“Guess what, babe?’ Cassandra giggled over the phone, “They’re finally leaving me alone with the house.”

“Holy. Shit,” Jessica squealed, “Are we fuckin’ doing this or what?”

Hell yes we are – d’you think we can get the gang together on such short notice though?” Jessica asked, peering at the digital calendar on her laptop. “We have three days to figure out alcohol, food and a guest system – I mean, I want a fuckin’ lit party and shit, but I don’t want a bunch of strangers tearing my house apart, my parents’ll murder me.”

“Yeah, yeah, cool – I totally get you, I’ll get Dan to reach out to the usual group, they’re fun but they won’t fuck your shit up,” Jessica reassured, “They’re mostly the guys and gals from Cedrick Hall and a smaller bunch from Ryther Court.”

Oooh, Cedrick Hall – that’s where Damond’s from, yeah?” Cassandra cooed, excited, “Definitely make sure he’s invited.”

“You are such a thirsty slut,” Jessica laughed.

“Hey, hey – I’m just so excited, you don’t even know,” Cassandra retorted, “I’ve been wanting to do something like this forever – it’s gonna’ be so awesome I swear.”

“I’ve seen your house babe, I know – my apartment’s like… the size of your bathroom,” Jessica moaned, “Can’t wait to lounge on that pool deck – the guys are gonna’ be so impressed with the infinity pool.”

“I was thinking of keeping everyone out on the pool deck, if that works – that way clean-up’ll be manageable,” Cassandra said, stepping out of bed and looking at the pool deck out of her room’s tall windows, “I think we can fit at least sixty people out there, easy.”

“Got it. I’ll call you back when Dan has the list ready and we’ll figure out the time and date, yeah?” 

“Cool, talk to you soon babe.”

Jessica clicked her phone off, tossed it on the dresser, and sunk back into bed. 


“Safe trip Mom,” Cassandra said, pecking her mother on the cheek, before turning to her father and giving him a tight hug.

“Don’t do anything crazy while we’re gone, Cass, please,” her father warned, a stern look in his eye. 

“Pssh, me? I have exams to study for,” Cassandra waved dismissively, her eyes flitting away, avoiding his fierce gaze.

“She’s twenty-one, Jeff, she’s responsible,” Cassandra’s mother urged, gripping her husband by the arm, “Can’t be around to watch her every move forever, can we?”

Cassandra’s mother gave her daughter a wink and stepped into the large, black Range Rover that was waiting to take them to the airport. Their driver loaded up the rest of Cassandra’s parents’ bags up into the vehicle, before giving Cassandra a courteous wave and following her parents into the Rover.

Cassandra waved as the car pulled out of the driveway, past the elaborately ornate porcelain fountain, and out the painted, steel gates that protected their mansion. When they were out of sight, Cassandra sighed, relieved. 

It was really happening. Until her parents had actually, physically left the premises, Cassandra harbored the fear that they might call off their trip at the last minute and put an unceremonious halt to her plans for the weekend – she could never be sure with her parents’ fickle-minded overprotectiveness of her. But they hadn’t. Phew. 

Cassandra skipped back into her home, shut the door behind her, and headed for the pool deck. Sliding open the glass doors that led to the deck, she stepped out onto the warm, hardwood floor and admired the huge ocean-blue tiled swimming pool that, in her opinion, was the crown jewel of her parent’s mansion. The pool broke into three sections – each with a tiny cascading water fall that led to the other. The three sections shared one, common infinity edge. With their home perched near the peak of the Beverly Hills district, the edge faced what anyone who’d visited their home said was the most gorgeous view of Downtown LA they’d ever seen, especially after dark. 

Unfortunately, the pool wasn’t in the best state. Cassandra had spent the bulk of the past six months at a college residence away from home. In her absence, no one had used – or maintained – the pool. The hardwood deck had dulled and whitened, the white poolside furniture had browned, and the pool was liberally scattered with dead leaves. 

“Yikes,” Cassandra mumbled, snapping a picture of the sorry state of her pool, and sending it over to Jessica. 

A minute later, her phone dinged with a reply. 


hah. what i said. cant see myself sprucing this up on my own by Saturday – ideas??

i cld come help. but only free friday. works?

afraid we wnt get it done in time. we cld do it indoors?

nooooo. we have to do the pool.

actly, gt this number – parents called it before fr cleanup. called fr cleaning up a room for a rental, but the van said they did pool cleanups too.

323-526-8636. think its cheap but we can splt the bill, no worries.

nice. thx. ill check it out. dont worry abt bill, on me.

u can pay me back in booze 😉 


The bell chimed. Cassandra took a quick look in the mirror to be sure she was presentable, before rushing down the stairs and to the front door. 

“Come right in,” she said, pulling the door open. 

“Hi there,” a young, gravelly voice responded, “Here to clean-up the pool-deck, I hope I’m at the right spot – this is 323 Beverly Kings Avenue, yeah?”

“H-hi, yes, come right in,” Jessica smiled nervously, having just noticed the man’s incredibly attractive physique. 

“I’m Adam, by the way,” he said, reaching out his hand and gripping Cassandra’s in a strong, firm handshake, “Stunning place you’ve got… is the pool this way?”

“C-Cassandra. Right this way,” Cassandra smiled, closing the door behind Adam, “And, uh, thank you. Parents’ place, really, but they’re out for the weekend.”

Adam was, even by Cassandra’s high standards, an absolute stunner. Just over six feet, he had a head of thick, blonde hair, gentle hazel eyes, a chiseled jaw and the body of a robust, active athlete. His thin white t-shirt looked stretched out over his broad chest, sitting less than comfortably across his wide shoulders, and his tanned, toned thighs strained against what would ordinarily have been a pair of loose running shorts.  

“Ah, cool,” Adam winked, “Pool party then, eh?”

“Shit. Is it that obvious?” Cassandra sighed, shutting her eyes in embarrassment. 

“Hah, not like I’ll be spilling the beans to anyone you know,” Adam said, laughing, “This neighborhood’s not the sort of place I usually… roll in.”

Cassandra blushed. Having been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she tried her very best to refrain from coming off as aloof, arrogant or entitled. Still, trying to distance oneself from one’s wealth while standing in a 9,200 square feet property was a challenge that even someone as down-to-earth as Cassandra could not surmount. 

“I’m just messing with you,” Adam smiled, “I’ll get to work. Might be here for a few hours, but the fee’s flat so don’t worry if I take a little longer than expected.”

“Cool, buzz me on the intercom if you need anything,” Cassandra waved, before sashaying deliberately up the stairs, and out of sight. 


Cassandra sat on her bed and watched Adam work. He was both experienced and exceptionally thorough. He scrubbed, washed and cleaned vigorously, and even from her second-floor room Cassandra was able to see the marked difference between the parts of the deck that had been cleaned by Adam, and the parts that he hadn’t yet reached. 

Cassandra picked up her phone and tapped out a message to Jessica.

pool guy is. so. fucking. hot.

shit. really? the dude we gt fr our rm was some potbellied dad bod. 

jealous. pix?

Cassandra had just brought her phone to the window when she saw Adam set his cleaning apparatus down and look around the deck. 

Cassandra guessed, correctly, that he was looking for the intercom. Before she realized the import of her actions, she pressed the button next to her bed and spoke.

“It’s to your right, behind the second table from the left,” she buzzed.

Recoiling, she then realized that she’d exposed the fact that she’d been eyeing him closely from her room. Ugh. 

Downstairs, Adam jumped slightly at the sudden sound Cassandra’s voice. He looked up and spotted Cassandra by the window, and grinned. 

Owning her gaffe, Cassandra shrugged, and waved sheepishly. Then, she watched as Adam strutted over to the intercom on the deck and pushed the ‘speak’ button.

“Uh, hi – was about to ask if I could get a glass of water,” Adam crackled over the microphone, “But maybe you have that ready too?”

“Hah, smartass,” Cassandra retorted, “Be down in a bit.”

Cassandra swiveled around and opened her walk-in wardrobe. 

Hmm, casual but… sexy. Comfortably sexy. Something like… this?

Cassandra picked up her thin workout singlet and her Korean-cut denim jean-shorts and put them aside. Then, she picked out her favorite, backless one-piece swimsuit, and changed into it while admiring her figure in the mirror. 

“Yum,” she whispered, running her hands over her breasts, before throwing on the rest of her clothes. 

Then, she skipped down to the kitchen. Ignoring the jug of chilled water in the fridge, she pulled out the ice-tray, and then grabbed a bottle of Rum from the shelf behind it. 


“Did you one better. Hope you’re into mojitos,” Cassandra grinned, carefully carrying a cocktail glass in each hand. 

“Damn,” Adam said, rushing over to grab one of the preciously-filled glasses from Cassandra’s hands, “These look good.”

Cassandra noticed that his eyes lingered over her figure more than they did over the drinks –her sheer pink singlet displayed the revealing swimsuit underneath it quite fashionably. Cassandra silently complimented herself for her impeccable wardrobe selection. 

“Feel free to chillout for a bit, honestly,” Cassandra said, clinking her glass with Adam’s, and then settling into a deck chair. 

“I… I guess that’s cool, if you’re cool with it,” Adam said, having a look at his watch, “I’m part-timing this so… this is the only job I have for the next couple of days.”

Turning around, he set his cocktail glass carefully down on a deck-table between them, before reaching for his shirt and pulling it off, slowly. 

Cassandra ogled Adam unashamedly. 

Holy. Shit. What a fuckin’ bod.

It was clear that Adam was ripped even before he’d pulled of his shirt, but when he did, Cassandra was even more impressed than before. His chest was perfectly toned, and his pectorals curved smoothly – neither garishly big, nor unattractively flat. He had a chiseled set of abs that were fit to drool over, and his obliques cut down sharply into his shorts. 

“Big fan of the gym, huh?” Cassandra quipped, her eyes running all over him.


Cassandra wasn’t the sort to get wasted off a couple of cocktails; she could handle her alcohol well, though she would readily admit that she did tend to get a little frisky the more she knocked back. After another round of mojitos, Cassandra thought about letting Adam get back to work. 

That was when her eyes caught a glimpse of the bulge straining against Adam’s shorts, between his legs. 

Fuck me. 

All this time, Cassandra had been so caught up with Adam’s beautifully-sculpted body that she’d somehow missed the swaying tree trunk between his thick, muscular thighs. 

“I should probably get ba-”

“No,” Cassandra said quickly, cutting him off. 

“No?” Adam cocked his head, confused.

“Uh, I mean… you’ve got time, right?” Cassandra shrugged, “We can have another drink, chill out and shit.”

Adam smiled. He wasn’t naïve, but he wasn’t about to make the first move on a paying customer in her own home. 

“Screw the cocktails, let me get the bottle,” Cassandra winked.

She disappeared into the house and returned with a bottle of rum in her left hand and a bottle of Coca-Cola in her right. Filling up the empty mojito glasses, Cassandra handed one to Adam. 

Then, turning her back to Adam she slowly pulled her singlet off, and tossed it on one of the pool chairs. Then, as deliberately as she could, Cassandra shimmied her shorts off her hips, rocking them from side to side as she pulled them off her long, tanned legs. 

While Adam may have thought his gaze couldn’t possibly be caught by Cassandra, whose back was turned to him, Cassandra had, in reality, picked where she would undress quite carefully – she was watching the pool-boy’s hungry stare from a mirror deep inside the house. 

Heh. Desire, check. 

Bending over just as deliberately as she had slipped off her clothes, Cassandra picked up the bottle of sunscreen that she knew perpetually sat under the poolside table and looked over her shoulder.

“Mind helping me with this?” she asked, jiggling the bottle in Adam’s direction. 

Adam’s eyes shot out of their momentary trance.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” he mumbled quickly, picking the bottle out of Cassandra’s hand. 


Mmmh, you’re good at this,” Cassandra sighed, melting under Adam’s firm, kneading massage. 

Cassandra took Adam up on the offer of a massage after he’d helped her with the application of her sunscreen, and she wasn’t regretting it one bit. If she was being honest, Adam could have told her he was utterly hopeless at giving massages and she’d still have taken him up on the offer – what mattered in that moment was that the muscular, hung pool-boy was straddling her ass and smothering his large, strong hands all over her body. 

Might have forgotten to mention that I moonlighted as a massage therapist for a bit,” Adam chuckled, “But it didn’t pay well enough for me to keep going.”

“I’m paying,” Cassandra said, “So don’t stop.”

Adam grinned and kneaded her shoulders and back with his thumbs, homing in on her tensest spots deftly and loosening her up with surprising ease. 

“Lower please,” Cassandra squeaked, sighing with satisfaction as she felt his hands slide smoothly down her back and press into the curved crease of her lower back. 

“Fuck, that’s exactly the spot,” Cassandra moaned, soaking in the warmth of Adam’s hands against her back. 

She reached for her drink and took a swig before settling back into her chair and shutting her eyes, basking in the comfort of Adam’s grasps and kneads. The alcohol was in her blood now, and she felt like she was gaining liquid courage by the second. As Adam’s hands drove into her skin through her swimsuit, easing her muscles, Cassandra began to gently open her legs, an inch at a time. As she did, she began to feel, almost indiscernibly, the tip of Adam’s bulge begin to prod against her cheeks. 

Ugh. It’s throbbing. 

Without a word, Cassandra slipped the snaps of her swimsuit off her shoulders.

“You can slip it down if you’d like, I hate how it’s getting in the way,” Cassandra said, flashing Adam an impish smile, “I’d hate for your magical fingers to be wasted on my swimsuit.”

There was a pause.

“Don’t freeze up on me just when it’s getting good,” she grinned.

Adam laughed, and she felt his cock nudge her cheeks again as he pulled her swimsuit down to her hips, giving him unrestricted access to her lower back. He placed his hands back on her smooth, tanned skin, before pausing again. 

Without a word, he stood up, each leg on either side of the deck chair and, slowly, pulled the rest of her suit off her body. Sliding it down her legs, he pulled it up to her ankles, and looked up at her. 

Cassandra looked back, shrugged, and kicked the dangling swimsuit off her foot. When she did, Adam caught a peek of her thin, wet lips. Watching his eyes, Cassandra gave him another peek of her sex, inching her legs open again, slightly. She thoroughly enjoyed not just eliciting the hungry, ravenous look in Adam’s eyes, but also watching the increasingly visible outline that his thick, throbbing cock was making in his pants.

“Get back on,” she said, in a playfully commanding tone. 

Adam straddled Cassandra again, though this time he strategically positioned himself on her upper thighs – this way, he could appreciate the smooth, sensual curves on her shapely, tight butt. Wrapping his hands around her hips, he began massaging her again, slower, and more gently. His thumbs pressed against her bare skin, gyrating against her body rhythmically, as she sighed with satisfaction. 

As Adam worked her body, Cassandra felt an anxious excitement begin to build in the pit of her stomach. The muscular pool-boy’s rod was throbbing noticeably between her thighs, and her pussy was getting wetter each second that passed. Resisting the urge to split her legs open and beg to be fucked, Cassandra steadied her breathing and tilted her head slightly to catch Adam’s eyes.

“Lower,” she said, a tiny, almost unnoticeable smile on her lips. 

Adam acquiesced, and his hands rested against her ass. He massaged it firmly, his large, strong hands toying with her cheeks. Occasionally he would grip them between his fingers and tousle them against one another playfully. Anyone else and Cassandra would have rolled her eyes – the obsession men had with jiggling butts treaded the fine line between playful and inane – but her mind was too addled by her arousal for the hunk manhandling her butt that she couldn’t have cared less.

With each minute, Adam’s fingers came teasingly closer to brushing against her sex. He ran his fingers between her cheeks and thighs, threatening to massage her wet, aroused lips, before swiftly shifting his hands away, and watching as her thighs trembled with a desperate desire. 

Cassandra began to let moans escape her lips each time Adam’s fingers teased her, encouraging him to linger longer between her thighs. Gradually, she felt him brush against her lips more deliberately, dipping his fingertips between her dripping, wet lips, and spreading her juices against her inner thighs. Lifting himself off her momentarily, he gripped her by the insides of her thighs and pulled them open gently. Cassandra complied enthusiastically, spreading her legs as widely as she could comfortably on the deck chair they were on. She closed her eyes, anticipating the sweet release of Adam’s thick, hungry fingers driving into her cunt, that would dissipate all the tension that had steadily built between the two of them.

What came next was, thus, unexpected. Cassandra squealed, as the first seconds of Adam’s sweet surprise caught her off-guard – he had smoothly replaced his fingers with his eager lips and warm, yearning tongue, and, with his hands holding her thighs apart, had buried his face between her legs. 

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” Cassandra moaned, smacking the deck chair with her fist as she melted her sex into Adam’s expertly nimble oral ministrations, instinctively gyrating her hips against his face. 

Reaching behind, she grabbed a tuft of his thick, blonde hair and pulled him in, suffocating him against her now excited, swollen lips, whimpering. When she let go, Adam only took seconds to catch his breath before pressing his lips back onto her pussy, running his tongue across her slit and tasting her fully. 

“Fuck, you’re so fucking good at this,” Cassandra panted, her fingernails digging firmly into Adam’s head, egging him on as his tongue snaked against her wet lips and split them open. 

As Adam turned his attention to sucking on and licking at Cassandra’s tiny pink clit, he brought his fingers to her pussy and toyed with the idea of sliding into her. Moaning, Cassandra arched her hips up, answering his thoughts and inviting his digits into her. 

Mmmh,” Cassandra sighed, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of being slowly – but surely – filled to the hilt. 

Adam began driving his fingers into and out of Cassandra’s cunt, the primal clap of his wrist slapping against her thighs filling the air as she whined with unbridled pleasure. Meanwhile, his tongue teased her clit aggressively, causing Cassandra to shudder each time he caught it between his lips. 

“I’m g-gonn-mmh… I’m go-…”, Cassandra whimpered, her body swinging to the rough thump of Adam’s fingers, “I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming.”

Seconds after she’d uttered her warning, Cassandra body rocked violently, her thighs shaking and her knees collapsing as her climax peaked, and her orgasm exploded. A wave of pleasure beginning from between her legs shot up her spine, warming her whole body and reveling her in an intense pleasure that she was sure she hadn’t experienced in years. 

Adam gently eased his fingers out of Cassandra’s throbbing, aching pussy and, as lightly as she could, massaged her lips, easing her down from her orgasm.

Cassandra heaved, panting, before rolling over in her deck chair, and lying on her back. Her breasts danced from the movement, and Adam’s curiosity was immediately piqued. Climbing over her, he pecked her lips once before planting small, greedy kisses along her jaw, down her neck, and then on her breasts. Gripping her left nipple between his lips, he teased it with his tongue while he ground her other tit between his fingers. 

“Fuck… your tongue, what the fuck,” Cassandra moaned, unable to believe that a man could be so consistently nuanced in attending to a woman’s needs with his mouth.

While she appreciated the primal force and the hungry desire most men brought to the bed, Adam’s ability to balance finesse with potency was an incredibly refreshing change. 

While Adam pleased her tits with his tongue, Cassandra reached down between his legs, and groped at his crotch through his shorts. Even through the layer of fabric, Cassandra could feel the heat of Adam’s rod as it throbbed and pulsed within its confines. Her view obstructed by Adam’s torso, she hunted for the waistband of his shorts and tried to yank it down, but was thwarted by her lack of nimbleness. 

Smiling, Adam, still bathing her breasts with his tongue, reached down to his shorts and slipped it down enough for his raging, thirsty cock to see the light of day. With the lower half of Adam’s body still obscured from her line of sight, Cassandra relied only on her sense of touch to size up Adam’s cock.

Well, it sure feels massive. 

Her fingers wrapped just around Adam’s thick, girthy rod, and tugging on it revealed that its length was one Cassandra was greatly impressed with. 

“P-please,” Cassandra whispered in Adam’s ear, “Put it inside me.” 

Adam grinned, and kissed his way back up Cassandra’s body, landing his last kiss again on her lips. Then, he lifted off her, finally allowing for her to appreciate his fully naked torso, magnificent cock and all. 

Cassandra let out a small but impressed gasp – feeling his cock in her fist was one thing, but seeing it rocking and throbbing right in front of her eyes, pre-cum dripping deliciously from the tip of his swollen, erect head… that was the real treat. 

Mesmerized, she watched as he pulled her legs open, and lowered himself over her. She felt the head of his cock nudge against her pussy’s opening, and watched as he pivoted his cock in his hand, smearing his warm pre-cum liberally against her slit. Then, positioning it, he leaned over her and began to drive his hips toward her, maneuvering his way into her wet cunt.

The second Adam’s cock pushed past her lips and into her, Cassandra’s back arched – an involuntary reaction to the mixture of pain and pleasure that came with taking a tool as big as Adam’s for the first time. 

“Slowly, please,” she whimpered, her hands gripping at Adam’s inviting biceps for stability. 

Adam nodded, and introduced his rod into her an inch at a time, allowing for Cassandra to ease onto his lengthy, girthy cock with as little discomfort as possible. When he had filled her to the hilt, he dipped his head down to hers, and kissed her passionately. Their tongues immediately entwined, exploring one another’s mouths with desperate fervency as Cassandra’s sex tightened around Adam’s rod. Then, Adam began to pump his hips against her, pulling the length of his cock almost all the way out of her pussy, before he slid it back into her. With each passing thrust, he drove his cock into her at a faster, firmer pace, her body shuddering with pleasure each time his hips slapped against hers. 

Cassandra ran her hands across Adam’s ripped, muscular frame, groping him hungrily. His skin was covered in a dazzlingly sensual sheen of sweat that glistened under the noonday sun. He wiped the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand between thrusts, his lips pursed in concentration as he held himself back from an early climax. 

When he dipped down to kiss her again, Cassandra wrapped her hands around his firm, chiseled butt and dug her fingernails into it, inviting him to impale her faster, and deeper. She kissed him back, biting his bottom lip, before running her tongue against it to soothe the sting. Then, she slid one of her hands up to Adam’s throat, and gripped it tightly. 

“Do me from behind,” she directed, biting her bottom lip and staring into his eyes. 

Adam pulled out of her, and easily flipped Cassandra over on the deck chair. Now, on her hands and knees, Cassandra wound her butt seductively, inviting her lover to enter her again. This time, Adam didn’t humor her with a slow, gentle entry – grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her onto his rod in one, swift move. 

Cassandra squealed in pleasure, and let Adam use her like a rag-doll as he pulled and pushed her against his cock. Her ass smacked against his hard abs and obliques, and it felt like she was hitting a rock wall each time his cock filled her to the hilt. In this position, Adam’s cock was deeper in Cassandra than it had been earlier, and she could feel his pulsing rod’s swollen head nudging excitedly against her g-spot. Whimpering, she reached down between her legs and diddled her clit as Adam piledrove her pussy with a fury that he had presumably reserved for his final thrusts. 

As Cassandra’s second orgasm approached and her pussy began to tighten around Adam’s cock, she felt his rod also begin to grow inside her, throbbing and pulsing with the same ferocity he was pumping into her with. Sensing he was also reaching his climax, Cassandra tilted her head to face Adam.

When he was looking at her, she mouthed the words, “Cum inside me.”

Adam looked unsure, eliciting a small giggle from Cassandra between moans.

“I’m on the pill,” she whispered.

That, to Cassandra’s pleasure, seemed enough of an assurance for Adam. He upped the ante, shoving his cock into her with all his might, groaning in ecstasy as he finally let go. Grunting and heaving, his body rocked with an intense, shattering climax and his cock began spurting shot after shot of warm cum into Cassandra.


Triggered by Adam’s painting of her insides with his heated seed, Cassandra’s pussy rocked her body with her second orgasm of the day. Moaning wantonly, Cassandra’s thighs quivered as wave after wave of erotic ecstasy burned through her, from between her legs to the rest of her body. Overwhelmed, Cassandra collapsed back into the deck chair, Adam’s cock slipping out her pussy and his warm cum beginning to ooze out of her.  

“I-I… t-that was so fucking good,” she moaned, sinking her head into the chair as Adam stood up, sighing, immensely satisfied. “You deserve a break,” Cassandra said, turning around to face the sweaty, spent pool-boy, “I need one too.”

Cassandra peered at the clock on the far-end of the deck, before turning back to Adam. 

“My bed is… pretty big,” she smiled. 


Sooo… mb we can do the party thing another time. 

might take longer to clean up the deck than expected.

asked poolboy to stay the night to make sure he does a gud job. might even take whole wkend.