Four Seasons


“Mister is already in the villa,” the concierge tells me when I arrive in Jimbaran Bay. We’ve spent the last few days apart after hitting a rough patch. But I’m not thinking about that anymore. All I’ve been thinking about for the past few days is how much better they would have been if I could have shared them with you: If I could have kissed you after each fried banana I ate, strolled with you through each temple and forest, shown you each dress I donned for dinner. We have two days at the Four Seasons to make things right.


But once I arrive in the room, it feels as if they already are. You show me the welcome drink set up on the table, the ingredients separate for us to mix ourselves: a glass of Arak, some sort of sweet yellow juice, and a maracuja. You remove the seeds from the fruit and shake it into the drink before pouring two glasses. We take them out to the little pool outside our bedroom, and I get to share mine with you through a kiss this time. “Want to join me for a swim?” you ask as you remove your shorts, the only thing you’re wearing, revealing your toned butt.


“Do I need a bathing suit? Will anyone see us?”


“I don’t think so.”


I look around. Nobody’s in sight. “OK.” I free my full breasts my tank top and my curvy hips from my shorts. You jump in the water head first. I ease in on the steps. It’s surprisingly warm.


Your big arms pull me in for a kiss as I wrap my legs around your back. I can feel your cock spring up toward my pussy, as if it knows it belongs inside. But it’s not time for that yet. For now, I stay hovered above you, kissing you, feeling the energy travel between my sexual center and yours. It’s amazing how such a light touch can feel so intimate. It makes me want more. “Want to check out our new bed?” I ask at last.


“That sounds like a plan,” you reply. You can sense what machinations are running through my mind. I free myself from your grasp and swim to the steps, purposefully stretching out so you see my body from behind. “I like what I see,” you tell me.


Just to tease you some more, I float on my back, my big pink nipples peeking up from beneath the water. “Do you like what you see now?” I ask.


“Baby, you have no idea how much I like it.” You need me now. You pick me up and carry me out of the pool.


We dry ourselves off before you open the glass door to our villa and push me on top of our white cotton comforter. I lie on my back and you gaze down on me from above, admiring me before carefully kissing each breast. I feel the sensation travel downward and let out soft moans as your tongue teases me. Then you move down to my belly — my secret sensitive spot, you’ve learned — grazing your fingers over my skin as I buck my hips up to meet you.


You run your hands through my pubic hair before finally dipping your finger between my outer lips. “Wow,” you say. “You’re so wet already.” You slowly rub my clit from side to side. A feeling of utter bliss builds and radiates through my body.


You let out a hungry growl as you dip two fingers in, rocking your hand back and forth so I feel it caressing me both inside and outside. “Your pussy feels so unbelievably good,” you say. I love that this pleases you just as much as it pleases me.


“Keep going,” I tell you. I love feeling my pussy rocked and caressed and taken care of by your strong hand. I’m dripping by the time you bring your fingers back up to my clit, which feels swollen and sensitized. Each stroke fills me with more pleasure.


“Oh, god” is all I can get out before I start cumming underneath your hand. I close my eyes and let my body shake against yours.


“Mm, that’s so hot,” you tell me as I slowly stop quivering and bury my head in your chest.


You move your finger back to my pussy, testing if I can handle another round, but I need a break — and I want to return all the pleasure you’ve given me. I reach between your legs and cup my hand around your cock, pulling the foreskin up and down over the head.


“Do you like that?”


“Oh, I always love when you touch my cock.”


I press harder, make my hand into a fist, and move it up and down the shaft. I can feel you get stiffer inside my hand as I give your lips a few soft pecks. You moan into my mouth as I thrust my hand down with more pressure. “Do you have condoms?” you ask.


“I do.”


“Good, or else I would get you so fucking pregnant,” you laugh. “Where are they?”


“In my black bag.”  


You reach into my bag for the condom and pull it over your raging hard-on, then you crawl on your hands and knees toward me on the bed. I’m already laying down with my legs spread open, giving you easy access to my goods. You get above me in a push-up position and slowly lower yourself into me. It drives me wild to feel you enter me. This sweet sensation of being filled by you makes me want to get crazy. I know you love my dirty talk, so I don’t hold back.


“More, more, more,” I yell as I splay my legs out wider, encouraging you to go deeper and harder. “Pound that pussy. I can take it.”


“Mm, you make my cock so hard.” You start moving your hips faster, cupping my breast with one of your hands.


“Am I your little slut?”


“You’ll always be my little slut.” You fuck me harder.


“I can’t help it,” I whimper. “Your cock is so fucking good, it makes me into a little slut.”


“Whenever you say ‘slut’ it makes me want to cum,” you smile.


You get up on your knees and grab my ass, and I squeeze my legs to pull you in tighter. Your eyes grow wide, your lips curl up, and your face clenches into a combination of joy and agony. “Mm!” you yell repeatedly as you thrust harder into me. I can feel your cock pulse with every motion.


“Your slutty pussy made me cum,” you exclaim. We lock eyes and burst out laughing. You fall to the side and pull closer as I laugh into your chest.


After we collect ourselves, we make our way over to the pool, where we drink cocktails made of coconut and salak from a basket that floats in the water. Over dinner, we share what we’ve been up to the past few days.


“I missed you,” you tell me. “The bed felt empty without you there complaining about me.” We take a golf cart back to our hotel room after a dessert of rum-soaked cake and mango ice cream, then we take off our clothes and put on the white robes hanging in the bathroom.


“I love you, my queen,” you say as you cup my head in your hands.


I look up into your eyes. “I love you too, my king.”


Then I look down, surveying your body. I notice your robe is open. The way your cock hangs against the backdrop of your black pubic hair makes me want to play with it. “I want to go down on you,” I tell you.


“Be my guest.”


I’ve always loved to taste you, but perhaps because of the alcohol, I’m extra excited this time, and I’m really getting into it. I bob my head up and down and grab your shaft with more force than usual. Whenever I look up, there’s a dazed grin on your face, as if you’ve just died and gone to heaven, which turns me on more.


“Mm, thank you so much for letting me suck your cock,” I say.


“It’s my pleasure.”


“I want to suck it every morning and every night.”


“It’s all yours.”


I’m ravenous. I dive back in, finding a rhythm as I flick my tongue on the underside of the head then force my way down until you hit the back of my throat. I go on for 15 minutes or so, your hips pushing up into me, my lips wrapping around you, lost in this dance our bodies are doing, until I come up for air.


“My mouth’s getting tired,” I laugh.


“Oh, I don’t blame you.”


“But my pussy’s still available if you’d like that.”


“If you’d like that, I would love it.”


I straddle you and rub your cock over the entrance to my pussy then use it to drag the wetness up over my clit.


“Can you feel how wet it makes me to play with your cock?”


“Oh yes, I can, and I love it.”


I drag it back and forth really good, moaning at the delicious sensation of the head pressing against me, so soft yet so firm. You sigh along with me, feeling my pussy slowly pulling you in.


“You can lie back this time and let me do all the work,” I tell you. I’m feeling generous tonight.


I hand you a condom, which you hasten to put on. I place my hands on your chest and lower myself down until you’re inside me completely. I can feel you so high up. I want to feel you even more. I grab your shoulders and grind myself back and forth on top of you, first gently and then with more force. I throw my head back in ecstasy, arching my back so I can feel you higher still. “You have no idea how sexy you look,” you tell me.


I take your hands and place them on my hips. “Move me like this.” I show you how I like to move. You take over for a while as I squeal with pleasure. “I can’t believe how good you make me feel.”


I place my hands on either side of your head, circling my hips as I thrust downward and forward, then up and back, feeling you move in and out. I lean down to kiss you. “Let me know if you get tired,” you say. Once I think of it, I realize I wouldn’t mind you taking over. “OK, now,” I reply. I get off you, lay my head on the pillow, and relax as you press your tall, muscular body against mine.


I’m so turned on, your cock goes right in; you don’t have to ease your way in slowly like usual. It feels like you’re penetrating deeper than usual, like my whole body’s opening up to you. I move my legs over your shoulders so you can thrust further in. You don’t pause this time; you start off fucking me rough and hard. I turn into your little slut again.


“Yes, yes!” I scream. “Right there! Please, just like that! I want more!” You grab my legs to reposition me, like you know exactly what will feel best for me at every moment. Each thrust of yours takes me higher. Your body responds; I can feel you get harder, your breathing pick up, your movements getting more forceful and erratic. I already know you’re about to cum by the time you say it. I love the way you grunt into my ears, then keep fucking me with your cock still semi-hard, wanting me to get all the fucking I need.


I still my hips and pull you down to kiss me, signaling that I’ve had enough. But you know your job isn’t done. You pull out and get back on my side, then your hands reach back to my clit. As you play with it, I reach my own hand between your legs.


“Mm, that’s a happy cock,” I comment. It’s grown soft with satisfaction, and your cum is still glistening over the top. I rub my finger over it, making you sigh. Your pleasure turns me on so much, I start to cum right then, looking into your eyes as my lips spread open and my chest heaves. You don’t let go until your touch gets so intense I start shaking. When I can’t take any more, I gently brush your hand away.


I roll to my side to face you, wrapping my leg around you as I gaze up into your eyes. “I’m so glad you’re here,” you tell me. So I am. I’m so glad my bed isn’t empty anymore.