Fucked Hard By My Tinder Date

I met this guy, James, on tinder. Gotta say, I’m extremely picky, but he checked all my boxes: hella cute (literally looks like a young Christian Bale), has my dark sense of humor and was pretty damn interesting. We agreed to meet somewhere and go to a bar from there. I liked the decisiveness in the way he touched me, the strong grip on my shoulder. First dates are usually an awkward dance, but this wasn’t the case. And as it got late and we got drunk, I only grew surer and surer that I wanted him to fuck me. It was time to bring out the big guns. I took my glasses off and he said wow out loud. Gave him my good ol’ fuck me eyes that never ever have failed me. James got his hand on my cheek and I moved into it like a cat getting petted.

As soon as we got out of the bar, we started to kiss. Hot, heavy, biting each other’s lips and faces. People walked by but we didn’t care. He got his hands all over my body and pulled me closer, we got to the corner and he pushed me against the wall. He squeezed my ass and I could feel his boner in my belly as I licked his neck and softly moaned into his ear.

“So, should we go to your place”, he finally asked. “I don’t really want to. My neighbors are a pain in the ass and I like being loud” “Maybe I could shut you up” he said and covered my mouth with his hand. I was wet since the first time he touched my shoulder. This made me drip. “You can do that to at the hotel”, I said. We called and uber and kept making out like virgin teenagers until it arrived.

As soon as we got in, I spread my legs. He softly touched my thigh, getting higher and higher slowly, until he finally touched my panties and slid a finger up and down my lips through the soft lace. I was holding my breath. The tension was so intense even the driver must’ve felt it. James slid a finger and said oh my god. First word mouthed in minutes. He leaned into me and whispered “I can’t believe how wet you are”. I was biting my lip and trying to control my breath. He moved his finger up and down and took it out, completely drenched in my juices and then put it in his mouth, enjoy it like it was a candy. He put his finger back in and this time made me lick it. I was in heaven. So not only was he cute, confident, funny and interesting: he was exactly my kind of nasty.

We got into a cheap hotel, paid the room and walked up without saying a word. There was really nothing left to say. he kissed me hard, and then immediately turned me around and pushed me against the room’s desk. He lifted up my skirt in a swift move, spanked my ass real hard and pulled my panties down. It was so fast and eager that just as I was finishing the gasp from the spank, I felt his tongue in my ass. He began eating my ass like a mad man as I moaned like crazy. He spanked my ass a few more times. I couldn’t believe how hot the situation was. I turned around and got into my knees. He took his shirt off as I unbuckled his belt. I took his cock out, a nice cock, nothing too impressive but tbh I much prefer that. My pussy is too small and it’s easier to get the whole thing into my mouth and just make a mess, which is exactly what I did. I sucked his cock like I never have before. I mean, not every guy eats your ass on the very first date. He grabbed the back of my head but really hit let me do the job. He was moaning and kept saying how fucking good I was. Music to my ears.

“Slow down, I don’t wanna cum yet” he said and pulled me up. He took my shirt and bra off as I got rid of my skirt and panties. I got into bed and touched myself while he got a condom out of his wallet and put it on. A part of me wanted him to raw me and feel his cum inside but the other didn’t want to be the local bimbo that gets pregnant by some tinder gringo, we all make sacrifices ¯\(ツ)/¯ “Bend over, baby”, he said and I obediently abided. He slowly got his cock inside me. It felt amazing. Just perfect, sometimes doggy is too painful for my little pussy, but this was just perfect, he was hitting the right spot with every thrust. I moaned harder and harder as he pounded my pussy. “You’re so tight, baby, fuck” he kept saying. He spanked my ass some more and every time he did I got wilder and wilder.

“You like that, don’t you?”, and then he grabbed my hair and arched my back “Tell me” “I love how you fuck me” I moaned. “Good girl” and he spanked me again. My ass was on fire and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. “Let me ride you” I told him. We switched positions quickly and I put him inside me again. I just needed him inside me as much as possible, and being on top is my favorite position and the one I’m the best at. I began bouncing on his cock fast, hard and relentlessly. I can go at it hard for a very long time. He was in heaven and so was I, and we started to suck my nipples I felt I was about to cum. He could notice. “You’re gonna cum for me, baby? Look at me”. He ate my tits and looked at him straight in the eye as I bursted into one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. I slowed my rhythm but he grabbed onto my ass cheeks, spread me open and began drilling into me. The furious pounding I was receiving was making me scream. “You’re such a good little whore” he said and in one quick move got on top of me without even pulling his cock out.

I grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs back until my knees were on my shoulders. “You’re so sexy, baby, I’m so lucky” he said and kept fucking me real hard. He leaned in and kissed me. We were trying to eat each other. I was moaning and breathing heavily, so was he. We were both covered in sweat, juices and saliva. I loved it.

“I’m gonna cum baby. You want my cum?”, he said. “Yes, please, I need your cum. Please cum for me” I cried. “Where you want it?” “Anywhere you want, I’m yours” “Such a good girl…. fuck” he said, pulled out, took the condom off and positioned himself on top of me. He shot a heavy load all over my tits and face. Pure bliss for me. He got his cock in my mouth and I cleaned it as his cum dripped off my face. I smiled at him when I was done.

“You look fantastic right now”, he said. He cleaned some of the cum in my face and kissed me. I cleaned myself up with a towel and we went right to sleep, exhausted, wrapped around each other so tightly that it was impossible to tell where one began and the other ended. The next morning we woke up and got into shower. We only laughed and talked about how amazing the sex was. We decided to grab breakfast. I waited for him in bed as he finished his shower. We fucked again, had some pancakes and coffee and basically spend the next two days together. Good times. Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language.