Masturbating During Class

I’m a senior in high school, and my testosterone has been boosting my erectile equipment for a few years now. Having had little success in the girl department I became adept at manually attending to every young male teen’s needs with furtive handjobs. I’m a jerking fool – 2, 3, or more times a day. From getting a boner in the shower in the morning on school days and firing my load down the drain, to bushwacking boners caused by some innocent hot girl in class (where I beat off countless times in the boy’s can), to the evening where I usually rubbed one out to sleep with the company of a Hustler or Penthouse or illegal Euro skin mag. My older brother, a Marine, would lay on me spank material he’d acquired, either from Mexico where he’d visit Tiajuana (and come home with incredible fuck stories from the bars there), or other fuck mags he’d acquired from overseas guys. All sorts of scenarios were covered in those pages of dogeared and torn pulpers – sporting assorted stains of dubious origin…

Adding to my disconfiture at the last period of the day, History, I’m seated in the last row of desks directly next to a beautiful raven haired girl, Linda Zarwinski. Having also a “Z” name put us alphabetically in the rear of the class, far enough from the nearsighted teacher, a Ben Stein-like character whose droning recitations put many to sleep.

Linda, being a hot blooded Eastern European type, was fully developed at her tender age and also had raging hormones at work within her lithe yet rounded body and caused great erections and salivations among the male members of the wolfpack. She was in person very reserved though, thick owl glasses, studious, aloof and being very smart, would have nothing at all to do with teen age boys. Many had tried, and many had gotten nowhere.

Her full and generous lips always gapped slightly giving her a “come hither” look –you could just imagine sliding the head of your cock into them or annointing them with your hot cum. I know I did when fantasizing about her at home jerking off. Her exquisite ass always formed an inviting cleft when she bent over. Her boobage was just perfect – not too small, not too large but always cleverly hidden by layers of bra, top, and a sweater. We boys always wanted to see more -– much much more.

Linda had discovered the art of secret masturbation, and from time to time, thinking no one noticed, would rub one out right there at the back of the classroom. Very cleverly she’d wedge a fold of her skirt into her crotch, tension it by grasping a fold at the waistline, and then, by rapidly tapping her foot quietly on the floor, masturbate her clit through her panties. She’d remove her shoe for this feat so as to be quiet about it.

I’d noticed her behavior and had been observing for a while sneaking quick peeks at her – seeing her breathing increase as she neared climax, a bead of sweat appearing on her upper lip, her eyes glazing over, her tapping becoming spasmodic and then the sharp intake of breath smothering a moan, her head tossing back for an instant and then relief as she sat upright, smoothed out her dress and pretended to pay attention as she recovered.

Being a non-smoker with a sharp nose, I could sometimes catch a whiff of aroused pussy from her, after she came, and that would make me crazy with lust. Sporting a hard-on that you could cut diamonds with. I’d have to rush to the rest room for relief.

One afternoon in June, as summer vacation neared, she and I were in the back again, supposedly studying for exams while the teacher, a substitute with no clue, read a book to herself up front.

Linda had on a lightweight cotton dress, a peasant type blouse sheer where you could almost see her nipples, and as I observed, scootched up a prominent wrinkle camel toe, took off her left shoe, and slowly began tapping.

Of course I had an immediate hard-on, and instead of hiding it with a notebook like I usually did, reached into my pocket and adjusted it to the side and top of my leg, inside the pants outlined by the cloth where I hoped she would notice it. Keeping my hand in the pocket, I slowly began sliding the skin back and forth across the head, where ample precum began to leak and soak through the pocket of the cotton hiker.

Linda now alternated between slow tapping, staring straight ahead, and faster taps, pausing periodically at which time I’d stop also, keeping my rhythm the same as hers. I wanted to time my cumming with hers. She’d edge right up to when the bell rang usually and a couple minutes before let herself cum. She’d then go straight to the girls bathroom to mop up as I’d observed after a few times.

I knew she was getting close by her ragged breathing, and at that moment, I used my free hand to wave a finger at her, got her attention, and pointed down to my boner, inside my pants, hidden by the desk from the front view but outlined perfectly visible to her.

She glanced at me, gave me a quick smile and didn’t look away. I nodded and sped up my fapping, the massive amount of precum now leaking through and showing a wet spot. Her eyes widened and her nostrils flared, as if she could detect the aroma of my discharge. She could clearly see my two fingers rubbing head of my cock in rhythm to her pussy strokes.

As she stared at the outline of my cock I whispered “now!” and started to toss off in my pants.. She nodded her head and damned if she didn’t start cumming. My pants were soaked and I know she could smell my cum as her breathing quickened and she didn’t look away. I wish I could have had a sniff of her succulent pussy or more, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Just then the bell rang and she jumped up, smoothed her dress, and walked out. I had to use the notebook cover trick to escape to the boy’s room and clean up. She never spoke of our co-masturbation, and was even more aloof to me than she had been, but we had a moment back in time, and I know when she was coming that she was thinking of how nice it would have been if she was fucking my cock that was shooting it’s contents into her orgasmic pussy.