Festival Fuck

I had never been to a music festival before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Fucking in the woods honestly had never even crossed my mind. 


You seemed to spend your whole summer hopping from festival to festival dripping in glitter and sweat, year after year. You had braids in your hair and fringe hanging from the edge of your tiny little denim cutoffs. 


I was wasted and I wasn’t sure what band was playing. You liked them and you led me here by the hand from a campsite up the hill.    


We weren’t there long before you dragged me somewhere else. We were suddenly away from the stages and the bands and away from the crowd. We were standing in front of the trees, at the beginning of the woods. The stars looked so bright away from all the festival lights.     


We were far from the entrance of the woods, but close enough that you could see where to leave when you suddenly stood against a tree. You arched your back and motioned for me to come to you. Your breasts seemed almost ready to pop out of your bikini top.     


I fell on you. I pressed your body against the tree and felt you press against me, your one leg coming to wrap around my waist. We seemed to kiss forever. Your lip gloss tasted like fruit. 


I felt you shiver as I sucked on your tongue.        


Before I knew it my hands were wandering all over you. I cupped your breasts, feeling them right through your thin little bikini top. I could feel your nipples already starting to harden. 


I rolled them between my fingers and you let out a high pitched little sound and bit down on my lip. I felt my cock twitch in my pants. 


Your breasts fit perfectly in my hands. I could have played with them like that forever, but I had to kiss them and bite them and taste them. 


I broke our long kiss and pressed my lips to your neck and along your collar bones, where I couldn’t help but bite just a little. You ground against me as I sunk in my teeth.    


I pushed your bikini top up and out of the way and pressed my mouth to the curve of your breast. I kissed until I came to your nipple and took it into my mouth. 


You gasped and I wondered if you were starting to get wet. I hoped so. 


As I sucked on your nipple and teased the other between fingers, I couldn’t help but reach down. I could feel the outline of your pussy lips vaguely through your jeans and rubbed fingers against it.   

I wanted to be inside you so bad. 


I pulled you against me so you could feel how hard I was. You reached down and grabbed at my cock through my pants and I swear I almost blacked out.  


I felt you chuckle more than heard it as you wrapped your fingers around me and stroked up and down. The pressure of your hand against me was driving me insane.   


Suddenly, I felt the cool air against my cock and I don’t know how it happened. I must have been so lost in sensation that I hardly noticed you take it out.             


Your denim cutoffs were next. I wanted them off. I unbuttoned them and slid them down your legs to discover that you weren’t wearing any underwear at all. You were naked beneath them. I watched as they fell to the forest floor.   


I had to touch you. I could feel my cock dripping and had to know if you were just as wet as me. I slid two fingers between your pussy lips and felt that you were hot and wet, just like I wanted. You spread your legs to accommodate me and allow me inside. One of your legs wound around my waist and I grazed your clit with my fingers. 


You demanded more and I gave it to you. I applied more pressure and you started to keen. I felt your juices flowing down my fingers and slid them further back to finally enter you.     


Your pussy squeezed my fingers so tight, and my eyes almost crossed imagining being inside you.  


Suddenly, we heard footsteps in the woods. Someone was coming. 


“Oh shit! I think its security!” You said. 


Were we allowed to fuck here? Were we not allowed? It hadn’t even crossed my mind. All I wanted was to play with your pussy.  


The noise was coming from the eaves of the forest, so I pulled you behind the large tree with me, hoping it would be enough. I held you against it and kept fingering you. You wanted so bad to keep quiet, you didn’t want to be caught, but I could see you struggling to stay silent as I finger fucked you and played with your clit at the same time. 


It wasn’t long before giggling started to accompy the footsteps. 


It wasn’t security at all. It was two people, just like us, looking to have a little fun in the woods. They passed as and I saw that it was a pair of women holding hands and giggling together. They were stumbling a little bit, clearly on one or two or three of a thousand things. One reached out and grabbed the other’s ass and her partner slapped her back.  


“I think we are in the clear,” I said as I pulled my fingers out of you. You lifted one leg over my shoulder, making it easy for me to line cock up perfectly with your hole and push in deep.      


You sighed long and low. I felt you grip me and I couldn’t bear to move and be separated from your tight heat. I leaned down and kissed you and you started to rock your pelvis, impatient as anything. 


Feeling you grind on my cock was so delicious that I groaned long and low in my throat. I felt your nails scratch down my back and I started sucking on your throat from ear to collar bone. I didn’t care if I left marks. I just wanted to taste you.    


I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I started with a single stroke and your wild wail egged me on. I started pounding into you harder and harder.  


You bit down on my shoulder and I slammed into you. You let out a little cry and clamped down on my cock. I could feel the walls of your pussy shaking around me, somehow always sucking me in deeper and deeper and deeper. I felt so deeply on the verge of incredible pleasure that I lost all sense of time and place. 


I couldn’t feel anything but my cock buried deep inside you and your skin against mine. I wanted to keep fucking your forever.  


Suddenly I lifted you up, folding both of your legs around my waist. You seemed to like being maneuvered and I felt your moan vibrate against my chest and your pussy pulse around my cock. 


I lifted you up and down on me, taking advantage of the new angle to get even deeper inside you. You threw your head to the side and I sunk my teeth into your neck. I wanted there to be marks. I wanted you to think of me when you looked in the mirror for days.    


I hoped to leave you sore enough that you could feel me for a day or two. I wanted you to feel that aching emptiness where my cock had been. Even if we never so much as spoke to each other again, I wanted to leave that little temporary mark.   


I knew I would orgasm soon. It couldn’t last forever, and you felt so delicious inside. I put my hands on your ass, holding you up, and slammed you up and down on my cock as I felt it start to genuinely throb. I wanted to make the last few strokes something you would never forget.       


Suddenly you threw your head back against the tree and let out a small cry. I felt you fully constrict around me and knew that you were cumming. It sent me over the edge. I couldn’t help but follow.   


I was filling you up, and some part of my rational mind somewhere recognized that this was risky, but I couldn’t stop fucking you for long enough to care. After I came I collapsed to the forest floor on my knees, my pants and underwear around my ankles. 


You were leaning against the tree and my head was resting against your thigh. Your hand was in my hair. We were breathing heavily together.  


I heard a joyful moan coming from nearby, and wondered if it was the couple I had seen before. I wondered how many people were there with us in the forest. 


Had any of them seen us?