to savor the anticipation, Emma moved her hand up to Holly’s face, caressed her cheek, and slightly leaned forward. Holly moved to meet her, and their lips touched. The first kiss was brief and soft; they pulled back to make sure there wasn’t any hesitation, but when they looked into each other’s eyes that was all the confirmation they needed.

Their lips met again, more passionately, more fiercely; their mouths open so that their tongues could meet. As they made out, their hands explored each other’s bodies, massaging and caressing; careful to stay in and appreciate the moment, wanting to let things build naturally.  After being lost in each other for what felt like an eternity, they stopped to catch their breath. Emma’s eyes moved from Holly’s lips, up to her eyes, down to her cleavage, and back again. “I’ve…” she felt herself blush. “I’ve wanted this for so long.” Holly met her gaze and smiled. She unfastened the tie on her robe, which slipped from her shoulders and fell to the floor.

“Me too,” she said softly.

Emma’s breath caught in her chest; Holly was every bit as lovely as Emma had always imagined, and her eyes devoured every part of Holly’s body. From the dark nipples that stood erect on gorgeous, full breasts, to the curvature of her hips and that perfectly plump tummy, to the rapidly darkening spot in the center of those neon orange panties that she’d been catching tantalizing glimpses of all afternoon, Emma wanted to put her hands – and her lips – on all of it.

“Your turn,” Holly said, the arousal in her voice extremely apparent. Emma smiled, untucked her blouse from her slacks and pulled it over her head. She stepped forward for a kiss, but Holly stopped her. “No, I want to see you.” Emma stopped and took a step back.

Holly felt herself flush as she saw Emma standing there, her brown hair draped across her shoulders, the full, dark patches under her arms, that simple cotton bra cupping those alabaster breasts.

She could see the silhouette of her erect nipples in the fabric, and the thought of having them in her mouth made the dark spot in her panties just a bit darker. But before she could get too lost in that fantasy, Emma removed her flats and unfastened her slacks. Holly could feel the anticipation in her stomach as Emma hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her pants and pulled them down, turning her body so Holly could see the curve of her ass he she slowly revealed it, the lavender fabric of her cotton thong disappearing into the cleave. All Holly wanted to do was follow the seams of that fabric with her tongue.

On any other day that thought alone would have been enough to give her the easiest masturbatory orgasm she’d ever had, but she snapped back to the moment as Emma stepped out of her pants and toward Holly.

In an instant, Holly rushed to meet her, surprised at her own enthusiasm, and the make-out session resumed, from 0 to 100, with lips, fingers, and tongues given free reign to explore at will. It wasn’t long before Emma found herself completely topless, her bra easily removed and tossed aside by skilled hands, and she shivered as she felt Holly’s lips close around the rosy pink flesh that encircled her nipple.

As Holly sucked Emma’s breast, her tongue tracing circles, her hand traveled south until it found the seam of that lavender fabric just below Emma’s belly button. She ran her fingers down the front of Emma’s panties, tracing the silhouette of her labia with her fingertips until she found a spot that was warmer, wetter than the rest. She pressed into Emma’s sex and began to massage it, making the spot that much wetter. As Holly fingered Emma through her thong, she gently walked her backwards until the backs of Emma’s knees found Holly’s mattress.

Emma broke away from Holly’s kiss and sat down, pulling herself up toward the head of the bed. Holly stood there, taking in the entirety of Emma’s body. She moved to join her before Emma stopped her.

“No,” Emma said. “Now it’s my turn. I want to see you. All of you.”

She smirked at Holly, who was impressed by the way Emma took control of the situation; impressed and extremely aroused.

“Well, if it’s a show you want…”

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and turned around, slowly peeling them off her body, bending over at the waist as she rolled them down her thighs. Emma looked on ravenously as Holly revealed the plump curvature of her perfect ass and kept bending over until her visibly wet pussy peeked out from between her thighs. Emma bit her lower lip as she slid her hand into her own panties, her middle finger easily sliding in between her pussy lips and deep inside of herself. As if on cue Holly’s hand appeared, her fingers exploring her own body, massaging and spreading, focusing on her engorged clitoris. Emma fingered herself harder as she watched Holly stand upright, turn to face her, and move her fingers from her pussy to her mouth, sucking every bit of moisture from them. Emma sighed, her legs spread wide as she masturbated herself underneath her panties, and this time she made no protest as Holly climbed on to the bed.

Holly wasn’t sure she’d ever been as turned on as she was right now, watching Emma finger herself, the lavender fabric of her thong now a deep shade of purple. Holly crawled up the bed, focused intently on that wet spot, almost salivating at the thought of having it in her mouth. She crawled slowly, more deliberately, wanting to savor the anticipation and enjoying this private show. She studied the way the muscles in Emma’s arm flexed as she masturbated, the way her abdomen tightened, and her toes curled around the sheets as waves of pleasure rolled up her body. As Holly watched she inched ever closer, her eyes focused intently on the dark purple in between Emma’s legs as she felt her own wetness start to spread.

Emma’s body started to convulse as she worked herself close to orgasm, and she moaned as she felt Holly’s tongue press into the wet fabric of her panties. She removed her hand to give Holly room to work and put her own fingers in her mouth, knowing that they were both tasting her pussy. The thought alone could have very easily made her cum on any other day, so the very real sensations were almost too much to bear. She sucked her fingers and heard herself squeak as Holly sucked on her clitoris through her panties, massaging the entire area with her tongue. Her entire body contracted as the tip of Holly’s tongue flicked her clitoris, the sensation slightly muffled by her panties. She almost didn’t realize that Holly had started rolling her thong down her thighs, but it wasn’t long before the unmistakable scent of her sex filled the room. Emma moaned, wondering if she’d ever been as turned on as she was in this very moment.

Holly’s breath caught in her throat as she pulled Emma’s panties off. The full bush, the glistening wet lips, the pink, erect clitoris – the sight of it was enticing enough, but the taste and scent was almost enough to push her into sensory overload. As she pulled the thong over Emma’s feet, she tossed it aside, spread Emma’s legs, and resumed tongue-fucking her. After penetrating Emma with her tongue and getting enough juices in her mouth that she had to stop and swallow, she focused on using her mouth on Emma’s clit. As she used her lips and tongue in tandem, she slid two fingers deep inside Emma, using her fingertips to graze Emma’s g-spot.

That extra bit of stimulation was just enough to send Emma over the edge and her body spasmed as wave after wave of orgasm rocked her body. Her pussy gushed, and Holly eagerly opened her mouth to consume every drop. Emma moved her hand back to her clit to control the rest of her orgasm while Holly French-kissed her flooded cunt. Soon the ecstasy subsided, and Emma’s body stopped quivering. Holly slowly kissed her way up Emma’s torso, breasts, neck, and face, until she slowly slid her tongue into Emma’s mouth. Emma eagerly sucked Holly’s tongue, feeling exquisitely debauched as she smelled and tasted herself on Holly’s breath. Soon the make-out turned to light kissing and cuddling as Holly caressed Emma’s body.

Once Emma’s breath steadied and the electricity faded from her skin, she turned and looked into Holly’s eyes.

“It’s your turn,” she said.

Holly didn’t know it then, but she was about to cum harder –and more loudly – than she’d ever cum before.

It was the first of several Sick Days in their future.