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Julie sat in a bowl-shaped suede chair with her head hanging off the side almost parallel with the floor. Her long legs were crossed, and she was swaying her foot in time with the music that radiated from a small speaker in the corner. A notebook in one hand, she tapped her freckled chin with the end of the pen she held in the other.

“What rhymes with pussy?” she asked.

“Excuse me?” Scott had his head buried in his laptop diligently working on a paper at the only desk in the dorm room. Julie’s question snapped him out of his momentum.

Technically Scott and Julie did not live together. The college at which they were both seniors did not allow co-ed habitation – at least not officially. While Julie maintained another dorm room on campus, it was common knowledge amongst their friends that most of her belongings were at Scott’s and, even when he wasn’t on campus, the best place to find Julie was there.


Julie suggested as an answer to her own question.

Can we back up a second here, what exactly is this for?” Scott raised all five-eleven of his frame out of his desk chair and walked forward three steps, which is all he needed to cross the tiny room. He leaned down and cocked his head in an attempt to get a look at what Julie was writing in her notebook. Sensing his presence, she folded it into her chest.

“My poetry class. We are experimenting with risqué topics for next week.” Shifting in the seat to look at him, Julie brought her feet under her and leaned back embracing the full comfort of the chair.

“You are going to be reading a poem about pussy in front of your entire poetry class?” Scott asked comically, widening his hazel eyes and rolling his head around in over-exaggerated disbelief.

“Not if I can’t find a word that rhymes with it.”

“Poems don’t have to rhyme, I’m sure you covered that by now.”

“I know, but I want this one to rhyme.”

“What about mushy?” Scott sat back down at his desk and leaned his bearded face against his arm. The light blonde hairs of his face stood in stark contrast to the darker hairs of his forearm.

“Eww, talk about the least sexy word in the English language! I’m not putting mushy in my poem.”

“The least sexy word in the English language is moist, and there is a pretty much nationwide consensus about that.”

“Well at least we all finally agreed on something, but mushy just makes me think of baby food.” Julie shook her head vehemently. Her auburn hair fell over her face. She pulled a hair tie off her wrist and put the long straight strands into a ponytail.

“Okay, then how about woodsy, pushy, loosely.” Scott leaned back in his chair and, as

he often did, tried to balance on the back two legs.

“You best not be describing mine right now!”

“No!” He let the chair crash forward onto four legs and once again stood up. “Well, maybe pushy. Why don’t you use a synonym for pussy instead like cooch, twat, vag, cooter? Oh! Use cooter. It can be about a guy named Scooter going down on a woman’s cooter in the bathroom of a Hooters.”

“Oh my god, no!” Julie threw the pen at him, which struck Scott in his left shoulder and fell to the ground with a thud. “I am writing a sophisticated poem, not some trailer park romp! Besides, there is no guy.” 

“Oh, so it’s a sexy, sophisticated, self-pleasuring poem. Can I read it?” Scott motioned forward to grab the notebook from Julie, but she once again clutched it against her pert breasts.


“When it’s finished. After you solve your pussy problem.”

“Still no.”

Julie stood from the chair and stretched her long legs. In heels, Julie met her

boyfriend’s eye line – a prospect intimidating for most guys.

“What? Why not? You are going to read it in front of everyone in that class.”

“Yeah, as poetry and art.”

“I respect it as poetry and art! Come on, I have seen you do it, why can’t I read about it?”

“It’s not about me rubbing myself,” she said getting agitated.

“What? Wait. Is it like one of those things where the body parts talk? Like in Fight Club? I am Julie’s raging pussy.”

“I don’t even understand that reference,” Julie stated blankly.

“We are putting Fight Club at the top of our movies-to-watch list,” Scott answered affronted, “but what is the poem about then?”

“I’m not going to tell you, so just drop it,” she turned away from him and packed her backpack on the twin bed they somehow shared almost every night.

“Oh, no, no, no, you always do this. You always dangle something in front of my face and then refuse to tell me the whole story and act like I am the intrusive one.” Scott talked to her back and, when he didn’t get a response, he walked up behind her and slapped her hard on her taut ass cheek. It barely moved. “If you didn’t want me to know what you were writing, you wouldn’t have asked me about pussy.”

“Hey! I regret it deeply now.” She rubbed her suddenly sore ass beneath her grey athletic shorts.

“I’m gonna wrestle you for that notebook in about five seconds.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” She picked up the notebook from the bed and held it tightly.

“Five, four –”

“Okay fine, you’re such an ass.” She threw down the notebook again and crossed her slender arms flecked with the same marks of adorability that covered her face. “It’s about two females.”

“You’re writing a lesbian poem?” Scott straightened out of his crouched attack mode.

“They aren’t necessarily lesbians.”

“Interesting.” Scott sat back down at his desk and toggled his computer’s mouse to kick it back to life.


“Nothing, it is an interesting topic for your poem,” Scott said with his back turned

to Julie.

“Why did you say interesting like that though?” Julie rested against Scott’s desk and

leaned down to try to get a read on his face. Scott was the worst poker player

around any table. “You said it very slowly like something is interesting beyond my poem.”

“Babe, what? You’re crazy!” Scott bellowed behind a cheesy, forced smile.

“There is! You only call me babe when you are hiding something! What is it?”

“It’s nothing!” Scott leaned back in his chair and looked up at Julie with a wide grin he could not conceal.

“I’m going to wrestle you in five, four –”

“You really think that is going to work the opposite way?”

“Scott, tell me!”

“Okay fine!”

Scott stood and walked over to the blue suede chair and plopped himself in it. Julie reacted in kind, sitting in his desk chair. “Remember that party a few months ago that we went to? Remember you had to leave early because you had that paper due, but I stayed with Camillo and Aaron and Gretchen? Well, you came up to me, you kissed me goodbye, and when you turned to leave, I caught Gretchen’s eyes fixated on your ass.” Scott used his hands to imitate Julie turning away and widened his eyes mimicking Gretchen’s look of enthrallment. “Like locked on, as if the world was just her and your ass. Just watching you saunter away. You were wearing those soft pink pants, the ones that I love. Anyway, I made a stupid comment, like ‘oh like what you see?’ And she gets all sputtery and embarrassed and walks away from the circle. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I figured she was drunk. I was drunk, but then, later on, that same night she comes up to me, clearly wasted at this point, and she tells me –”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe her!” Julie leaned forward resting her elbows on her knees. She clutched both sides of her mouth like she was anticipating a gasp that instead caught in her throat.

“So it’s true?!” Scott’s mouth widened, and he clapped his hands together in


“How much did she tell you?” Julie straightened suddenly in the desk chair.

“How much is there to know?”

“Nothing.” She stood and began pacing. Her bare feet smacked the ground resolutely with every step.

“You’re doing it again. And now it’s just insulting because you’re withholding

information from me that I already know.”

“Why don’t you tell me what you think you know, and I will tell you how wrong it is?”

“Okay, I’ll play, but keep in mind, they had been passing Jell-O shots around. Who knows what got lost in translation between her account and my memory.” Scott tossed his hands over his head excessively. “But from what I gathered, you guys had pottery together first-semester junior year. You had been in class late one night working on a challenging piece when she came up from behind you. At first, she just watched the clay glide through your long graceful fingers, but her presence distracted you, and you slipped up and destroyed your mold. You were about to start again when you felt her warm, slippery hands on yours, your fingers interlocked and –”

“That’s Ghost.”

“So that movie you know.”

“I knew she didn’t tell you anything, I’m leaving.” Julie shoved the notebook in her backpack and went to take the bundle from the bed. Scott leaped up and grabbed her wrists to stop her.

“No, no, wait, wait, I’m sorry! She told me one time in junior year when you two were suitemates, she came home upset after some kid she was dating broke up with her.”

“Mark,” Julie said, releasing her backpack and sitting on the bed instead.

“Ah, so not too far from the truth, and you two were the only ones there, she was very emotional, you comforted her, she kissed you and you two ended up hooking up before falling asleep together.”

“How is this the first you are telling me of it?”

“I didn’t think much of it!” Scott returned to his seat in the blue chair. “To be honest, I had heard of her doing freakier things and have seen you do them so when she told me not to say anything to you, I was like ‘all right.’ I have never seen you express lesbian tendencies before – until now of course.”

“That’s what she told you?” Julie tapped her finger against her knee and with the other hand slowly massaged her own collarbone.

“100% yeah, why?”

“Interesting,” Julie said and gazed off in front of her as if Scott had magically disappeared from the room.

“That’s the slow deep interesting! Why is it interesting?!”

“Because it’s not true,” she responded after a long and lingering second.

“Julie, come on, we weren’t even dating at the time, what does it matter if I know?”

“Exactly, we weren’t dating at the time, so there was no reason for her to tell you that it happened, but then lie about how it happened.”

“So you aren’t mad that she told me,” Scott said, “just mad that she told it wrong?”

“I’m not mad, but if you are going to tell a story might as well tell the whole thing.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Scott grabbed a small remote from the corner of his desk and turned off the music that had been on since Julie first started talking about pussy. “So out with it.”

“Fuck, I walked right into that one,” Julie said leaning back on the bed, “fine, but it’s not going to be that easy. Gretchen was drunk when she told you, I’m totally sober, I’m going to need some coaxing.”

“I got liquor.” Scott made a beeline for the mini-fridge in the corner of the dorm room, but Julie stopped him with a hand.

“You got something a little better than liquor.”

“Julie, I haven’t had a stash of Adderall since freshmen bio,” he said sitting back down.

“No! Your tongue. Get on your knees, and as long as you keep going, I’ll keep telling.” Julie’s grin now matched Scott’s as she spread her legs on the bed, beckoning him forward. Her shorts were so small that the creases between her thighs didn’t even hide the edges of her thong.

“Doesn’t say much for my skills if you are going to be able to tell a story through them.” Scott remained seated.

“Oh please! At least once a month you get under the desk while I eat lunch and you say ‘I will only eat if you do!’ This will take some mental concentration, but I guess if you don’t want me to tell it –” She started closing her legs slowly, but stopped when Scott perked up from his chair.

“Fine, take your shorts off.” Julie did as Scott instructed, pulling her thong down with her shorts until she was fully exposed. Scott got up from the chair.

“They are gone, now crawl!” Julie exclaimed right as Scott took his first step towards her.

“I’m not crawling,” he protested.

“I guess you don’t want to hear the story then –“ Julie began to close her legs once more as Scott swallowed his pride – something he was adept at doing at this point in their lengthy relationship.

“Fine. The floor is dirty though.” Scott dropped to his knees and in two short crawls found himself staring into Julie’s luscious lips – a place he had visited not nine hours earlier when the day was still young. The always-pungent smell of sex still lingered on her.

It was a Thursday ritual for Scott and Julie to have some form of sex at ten-thirty in

the morning right after Scott’s nine o’clock class and before Julie’s eleven-thirty class. Today it had been oral – a sixty-nine on the very same bed. The sun was high in the sky then and they had closed the binds to keep it out. Now the day was all but done and, with the window now open, the descending sun cut across the room like a laser dividing Julie’s thighs between darkness and the light.

“That makes it all the sweeter, darling.” Julie relaxed back onto the bed resting her head entirely on the body pillow that was placed against the wall. She took her shirt off and eased out of the matching grey sports bra she had on to play with her already-erect nipples while her boyfriend pleasured her most intimate of areas.

Scott got into a comfortable kneeling position and began by kissing her inner thighs. He caressed her soft flesh in such a way that as his lips were leaving her skin, his tongue would dart out for one last bit of sensation before all contact ceased entirely. Then he would move one inch closer to his ultimate destination and repeat the process. Once he was done moving down one thigh, he would start at the beginning of the other one. This was a dance he performed when Julie got too demanding. He could not let her think she had too much power over him. She had to be reminded that her pleasure in this department still depended on his tongue.

“Oh god, that feels fucking amazing! You better not make me orgasm until I am done telling though, stay towards the edges, don’t venture into the deep end yet and definitely don’t go all the way underwater yet, you know that will make me explode.”

“Damn, if this is a prelude to your poem, I am impressed.”

“Shut up and get your head back down. Fuck yeah, okay it was late junior year and Gretchen was in the common area when I came in. I was drenched. It had been raining all day that day, and I was a hot mess. I didn’t have an umbrella, my clothes were soaked, my make-up was running down my face, my hair was a frizzy shit-show! I honestly looked frightful.”

“This is the worst start to a lesbian story ever,” said Scott temporarily removing his head from between her legs.

“Oh I’m sorry, were you expecting thongs and pillow fights?”

“You are usually in a thong.”

“Can I continue?” Julie eased Scott’s head back down with her hand. “I slammed the door and started ranting and raving about how all of the quads on campus don’t have crisscross paths. If you want to walk through them, you gotta walk through the dirt and grass or go around and add like three minutes to your journey. Gretchen was nice enough to get me a towel while I was getting everything in the common room wet with my angry gestures. When I calmed down, I noticed her make-up was running too so I asked her if she had also been out in the rain, but she said no she had been home all day. So I stopped my weather drama, threw a towel under my wet pants, sat and asked her what was wrong. And she spilled everything about the end of her relationship with Mark the night before. How it focused on their chemistry in the bedroom. They were having sex, but Mark wanted to pleasure her orally, and Gretchen had somehow never had anyone do that for her before. She found the idea of it a little taboo.”

“Did she give blow jobs?” Scott had been trying his best to stick to Julie’s plan. He would move his tongue up one side of her pink pussy lips and come back down the other side making an oval that resembled a racetrack. He would then zigzag his tongue back up and complete the circle again in reverse. His curtailed tongue-lashing persisted in a clockwise to a counterclockwise pattern as he tried his best to avoid licking her clit.

“No, no oral at all!” Julie squealed out on one of Scott’s circles that came exceedingly close to her clit. “Apparently whatever fucked-up sex ed. teacher she had in high school taught her that oral sex was the worst kind of sex and to never engage in it. So Mark had tried multiple times to convince Gretchen to just give oral a try, but she couldn’t shake the stigma that got drilled into her head all those years ago. They fought about it multiple times, Mark always thinking he was making progress, but each time it was actually making Gretchen more and more afraid to try any of it. That’s the issue with men; you try to scream your point across. You think if you argue loud enough and say the same thing over and over again that you will eventually succeed in getting what you want.”

“Portable sex swings exist!” Scott barked out from between Julie’s legs. “It can be conspicuously stored when not in use –”

“Not the time!” Julie yelled down at him rolling her eyes in the process. “Anyway, Mark was also an idiot and thought that the fight was him versus Gretchen – him in one corner wanting oral sex and her in the other corner not wanting it. He was too stupid to realize that the fight was Gretchen versus herself and that getting what he wanted didn’t really matter here. What mattered was making Gretchen see that she did not need to be ashamed of her sexual desires. That oral sex was not a sin. If he had just listened to her, it was obvious what she was asking for.”

“What?” Scott had stopped all manner of sexual pleasure.

“A guide. A teacher. She was looking for someone to stop talking to her about it and yelling at her about it and just take the reins and show her.”

“Something tells me you decided to play that role,” Scott chuckled.

“Keep licking,” insisted Julie. “So I leaned in and kissed her. I kissed her. And once I confirmed my suspicions that this is what she wanted, I stood up in my wet pants and told her to unzip them. I told her we could stop whenever she felt too uncomfortable, but that if she wanted to break her stigma with this, she had to get past her fears and start listening to her base desires.”

“Whoa!” Scott said, stopping once more, “and did she do it?”

“You really aren’t supposed to talk with your mouth full,” Julie said with a wicked smile, “go get the vibrator from the closet, and I will continue.”

Scott got up and opened the accordion door to the closet and parted the clothes revealing a large lockbox that took up much of the floor. He punched some numbers into the keypad and opened the lid. Rifling around through butt plugs, paddles, bed restraints, and dildos, he found a little blue silicone vibrator. He put the lockbox away and turned the vibrator on to test it. He was about to walk back over to Julie when she stopped him.

“Tet, tet, are you forgetting something? What happened to the crawling?” She giggled and continued to massage her boobs with her hands.

Scott rolled his eyes and dropped to his knees once more to crawl the three feet between the closet and the bed. It was an act that apparently had more to do with Scott’s willingness to obey Julie than the small display itself.

“Don’t put it in, same thing, edges, I don’t want to orgasm until I am done with the story.”

“Does this have enough battery for that?” Scott took the vibrator and, barely touching it to Julie’s skin, began to move it up and down like an abstract artist wielding a paintbrush. He held on loosely to its base as his wrist flicked randomly along the outer folds of Julie’s vagina. He traced a line all the way up her inner thigh practically to her knee and swooped back down with the vibrator in dramatic fashion.

“Obviously she hesitated. Oh!” Julie jumped when Scott got too low with the vibrator and tickled it around her backdoor. “Get out of there!”

“Sorry,” Scott said with a wicked smile.

“Anyway, she was fine with the kissing, but this was oral sex, sucking a dick or eating pussy, it didn’t matter, oral was oral, and this is what she had been taught to be ashamed of her entire life basically, but I could tell she wanted to learn. This had been her breaking point. This was the lowest of the low. A relationship she really enjoyed had ended and yeah obviously Mark was a tool in the way he went about it, but at the end of the day, the fracture that broke their relationship went back to this fear. A fear she wanted to overcome, but she needed a push to do it.”

“Why couldn’t she do it with Mark then? He pushed. He was obviously willing.”

“Mark was doing it for him,” Julie said, readjusting herself on the bed to allow Scott more access to her outstretched legs. “She needed someone to do it for her. So I told her, we’re best friends. We trust each other. There is nothing to be embarrassed about in front of me. And she must have seen the truth in that because the next thing I know my pants are on the ground and she is leaning forward on the couch staring into my thong-covered mound.”

“Mound?! Ugh, that’s worse than moist!”

“Moist? I was soaked! The combination of the rain and my own juices, I think it was a baby blue thong I had on, but it was navy by the time she was staring into it, but before she could do anything I told her that we should probably go to her room in case one of our other suitemates comes back. So I leave my pants in the living room and lead her into her bedroom and take off the rest of my clothes.”

“You are the most confident person I know,” Scott said in astonishment, shaking his head.

“Thank you. Keep going.” Julie waved her hand for the vibrator attack to continue, “then I took her and laid her down on the bed, and I crawled on top of her making sure to press my body down on hers. I got really close to her ear and whispered ‘never go right for the gold. I like to start up here and gently kiss my way down from the neck all the way to the pelvis.’ Mm, that feels good baby, keep the vibrator right there.” Scott had moved the vibrator right to the top of Julie’s sex. Right above her clit, he was gently running it in small circles, so only the very tip was pushed up against her warm folds of skin.

“Then what did you do?” Scott asked in a trance – muscle memory keeping the vibrator moving as he listened.

“What do you mean? I just told you. I started at her neck and kissed my way down, but I also stripped her slowly as I went. I can multitask pretty damn well,” Julie said rolling both nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, “and as I continued to work my way down with my mouth, my hands were unbuttoning any button, and unzipping any zipper. By the time I got to her hip bone, she was in nothing but a bra and underwear and didn’t even realize it.”

“Holy fuck, you are like a sexual ninja, how is it that I am always undressing myself?” Scott scrunched his forehead trying to think back to a time when Julie undressed him.

“Because usually, you can’t wait to fuck me and strip in like five seconds.” Julie grabbed the vibrator from Scott’s hands and turned it off. She raised herself up off the bed and touched her boyfriend’s shoulders indicating that he could get off his knees. “So I stopped kissing at her pelvis. She was panting really hard, and her flat stomach would sink in, and her skin would get tight around her ribcage with every heavy exhale. I just admired her body for a second. Admired how she had put this important life event in my hands. Admired the control she had granted me. Oh god, it was overwhelming. I remember I had this slow sexy build-up prepared where I would kiss both sides of her inner thighs, but I got so hot in that second that I totally forgot it. I basically ripped her underwear off and before I knew it my face was buried in her pussy and I was like a woman possessed. I had never eaten pussy before and –”

“Wait, what?” Scott grabbed Julie’s hands, which she had been rubbing up and down his chest and broad shoulders. “You had never done this before? You took it upon yourself to guide Gretchen when you had never done it yourself?”

“I have given blow jobs before!” Julie squeaked insulted.

“But you have never eaten pussy! You are there in your bravado and confidence, and you yourself were totally new to it!”

“I have a vagina, I have gotten that vagina licked, and I have given blow jobs. Like I said oral is oral, a dick, a pussy, what’s the difference?”

“What’s the difference?!” Scott dropped Julie’s wrists and extended his arms in mockery. “Did you have the same shitty sex ed. teacher Gretchen had?”

“Call me crazy, but oral has very little to do with the object,” she said, grabbing hold of Scott’s hard cock through his pants, “and everything to do with the person performing it,” Julie said as she started to rub up and down the denim. “It’s about confidence, it’s about trial and error and reading the signs and signals of the person’s body, so you know what is working and what is not working and adjusting accordingly. It’s a subtle dance, and the performer is the lead. The minute I put my tongue on her pussy I was already experimenting and found myself starting with the moves that I knew I enjoyed.”

“Should I be taking notes?” Scott said dryly.

“I sucked her clit into my mouth and batted it around with my tongue like a speed bag,” Julie began as she rubbed Scott’s cock furiously through multiple layers of clothing, “but I felt her withdraw like I was hurting her, so I pulled back too and eased the pressure off of her clit. I started swirling my tongue around it instead of hitting her lips and her hood. I would start with small circles and progressively make them wider and then tighten them. She seemed to enjoy that because her stomach began to contract and her legs started to shake. I reached my hands under her and cupped that big ass of hers and really dug my nails into her soft pink flesh. I noticed that every time I got to the top of the circle, around her hood, she would give this little squeal. It was really noticeable because she was otherwise silent. I decided to focus just on the top half of the circle. Once I did that, it took about three minutes, and she was grabbing my arm bracing through her first oral orgasm ever.”

“Damn, three minutes, that’s it?”

“Like a virgin on prom night.”

“Was it awkward then? What happened? Wait, when did you take my pants off?” Scott looked down, and Julie was rubbing his thick cock with her left hand while his pants and underwear lay in a ball on the floor next to his feet. He did not even recall stepping out of them.

“I told you I can multi-task. You like this baby? You like when I sit here naked and rub your dick and play with your balls?”

“Yes,” was all Scott could get out as Julie used both her hands to caress his pulsating cock and rub his swelling ball sack. He stared down at her perky breasts and still-spread legs.

“After she came down from it, I laid down next to her and asked her how it was, and she said she couldn’t believe she had gone that many years without knowing pleasure like that. Then I wrapped my arms around her and told her to take what I showed her and practice it on me.”

“Figured you weren’t letting her go without getting yours.” Scott closed his eyes and bent his head back as Julie gripped his veiny cock tighter because of that comment.

“It wasn’t about that! I broke the seal on her oral hesitation by doing her, but I had to make sure it would stick. She had to be able to give it as well as take it and like I said, dick, pussy, what’s the difference really. So I laid back and she crawled on top of me, her big boobs were swinging over my face, so I might have grabbed hold of one and  sucked it a bit, but then she started moving down my body, kissing gently and using her hands to trace the kisses until she got to my pussy.” Julie tugged at Scott’s cock beckoning him forward as she rested her head once more on the body pillow. She positioned his cock at the entrance to her tight, wet hole.

“Then she hesitated,” Julie continued, “I so badly wanted to grab her head and shove her tongue into me, but I knew she had to do it by herself. It might have taken only a minute, but when you are that close to getting eaten out, that minute feels like a month. Finally, I felt the slightest of grazes against my outer pussy lips and then it was bedlam!”

Julie grabbed Scott’s ass and shoved him fully inside her in one swift motion. She arched her back at the sensation and let out a moan of fulfillment as he bottomed out inside of her.

“Oh fuck!” Scott yelled as he took his cue and began pounding Julie into the bed. He folded her in a way that her head got lost in the body pillow. She beat it down with her hands and tried her hardest to continue with her story.

“Next thing I know she is literally trying to get her whole tongue in me!” Julie yelled through the incessant pounding that rocked the entire twin bed. “Tongue-fucking me like a cock. I let her experiment. I twerked my hips. She found my clit. She lapped at it. I matched her rhythm. It was pure ecstasy! Oh, fuck! Ask me what happened next.”

“What?” Scott gasped in between pumps.

“Ask me what fucking happened next!” Julie was rubbing her clit hard and screaming now, unconcerned that they were in a dorm room surrounded on all sides by other students. Unconcerned that the window had remained open through her entire


“What happened next?” Scott panted.

“Ask me again, fucking scream at me what happened next!” Julie gripped the body pillow as tight as she could with her right hand as she smacked the four digits of her left hand into her clit like a bassist slapping his instrument.

“What happened next! What happened next!” Scott yelled.

“I fucking came!! Oh, fuck!!” Julie clenched her hips as she worked her clit so fast that her hand was nothing more than a blur of pale flesh to Scott. “I fucking came on her fucking tongue! I came so much! I clamped down on either side of her head with my thighs as my entire lower half shook! Oh man! You gonna cum for me baby?!”

Julie’s orgasm had propelled her upper body off the bed, and she now grabbed hold of Scott’s neck and started matching his thrusts into her. With every inward motion, he would clip her cervix and send a shockwave through her body that toed the line between pleasure and pain. She felt his cock pulse inside of her and knew he was close.

“Cum on my stomach baby!” Julie demanded. It was Julie’s favorite spot to receive a cum shot. She loved seeing her hard abs covered with the cool and satisfying man seed, and even more than that, she loved watching Scott’s cock twitch and unload. “Come on baby, fuck me, come on, when you’re ready!”

As soon as the thought of cumming on Julie’s perfect stomach entered Scott’s mind, it did not take long for the familiar feeling to rise up in his balls. Within four more pumps, he extracted himself from her warm and still-soaked pussy, grabbed a fistful of her right breast and let out five long spurts of cum. They landed in a range from the beginning of her tits to just above her pelvic bone. He collapsed onto the bed beside her to catch his ragged breath.

Julie stared at the long strands left on her. She enjoyed the tingling in her now vacant pussy and the chill coming from the open window that made the cum sprayed across her tickle in the light breeze. Once Scott caught his breath, he reached under the bed and grabbed the always-handy roll of paper towels and took his time cleaning and caressing Julie’s body. Once she was dry, Julie hopped off the bed and walked over to the mirror hanging on the door to fix her disheveled sex hair.

“So that’s it?” Scott asked, putting his clothes back on. “What happened after? You introduced her to oral, you both came, but surely you talked or something afterward.”

“No, not really,” answered Julie, looking at his reflection in the mirror while she undid and redid her ponytail. “I came, I let go of her head, she laid down next to me in bed, and we dozed off. Next thing I know I hear our suitemates out in the common area. Luckily, you can’t see Gretchen’s bedroom or mine from there, so I snuck out of her room and pretended that I was asleep in my own bed. We never really spoke about it again. I know her and Mark never got back together, but we don’t really talk about sex too much. I have heard of her doing freaky stuff same as you though so I am assuming she got over her fears. The only time we only kind of spoke about it was later that same night when she came into my room carrying the pants that I had left in the common area, the ones she took off. I don’t even think we said anything though. She had them folded in her arms and just kind of presented them to me. I took them from her, she leaned in and kissed me once and walked out.”

Julie walked over to the bed and smacked the body pillow a few times to poof it back up then sat back down. She reached into her backpack and grabbed the notebook again.

“That’s fucking insane and for you two to keep it a secret for so long. I can’t believe me off-handedly mentioning that she was looking at your ass triggered Gretchen to tell me.”

“Could have been something else that triggered her.” Julie shrugged as she reopened the notebook to her poem.

“Like what?” Scott mused aloud, “I wonder if her saying something about it to me was her trying to tell you through me that she wants to talk about it? To a drunk mind, that logic works. She probably knew I would tell you.”

“Maybe,” Julie shrugged again.

“Or maybe,” said Scott, his face lighting up, “she wants to do something with both of us

this time? You showed her how to eat pussy, but now you can show her how to

suck cock by using me as a practice dummy!”

“Hmm, you think babe?” Julie purred as she got off the bed and moved towards Scott who was back at his desk. “Here,” she said handing him the notebook, “sounds like a poem you should write because that’s the only place that will be happening. I’m taking a shower.”

Julie kissed Scott on the cheek and sauntered out of the room. Scott grabbed a pen and started to write in the notebook.

“I am Scott’s Raging Hard-On,” he said confidently as he wrote. He looked up when he heard Julie shut the bathroom door and lock it. As soon as she did, Scott flipped through the notebook until he found it.

“Easy Access,” he read aloud, “a thunderstorm, a graying day, a sodden face, but not by rain, a blemish gone, the flesh is torn, a kindly hand, an idea born, a fear to shake, a path proposed, a gentle kiss, and pants of rose.”

Realization suddenly dawned on Scott. Pants of rose, he thought to himself. A shudder raced up his spine, and he slowly turned his head to look at the closed bathroom door. Behind it, Julie had started the shower. The pitter-patter of water echoed throughout the dorm room.