Everybody’s Watching (Part 5 – Welcome Watchers)

Back in James’ studio, they turned on all the lights and Caty raised the Venetian blinds over the windows. They undressed in front of them, and he took her from behind, standing, with her body pressed forward against the cool window glass. She felt as if she was flying out over the night sky, as if he were fucking her on top of the dark river below; it was closing time at the pubs, and she heard people down on the street, and then she didn’t hear them, and she closed her eyes because she knew that they were watching, watching her and James.

Why close her eyes? She opened them again, realizing she wanted to see herself being seen. And there was a small group of people, standing under the glow of a street lamp below, looking up. She felt excited, even more excited than just the sensation of his cock inside her, to see them looking.

“You’re so wet,” James whispered, and she knew she’d come again because they were watching. 

She wondered which was better – him touching her alone in the park, or now, with her breasts grazing the glass, and his cock moving in and out of her reflected in the window. He reached a hand around her body to stroke her pussy as he was moving in her, and slipped one finger inside her along with his dick. He stroked the top of her pussy, in and out along with the rhythm of cock, and she was coming, and coming, and coming, and as he came too, she cried out, and fell back against him.

Now his hands were moving across her breasts, flicking her nipples; now, even as he pulled his still dripping cock from her, he plunged two more fingers inside her, rubbing her clit in a circular motion until she came again. It was like fireworks flashing through her mind, it was like all sensation tingling down to her toes. 

“Oh,” was all she could gasp.

When he stopped, she turned to face to him and kiss him.

“Amazing,” he said.

“No, you are,” she replied.

“Shall we take a bow?”

She nodded, and they did, her breasts bobbing; on the corner there was scattered applause.

James drew the blinds again.


They had to go into the office in the morning, they had a meeting with network executive Maude Atkins, and with Caty’s boss via Skype.

Caty had intended to go to her hotel for decent clothes, but perhaps inevitably, as James was making coffee, she slipped up behind him and fondled his buttocks, and they were off again.

James reveled in her insatiable nature, and in his own. He had never thought of himself as being particularly hedonistic, but with Caty, all bets were off. He wanted to take her places she’d never been before sexually, and they both, clearly, were incredibly turned on by the idea of other people watching them.

The footage he’d uploaded had scads of hits, and Caty had, late at night, written what he thought was a fantastic intro to the documentary, about the attraction of public sex, of people watching one have sex, of essentially participating in a “safe” group orgy – where everyone watched and you were the star. 

He’d sucked on her nipples and sat at her feet gently stroking her pussy while she worked, itself a turn on. At one point, she’d had to click ‘save’ before she was finished, and suck his cock while he perched on the edge of her desk. 

He wanted to edit the piece with Caty naked on his lap, maybe even riding him if it didn’t make all work completely impossible. He could certainly try.

Which brought him to this morning. They knew when the meeting was, they knew the time they needed to stop at her apartment, and yet – here they were.

After she stroked his buttocks, she slipped her hands around to his balls and stroked them. She moved her hands up to his penis and started rubbing him with both palms until he was hugely erect.

He turned the coffee maker off and turned to face her.

She rubbed up against him, her breasts moving back and forth across his chest until her nipples stood at attention; standing on tip toe she moved her pubic hair back and forth across his, the edge of her very open and luscious twat just grazing his penis. 

They did this for as long as they both could stand it, which was a surprisingly long time, occasionally pausing for long wet kisses and nibbles along each other’s ears and necks. 

Finally, he picked her up and carried her to his bed, setting her with legs dangling off the end of the mattress. He bent over her and took her there; she wrapped her legs around him, and she pulled him lower, digging her fingers into his back. Finally, he flipped her on top of him, so that there on the edge she was partially crouched over him, and he could watch his cock go in and out of her. He came quickly then, for just a second regretting that he had not turned the camera on.

They had their coffee watching each other sitting naked at the kitchen table, which of course made them have to hurry into the shower, except they did not hurry.

He soaped her breasts, she soaped his cock, and soon her was sucking those tits and she was licking his balls. They went no further than that in the interest of time, but were both so ridiculously stimulated that as soon as she’d put on James’ baggy gym clothes again in order to get to her place, he had to pull the loose pants down and just look at her pussy, which led to him putting his fingers in her pussy, and making her come again.

Which meant she had to return the favor, unzip his pants, release his bulging member, and suck him off.

Which meant they had to skip the stop at her apartment, and led them to Maude Atkins, his boss, sniffing disapprovingly at them, as the video call went through. 

She didn’t seem to know exactly what was up – Maude was dim that way, but she knew something was. Caty in his baggy clothes, and James having re-cut the opening few minutes of the program, to include the very raw footage of themselves, with faces blurred out. 

Did she know she was watching them? Caty loved the fact that she was, and played footsie with him under the conference table.

Caty’s boss on the other hand, got the gist of things right away. 


“What are you wearing Caty? Some new U.K. fashion that goes hand in hand with public sexuality?” she asked.

“Not exactly,” Caty said, managing a circumspect smile.

“I don’t think it will cut it in LA, but whatever.”

Caty smiled a little wider. “Speaking of cut, we have just an opening moment or two. I think we’ve gotten that titillating vibe you were going for down. And of course my narration is just a scratch track.”

While the 2 minute segment played out, she dropped one hand under the table and stroked the front of James’ pants. She loved that she was doing such a thing right there, in front of, but unseen by both their bosses. She loved even more that James immediately got so hard and large that it felt like he’d tear through his khakis. 

When the clip ended, Maude turned to look at them, and Caty folded her hands demurely on the table.

“I can’t say I dislike the theme you’re stressing,” Maude

said. “But I don’t know quite where you’re heading.”

“We don’t know either,” Caty said, relishing the way Maude was looking at her. 

“But we’re coming together nicely,” James said, with a wicked glance at Caty.

“The execs will love it,” Caty’s boss, Amanda, said enthusiastically. “Send it over in a zip file, would you. And Caty, I think there’s a real possibility there will be a follow up piece to this. So, back in LA end of next week, but don’t get too far into your unpacking.”

Caty grinned. “All right. I think I can handle that.”

“Actually,” Amanda said, and Caty was sure she winked at her, “perhaps we’ll just keep you abroad and move right into number two. I should get the green light today.”

“The second program will be about the effects of the experience on the watchers?” James said. 

His hand was now on Caty’s knee, and inching up toward her pussy, slow finger by finger.


“Perhaps we can show how their excitement leads them to experiment,” James suggested, his hand now up against her slit, and rubbing at her through the loose weave of the sweat pants Caty was wearing. She tried not to gasp when, with his little finger, he found her clit through the fabric and flicked at it. 

“Exactly, you’re wicked, I like that. Well keep having fun,” she said. “I’ll be in – touch.” She signed off.

Maude now turned toward them both, looking a bit constrained. 

“Everyone seems quite confident this will be a great success,” she said. “So – carry on. I’ll look forward to the full rough cut later this week. I trust you’ll keep on schedule?”

“Absolutely,” James assured her.

They stayed seated side by side in the big leather chairs at the long conference table as Maude bustled away.

“Have you ever done it in a conference room?” James asked Caty.

“Not until now,” she said. 

“Sit on me,” he said.

She stood up and pushed the ridiculous pants down to her knees. He unzipped his jeans and released his cock. She knelt on his thighs and lowered herself onto him. He raised her tee shirt and sucked on her breasts.

She moved herself up and down on him, up and down. “Do you think anyone will come in?”

“Do we care?” he asked.


They stopped at her hotel, and showered again, both of them a sweaty mess from not just the assignation in the conference room but from a second in the supply room closet, a completely unexpected interlude when Caty needed a pencil with an actual eraser to mark up her copy, and James needed a wind cover for the mic, which was kept in a different closet down the hall but he saw Caty inside the supply space, came in behind her and this time, locked the door.

He was wondering whether the conference room sex, with people walking back and forth right outside the door, and phones buzzing, and the chance that at any moment someone might walk in was more exciting than being alone locked in a closet with her, her legs wrapped around his buttocks as he knocked copy machine paper off the shelves moving in and out of her with her body pressed up against wall and her arms braced against a shelf filled with pencils. When a bunch of them rolled out of their little boxes onto the floor, once they were finished, they bent to pick them up again, and soon enough he was eating her out as she sprawled on a rolling sea of the Number 2 pencils.

It was lucky they were not claustrophobic, he thought, as they emerged, hot and still bothered.

So here they were at the hotel, and they were clean and neat again; Caty wearing a smart black sweater dress and ribbed grey tights. He could not wait to take the clothes off her again, perhaps starting with her undergarments, leaving the clothes on, piece by piece dismantling the outfit from within.

But for now, she needed to look proper on camera, while they captured the last couple – besides themselves, he thought – engaged in public activity, this broadcast on line as taking place in the British Museum. He was curious to see how this could possibly be pulled off.

Still, what he most wanted was to pull all those clothes off of her. 

“Ready to rock and roll?” he asked.

“Always,” she said, grinning slyly.

He leaned in for a kiss but she held him back with her hands. “Not until after my close-up, please, Mr. DeMille.”


They taped her stand-up in front of the museum, on the steps; appropriately enough, just off to the side, a couple was going at it against a ticket kiosk. He repositioned Caty so that they could see what was going on in a corner of the frame.

Caty kept her cool, adding a bit about how “part of the excitement is seeing couples everywhere…you never know when you’re going to spot them, you’re always a ready voyeur.”

Or just plain ready, he thought.

Her make-up was so perfect, he couldn’t wait to ruin it. 

She finished her piece. 

“Shall we go inside,” she asked, “explore the exhibitions?”

“In all senses of the word explore,” he said.

“In all senses of the word exhibitions,” she replied.