College Submissive

Although it may seem like most guys prefer being sexually dominant, I believe there’s a large number of us who secretly enjoy submissiveness. And on the other end, I’m sure there is a large number of women who enjoy being dominant but are forced to fit the expectations of being dominated. Overall, I think there’s a false assumption that all men are dominant, and all women are submissive. At least, that has always been the case with my relationships. Time and time again, a girl I’d be dating would tell me that she liked being dominated – maybe it was true, or maybe it wasn’t – but it more so seemed like a pop-culture trend, like something she felt expected to say. It came to the point where being submissive was no longer kinky, in my eyes. It was just something that was “in”.


And as a guy, I could feel the pressure to then tell these girls that I enjoyed being dominant, and wanted to take control of their bodies, and fuck them senseless. I was embarrassed to let any of them know that I actually enjoyed being submissive, and the one time I did, she was completely turned off and ended up going home – as if I was some sort of weirdo for having the same kink.

All I wanted was a strong, powerful woman to guide and control our sexual experience. I hadn’t met this type of girl yet, but I was hopeful that she’d come around – I was still in school at the time (my last year of college), so there would still be possibilities to meet girls on campus and at events. I knew that once I met the girl who was a free-spirit and didn’t care about being dominated and just wanted to have a good time regardless, that I’d feel comfortable telling her about this kink.


In my last semester ever, I had a film history class with around 50 other people, but I didn’t really know anyone in the class. The only person I’d speak to was this girl who sat next to me – and the extent of our conversations was small (and about class), but they’d expand as the semester progressed. Eventually, we got to talking about our personal lives to some degree. As sad as this might sound, she was the only lead at the time, though I was genuinely sexually attracted to her and her grungy style. Her name was Mara, and she was just shy of 5’3”, wore all black, had blue-dyed hair, several ear-piercings, a nose-piercing, and I couldn’t help but imagine where else she had piercings. Prior, I always went for the sweet, innocent-looking types because I wrongly assumed that they would have a dominant side to them – counter to their soft appearance. I was intrigued by Mara’s quiet, yet brutally honest personality, and I figured that maybe this was the type I’d be most sexually compatible with. 


For starters, as we sat together before class started and talked about what happened over the weekend, I couldn’t help but get hard for her. I’d never had my cock get hard for someone in public, outside of a sexual experience. I was just too turned on by her and the idea of her dominating me. I think this was my gut telling me that she was the one to guide me through this new experience – I just had to eventually escalate our relationship to that point. I started by one day, at the end of class, inviting her to grab food over the weekend. At first, Mara seemed a bit reluctant to do so, as if she was too cool to be seen with me outside of class, but then she said she’d let me know toward the end of the week if she was free. Late on Friday night, Mara told me that she would able to do brunch the next morning, so I agreed (especially since that would make it even more casual). 


At 11:00am that next morning, I met up with Mara at a café near campus. In my mind, I’d warm her up, let her get to know the funny, outgoing version of Calvin, and then eventually invite her out on a real date and open up to her about my sexual interests. That seemed like a great, flawless plan until Mara (as I should’ve expected) was brutally honest about what was going on.


“So, why’d you invite me to brunch? Like, what’re you looking for exactly?” Mara said casually as she sipped on her coffee. 


I knew what she meant – as in, what was I looking for – a friendship, relationship, or something sexual? She was calling me out right away, and I didn’t want to dance around the question for a long time. So, I revealed my intentions. “Well, I’m very attracted to you. I’m not looking for anything serious at the moment, but I’m not completely closed off to anything more if we click. I just want to see where things go – you seemed like a cool person,” I said confidently.


“So, this is a date?”


“Uhh, kind of. Yeah,” I was getting nervous. The suspense was building – was she going to be weirded out?


Another moment of consideration… “Well, you seem like a cool person, too. And you’re very handsome.” Mara smirked, “I recently got out of a relationship, so I’m not really looking for something serious either. Like, if you just want to fuck, that’s fine by me.”


I almost spit my coffee out in disbelief. Mara was as honest as they come – from my experience, almost all other girls would’ve upheld a little more mystery – but it was such a dominant, attractive trait. I could feel the sexual tension rising, and I was getting horny for Mara. I imagined my cock lodged deep inside her mouth while she’d scratch my body with her sharp nails. And now that she was clearly open to it, I couldn’t contain myself inside, though I tried to on the surface. 


“I mean, that’s a step up, but I’m definitely open to it whenever you are. Obviously, not right now, though,” I said calmly.


“I thought we’d just start fucking on this table,” Mara joked. “How’s tomorrow night?”


I thought for a second (as if I actually had something important happening on a Sunday night), “yeah, that’s perfect.”


“And please don’t be weird about it when we see each other in class. It’s just sex,” Mara asserted. 


Once we both got the answers that we were looking for from this coffee date, we went our separate ways. Mara was right – at this point, it was just sex – there wasn’t any deeply profound emotional connection between us. This made me much less nervous and I didn’t linger on the anxious feeling in my mind going into Sunday. I felt oddly at peace with this since the expectations were low. If anything, I was just hopeful that she’d be into my submissive kink. Consequently, the next day passed by quickly. The only issue was that I was still horny from earlier in the day. I so badly wanted to jerk off at night but managed to hold myself back in order to keep my gun loaded for Mara. I wanted to impress her by shooting more cum than she had ever seen. 


Finally, it was 7:00PM on Sunday, and I was ready to fuck Mara’s brains out. The entire day I was cleaning my apartment so that she’d have a positive experience and want to do it again (plus, I didn’t want to look like a slob). The only problem was, I hadn’t heard from her all day. Did she change her mind? Was she going to bail on me? I was getting nervous, and embarrassed that I made myself vulnerable to her. I’d have to see her in class the next day, and now it would actually be awkward. Another 30 minutes passed. Still nothing. After a few moments of consideration, I decided to text her, though not to look desperate. All I asked her was if she was coming. Not even 2 minutes after, I got a text from Mara asking how she would be able to come without having an address. I quickly realized that she probably didn’t want to seem overly eager and was just waiting for me to confirm. I sent her the address and she said she’d be over soon. 


It was nearly 8:30PM and Mara texted me that she was outside. I went to the front door and got her – then we went back inside. I went to the supermarket earlier and bought air fresheners, red wine, cheese, and crackers. Thankfully, my roommate was gone for the weekend, so we had the place all to ourselves. We sat on the couch, ate, drank, and talked casually about our past day. I felt fresh and was glad that Mara noticed how clean the place was – step one of the process was accomplished. But I knew that it was only a matter of time before we’d get drunk enough and the conversation would turn sexual (and I’d have to be honest with her). This was the first time I was drinking in several months, so it didn’t take long to reach that point. 


“I like how honest you are. It turns me on a lot, actually,” I redirected the conversation.


“That’s sweet, but it’s just the way I am. And I feel like everyone should speak their mind. Life’s too short to keep quiet,” Mara asserted confidently. 


I internally rationalized that this would be the perfect time to open up her. “Then, can I be honest with you?” Regardless of being drunk, I was still nervous to do so, but I let it fly.


“Of course.”


“You know how most guys like to be dominant?” I asked.


“Yeah, I guess most guys are like that. Why, are you submissive?” Mara shot right back.


“Uh, yep. I really like assertiveness and want to be sexually dominated,” my voice shook. There were a few moments of silence – I could see the gears turning in Mara’s head. “Sorry if that’s weird. I just thought with your assertive personality that it’d translate sexually, too,” I broke the silence.


“I’m just not used to hearing that. I’m not weirded out at all. You honestly have no idea how long I’ve been looking for a guy like that. Too many guys act like they’re too macho to get slapped and choked. I can get very aggressive, and I like to be in control,” Mara said as she looked me dead in the eyes and licked her lips.


I was relieved and hornier than ever. I felt my cock pulsing in my pants against my boxers. I wanted Mara to slap it and I wanted to feel her sharp teeth on it. I wanted that full aggression. Mara seemed to be able to sense my hormones raging, and she looked at my cock. She took her hand and placed it on my thigh, rubbing softly and slowly, grabbing the skin. She worked her way in to my groin.


“Did that make you horny?” Mara asked.


I didn’t even have to respond; I just nodded my head as I let Mara slide her hand over my hard cock. She knew that she already had me under her control, and I knew that the night was about to get incredibly kinky. I sat back on the couch while Mara rubbed me hard – her hand fully pressured into me. Then, the hottest thing happened – Mara wrapped her hand around my neck and choked me hard. I felt her tight grip on both parts of my body, and I couldn’t believe how strong she was for such a small girl. I couldn’t stop the pre-cum from leaking out of me, and now that Mara’s hand was under my pants, she felt everything.


“Aw, the little guy’s wet. I wanna see him,” Mara demanded with her seductive tone. Without a moment for me to react, Mara slapped me hard in the face. “Strip… now.”


I was wetter than I’d ever been, and we hadn’t even started fucking yet. She knew exactly how to turn me on. First, I pulled my shirt off. Then my pants. And finally, my underwear. As I leaned back on the couch with my cock sticking straight up, Mara wrapped her hand around it with a vice-grip. Then, she slapped my cock as hard as possible. I jolted from the shock. 


“You have a beautiful little cock. Don’t you wish my lips were around it?” Mara teased.


I nodded, wanting Mara so badly, but she denied me. Instead, she straddled me on the couch and grinded away as she choked me hard again. I couldn’t breathe, but I was in pure ecstasy. My cock leaked all over her leggings, but she didn’t mind. And when I’d put my hands on her hips, she’d forcefully take them off. She pinned them down to the couch – it was clear that she wanted me to have absolutely zero control – to be fully dominated by her. 


“Do you have any rope? Or a cord?” Mara asked.


“I’m sorry, I don’t have any rope. But I think I have my phone charger in the kitchen,” I responded.


“One second. Don’t you dare move, or I’ll punish you when I’m back,” Mara playfully threatened as she got up and went to the kitchen.


Staying submissive and following her orders, I didn’t move an inch. My cock pulsated with anticipation. All I could think about was being inside her warm walls, feeling them grip me. After a few moments, she came back with the cord. She forced me to sit up and put my hands together behind my back – then, she tied them up tightly. Now, I was completely under her control – I couldn’t move at all. I had the urge to cum right then and there, but I let it pass. Mara took off her shirt and then her bra. All the while, she teased me about only allowing me to see her body this one time since I was a good boy. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her breasts. They were small and perky, but she had large, round nipples – I wanted my tongue all over them. Of course, she didn’t let me touch them right away.


I was in awe of Mara’s beautiful, petite body as she took off her leggings. I didn’t even realize beforehand, but she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She had a tiny landing-strip that trailed down to her juicy pussy lips. She stood in front of me and did a little dance, continuing to tease me. “I bet you want my hot body, don’t you?”


“Please give it to me. I’ll be a good boy, I promise,” I pleaded as my cock leaked uncontrollably, “I have condoms in my room.”


“We’re not using condoms, silly. I’ll pull you out of me. And the only place your cum is going is in your own mouth,” Mara demanded. 


I couldn’t believe how quickly I was living out my deepest fantasy, especially with someone who was just as interested in it. I lucked out with Mara – she was the perfect sexual partner for me – dominant, assertive, and unapologetic. Mara straddled me once again, but this time, she gripped my cock and slid it deep into her warm, wet pussy. I could tell that she was enjoying being in control just as much as I was. I couldn’t even thrust (as I’d usually be expected to); it was Mara who guided the pacing. After a few moments, she wrapped her hands around my neck once again. She forced me to open up my mouth, and then she spit into it. 


After I swallowed, she brought her chest in close to my face. It was the only time I’d ever been forced to motorboat someone – though, I was not opposed. I licked her sweet skin and sucked on her hard nipples. Mara started to moan while I tried to consume every inch of her chest with my tongue. All while she consumed my body with hers – the pressure of her hips, now violently thrusting into my hard cock. I couldn’t believe how powerful her small frame was, and how she knew exactly which buttons to press in bringing me to cum. 


With each thrust, I could feel my cum loading up, ready to burst everywhere.  I wanted all of this to go on forever – it was pure bliss – but I had to let Mara know. Through her choking, I managed to tell her I was about to cum. Mara smirked at me, then pulled my cock out of her. She gripped it tight and jerked it, while pointing the head at my head. I felt it, and I knew that a lot was about to come out. Sure enough, cum shot out everywhere on my face, and some got into my mouth. Mara was breathing heavy, turned on by product of her hard work. 


I thought it was over, but Mara finished things off by taking the cum that missed my mouth and putting it down my throat. Once I ate it, she passionately kissed me to get a taste, too. Our tongues wrestled for the cum – a battle that she won (and I let her win). Afterwards, we sat on the couch and started a movie, but Mara went home after 30 minutes. 


We’d spend the rest of the semester in class together – but we’d act casual, as if we were just friends. Behind the scenes, we were kinky friends with benefits, meeting up every few weeks to have sex. Eventually, we even upgraded to whips and chains. The sad part is, Mara moved away after graduation. I’ve not found someone as sexually compatible since, and I don’t think I ever will.