Fireworks at the Black Tie Ball

As we approached the huge country house, I turned to look at Chris, who had driven us to this Charity Ball outside the city. It was his company’s event and he looked so hot in his black tie and white shirt.

We’d been dating for six months and he drove me wild with desire. I’d never had sex the way it was with him. He just knew how to make my body a writhing mess. He parked the car and just as I turned to open the door, he stopped me, one hand on my leg.

‘Wait, I have something for you’

I watched as his hand moved over my thigh to the slit in my red evening dress.

His fingers slid up my leg, between my thighs towards my crotch. I moaned quietly, hoping for a repeat of earlier that evening when he’d used his fingers to make me come so hard I’d screamed.

He reached the top of the red lace panties he’d given me earlier that day and asked me to wear tonight. They were gorgeous so I’d happily put them on. He pulled them down slightly then slipped his hand inside but didn’t really touch me. I must have looked slightly confused. He smiled.

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course” I said without hesitation.

I’d barely got the words out when he held up something in his hand that I couldn’t quite see in the darkness of the car. He was still smiling when I gasped in surprise. He’d slipped a small vibrator into my panties and when he turned it on, it was sitting right over my clit.

I gripped the handle of the car door – it was the most unbelievable feeling. Then it stopped.

‘Come on, let’s go in.” He said. “Do you want to take it out? Or can we have some fun?”

I shook my head. “No don’t take it out – I love it”. I reached for his dick. He was hard, which made me even hornier. “But I don’t know how long I’ll be able to last until I’ll need you to fuck me.

We walked into the huge house which was buzzing with people. Chris saw his boss and taking my hand guided me to where the older man was standing with his wife and a couple of other people. We began making small talk when he flicked the vibrator on. I must have jolted because his boss asked if I was alright. I caught Chris’s eye and turned away as he winked at me knowing that I had to try and hold it together.

The vibrations on my clit were driving me insane as I tried to make conversation, I was getting wet and I knew my nipples were hard, the outline of them visible through my dress. Suddenly it stopped and I felt Chris’s arm around my waist.

“Let’s go outside” he whispered, “they’re starting the evening with fireworks, they had the same idea as us.” 

I rolled my eyes at the joke and he started the vibrator again. I just about managed to make it to the large terrace where there was already a crowd. He stood behind me as more and more people gathered around us. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I stepped back into he body, reaching behind to find his large dick which was just getting hard.

There on the terrace, as everyone looked up at the sky he subtly lifted the back of my dress until his hands were on my skin. He stroked my ass and moved his fingers down and carefully and slowly without moving the vibrator he slid he fingers into my cunt. I nearly screamed out but bit my lip.

He dick was so hard by then.

“I want you,” I whispered, and squeezed his dick gently. He slid his fingers out of me and as I turned and my dress fell back I watched him slide his finger into his mouth to suck my pussy juice off it.

The vibrator stopped and I squeezed out of the crowd back into the house, which was much quieter. I walked down a hall to the first door and opened it. It was a large room with a couple of old leather armchairs and long leather couch and a huge fireplace. The windows looked out to the terrace and crowd still watching the fireworks.

As soon as we were in the room and the door was closed behind us, Chris gently pushed me backwards until I was leaning against the couch. He kissed me once then dropped to his knees in front of me, lifted my dress and pulled off my panties. He spread my legs and leaned in to slowly lick my wet slit. He parted my lips with his hands and and began licking my wet clit in long slow strokes. I moaned, gripping the couch behind me. He didn’t stop, his tongue now lightly flicking over my clit whilst his fingers slipped inside me.

It was too much and I started to come, gabbing a handful of his hair and pulling his head towards me.

He put his mouth over my clit and began to suck it, gently pushing his fingers deep inside me.

“Fuck” I gasped as the waves carried through me.

He stopped, stood up and turned me around, unzipping his trousers as I pulled up my dress and parted me legs. I bent over the back of the couch and looked into the mirror above the fireplace. I could watch his face in the shadows, lit only but the lights outside, as he guided his hard dick into my cunt, deeper and deeper. I couldn’t see my own reflection, only his face and it made me even hornier.

“Oh please,” I begged, “Please fuck me.”

He smiled and plunged his hard dick into me over and over again, holding my hips to make sure he went as deep as he could. It was so good. He was so hard and his big, thick dick was completely filling me.

I watched his face and knew he was about to come. I squeezed my cunt around his cock and at that moment he gasped as he exploded into me. Pushing hard and deep whilst his cum filled me.

Finally he stopped and pulled out, dripping with both of our juices. I turned and knelt and took him in my mouth licking it all right off him. Outside the fireworks were finishing, and as we opened the door and walked back into the party, we were both smiling at our own entertainment.