Bound in Bali

After three years of being in a relationship, Emily and I decided to go on our first vacation together. We were only juniors in college, but we wanted to take a large trip before our senior year, after which we’d likely go straight into working life. The spring semester had just ended and, although there was beautiful weather year-round, we were looking to go somewhere tropical and exotic. Being strapped for cash and located on the west coast, there was one place that made sense – Southeast Asia. 

We booked our flights to Bali, Indonesia for the beginning of June to the beginning of July. To us, going somewhere this exotic wasn’t just an exploration of the world, but it was an exploration of our relationship. People say that “couples that travel together, stay together”, so we were about to find out if we’d stand that test. We’d learn a lot about each other, try new things, and even talked about doing some sexually adventurous things while we’d be out there too. I was excited for everything that this trip was going to become, I couldn’t wait for June to come.

Finally, it was the last week of May and Emily and I had nearly finished planning our itinerary (which consisted mostly of laying on the beach and sleeping at the hotel). By this point, we had avoided having sex or even giving head for the past three weeks in anticipation of what was to come (quite literally). My cock was fully loaded with a ton of cum and I needed to release, but in a weird way, I thought that holding it in for a while would make the moment it’d actually happen even sweeter. Emily and I were teasing each other throughout, but we’d ravish each other once overseas.

It was the very last day before we left that Emily opened up to me more about what she fiending for sexually. To give some backstory – our relationship was pretty “vanilla” before this – we’d have safe sex in typical positions like missionary or doggy, she’d suck me off, I’d eat her out (and she wouldn’t cum), etc. So, Emily opening up was a pretty big deal for me, especially because of what she said. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. We sat in my car, outside of Emily’s apartment, on a Saturday night and we had a flight out of LAX that next morning. As we sat in the car, I could tell she was nervous to share her thoughts, so she gently put her soft, small hand on my leg and started rubbing it.

“I’ve been thinking… and while we’re abroad I want to try some new stuff,” she nervously looked straight ahead,

“Yeah, of course. There’s going to be a ton of new stuff out there,” I said, playing dumb.

“No, I mean, like… I want to branch out… sexually, with you,” Emily’s attempt at being formal was adorable.

“Ohh, yeah, of course. There’s going to be a ton of new stuff out there,” I repeated with sexual implications.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Can I say something weird?” Emily inquired.

“You know that nothing’s weird between us. Say whatever you want,” I asserted.

“You can probably tell this because I sometimes ask you to choke me, but I really like being dominated. But now, when we’re abroad and exploring, I want you to dominate me even more. You know, with like BDSM stuff,” she said shyly. 

I was so turned on by this, I didn’t even know how to respond. Emily was finally opening up and telling me what she wanted. All I could think about at the moment was how hard my cock was and how badly I wanted it deep down Emily’s wet pussy or warm throat. She kept her hand on my leg and I started to shift away from her a little bit, avoiding all temptations. We were about to be abroad in less than 24 hours and I didn’t want to ruin our streak. 

“I’m totally into it,” I said confidently.

“Really?” Emily said.

“Yeah, I’ve actually wanted to do something like that for a while, and now that I know you like it, I’ll like it even more. I think it’s incredibly hot,” I said, trying to reassure her I was comfortable.

From that moment on, Emily and I were completely open about all of the sexual explorations that we wanted to experience together. And thankfully, this happened right before the trip, because what we did on that trip was the hottest and most memorable sexual experience of my entire life. I saw an entirely new side to Emily and fell deeper and deeper in love with her – our relationship was revitalized. But of course, it wasn’t just about the openness with sex.

We were excited to leave the country, it being the first time ever leaving the states for both of us. After our layover in Tokyo, Emily and I landed in Bali. We started our trip on a wholesome note, taking a 2-day trip up to the jungle-town, Ubud. While we were there, we did all of the touristy stuff like going to the monkey sanctuary, rafting, and eating at all of the unique cafes. Ubud is a pure, unadulterated city, which exactly mirrored our sexual endeavors there. We stayed at a nice hotel that overlooked the rice paddies – it was private, quiet, and serene. 

We used this opportunity to finally get sexual on first night of our stay. Though, Emily still said that she wanted to save having sex for the BDSM play, and I respected that, so I agreed. Regardless, it was still hot knowing that Emily held nothing back. Later that night we made out in the shower, our warm lips touching each other and our tongues wrestling. Emily tasted exotic in this exotic place; I couldn’t get enough. 

While I was washing my face and leaned my back against the cold, stone wall, I felt a warm sensation overtake my shaft. Emily was now fearless, as her lips tightly gripped my cock and she began to suck without any inhibition. She stared at me in the eyes; Even she knew how hot this was for her to do. 

Emily kept on sucking my cock (and gagging when she’d try to take it all) while the water hit off of my broad shoulders and onto her face. She popped my cock out for a moment while gripping it in her hand tightly. It was red, pumping with blood. I wanted to cum so badly, and I was about to, but I still didn’t want to ruin the anticipation. She was teasing me, and it was actually making me more animalistic, as I found it harder to control myself. 

“Let’s still wait. Okay, baby? When we do it here, it’ll be special,” Emily questioned, yet insisted.

“Arghh, fuck! Okay, works for me,” I said playfully, yet seriously. 

Emily held onto my cock as she stood up, almost using it as a long pole to regain her balance. She brought her body in close to mine, rubbing against it, and brought her lips to my ear. She whispered into my ear, telling me how badly she wanted me too, and that when we finally got to the BDSM stuff, she’d be my little slave and eat all of my cum up. I’d never heard her say anything like that before. God, I wanted to fuck her even more at that moment, but I kept myself composed and concurred that it would be hot. 

That next morning, we took a taxi from Ubud to the popular surfing town down south, Changgu. This is where we’d spend the rest of the trip, and also where we had planned to start our BDSM exploration. We got to our hotel, which was around a mile away from the beach and smaller than our last. We had a room that was close to several others, but I liked the idea that we’d be fucking with other people so close to us, who could maybe even hear us too. Whether it was strange or not, thoughts like these would past my mind for the next week as I patiently waited for Emily to tell me that she was ready. 

Most of the days we’d wake up early in the morning, go to the café across the street, and then walk to the beach, where we’d lay out and get tan. Then, Emily and I would go back to the hotel room, make out for a little bit, and then cuddle and go to bed. Although we weren’t getting sexual, I was pretty glad that for the first time in a long time I got to relax, with not a worry in the world. We were living in paradise. At the same time, I was starting to think that Emily had forgotten about all of the new and exciting BDSM stuff that she had promised.

It was now well into the second week and Emily still hadn’t mentioned anything. But one day at the hotel after the beach, she said she’d be back soon. “I’m just going on a quick run, but I should be back before the hour, babe.” She put on her running shoes and brought a small hydration backpack with her too. This was strange because she hadn’t worked out the entire trip, but I assumed maybe she was starting to feel inactive and sporadically decided to go on a run. 

While Emily was gone, I decided to get in a quick workout myself too. I was starting to feel like I was putting on a little bit of weight and wanted to keep my body nice and toned for Emily. Whenever she’d lay on top of me, she’d grab my muscles and squeeze them hard – she loved them, and I loved when she touched them. So, I did thirty minutes worth of push-ups and squats in the room. Afterwards, I took a quick shower, changed into a new pair of boxer-briefs, turned on the TV, and then laid down on the bed and took a nap. 

When I woke up, the TV was off, and the room was dark. I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening or how much time had passed, but Emily’s face was hovering right over mine. “Woah, what the hell,” I said, startled. I quickly realized it was her and calmed down. I wrapped my arms around her and brought her body in close to mine. 

Emily whispered, “relax, silly… it’s just me.” She startled to giggle quietly and brought her face in closer to mine. I could feel her warm breath brush against my cheek. Then, she connected her soft lips to mine and looked at me in the eyes as she smiled. “I have a surprise for you,” she said. I was incredibly curious as to what this surprise was because Emily wasn’t even sweaty and smelled like delicious cinnamon – I wanted to eat her up – but clearly, she didn’t go on a run. It begged the question… where had Emily gone, and what did she get?

She opened up her backpack at the front of the room and dug her hand deep inside. She searched amidst the darkness and pulled something out of the bag. She held it in her hands, turned around, and smiled. She came closer in and presented a thin, white nylon rope. “I want you to use it,” she said.

I held the rope in my hands. “On you, or on myself?” I couldn’t believe we were actually about to do this.

She giggled, “on me, silly,” she said as she ran her hands down my arms and down to my waist.

The hairs on my arms stood up. I couldn’t believe that my dreams of dominating her, and her wanted to be dominated, were about to come true. Emily put her bag down next to the bed and crawled over me onto the other side. She laid on her back and spread out in a “starfish” position, with her hands and feet at all four corners of the bed. I turned to her. It seemed as if she was waiting for me to just take complete control of the situation. She looked over at me and licked her lips – I could tell she was longing for my dominant touch.

“I want you to tie me up to the bed and fuck my brains out, okay?” Emily said quietly, almost begging.

I began to tie up her wrists to the wooden bed-posts, one by one. As I tightened the knots on her wrists, I could feel the nylon pinch against her skin. I didn’t want to restrict her blood flow, but Emily insisted that I make it as tight as possible. She wanted marks on her arms as a reminder. I’d never seen this side to Emily; It gave me a raging boner in my boxers. I could feel my cock throbbing and I couldn’t wait to stick it down her throat. 

Pulse by pulse, my cock jolted up. Emily noticed and licked her lips – I could tell that she wanted me fully in her mouth too, unable to resist or push away. She wanted to be under my complete control. And as I finished tying up her other wrist, she used her toes to try and pull my boxers off. She laughed as I let my boxers drop to the ground and my long, hard cock popped out. It was sticking straight out towards her and she jokingly tried to stroke it with her feet. 

“You like that, Daddy? Huh?” She said to me, now biting her lower lip.

“Fuck, yeah… best you’ve ever given me,” I said sarcastically.

As I stood there naked, I kneeled down on the bed and pulled off her running shorts and panties at the same time. Since we were away for a few weeks already, Emily hadn’t shaved and had the cutest little bush. She started to fidget on the bed as I rubbed my fingers through her soft pubes. I slid one of my fingers near her pussy and felt that it was already wet. I took my finger, stuck it down her throat, and she sucked on it passionately. I pulled my finger out of her mouth and licked it myself. It tasted like Emily, a taste I couldn’t get enough of. 

“Fuck, I like that. I’m so wet already,” She exclaimed.

“Well there’s more where that came from. You’re not going anywhere,” I asserted.

“Reach inside the bag. There’s more rope. Tie me up completely.” Emily grinned and put her legs down.

I reached inside the bag and pulled out the nylon rope. Then, I felt something else in the bag. It was a ball gag. I pulled it out and showed her. Emily smiled and told me how she wanted me to use it on her, but only after violently deepthroating her. So, I put the gag on the nightstand. With each word she uttered, begging for me, I could feel my cock start to drip pre-cum onto her leg as I tied it up. 

Once Emily was completely tied up to all four corners of the bed, I stood looking at her with a big grin on my face. We both knew what was about to happen to her, and neither of us had any opposition.

“Mmmm. Do whatever you want to me, daddy. I’m all yours to control,” she insisted.

Now, my goal was to make this the most memorable sexual experience for the both of us. I was so ready to dominate Emily and felt that she’d be comfortable with whatever boundary I’d try to cross. So, I stood up on the bed right above her face. Then, I bent down and brought my cock close to her face. She turned animalistic, trying to grab it with her mouth, sticking her tongue out – anything to get a taste of me. Finally, I stuck it in her mouth, inch by inch – she took it all. 

As I had my throbbing cock lodged deep down Emily’s throat, I could feel her start to suck – the warm sensation of her tongue swirling took over. She continued to move her mouth back and forth as I thrusted my hips into her, forcing her to take all of me. I started by thrusting slowly and could hear Emily gagging beneath me. It was so hot to think that although she was gagging, she was bringing her mouth even deeper onto my cock. She wanted to feel helpless, trapped under my thumb. The thought of this turned me on even more, and I could feel her draining the pre-cum from my cock, slurping it all up through her saliva. 

I grabbed onto the bed frame and thrusted very fast and hard into her face. She gagged harder and her body began to shake. She couldn’t handle it as much as she thought she could, and she was looking for a move comfortable position. I snapped out of the sexual moment for a moment because I genuinely thought I was hurting her. As I pushed myself off the bedpost, I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Why are you stopping?” Emily questioned despondently.

“I thought I was hurting you!” I exclaimed.

“No! I like it a lot, daddy,” she said as she tried to reach for my cock with her mouth again.

Then, I realized… Emily was a real sexual fiend, hungry for me. She wasn’t doing any of this for theatrics or to help me get off, she seriously wanted to be dominated – and there were no limitations at all. I wanted to make her sexual fantasies come true, so I was now all-in on dominating her. As this became clearer, I shifted gears and stuck my cock back into her mouth without any warning. I violently thrusted my hips into her and she gagged. Saliva dripped out of her mouth uncontrollably. Then, I pulled my cock out, gripped it tightly, and smacked it across her face. 

Emily looked like she was in heaven as my heavy cock slapped against her cheeks. Then, I moved toward the front of the bed and brought my lips to hers. Our tongues wrapped around one another and I bit her lip hard, pulling it for a few seconds before letting go. I heard her try to catch her breath. Also, without any A/C, our bodies started to sweat. I licked my way down her face to her neck, and then down to her stomach as I cupped her perky breasts hard and started to rub her little nipples. Her nipples hardened as I consumed every inch of her body with my slobbering tongue. 

I felt so powerful and took even more control over Emily’s body as she encouraged me. My bodyweight was now up against her as I licked a deeper trail down to her wet pussy and rubbed her nipples. I rubbed passionately and started to lick her hard clit. As I licked faster and faster, I ran my fingers down her smooth body, all the way to her inner thighs, where I grabbed them tightly. Emily was tied down so much that she couldn’t escape this feeling at all – all she could do was let out moans of immense, overwhelming pleasure. 

I knew that if she could, she would grab my hair, but she was under my total control. If anyone was going to pull hair, it would only be me. As I tasted all of Emily’s sweet juices, my cock wouldn’t stop throbbing for her. I needed to stick it into her wet pussy and feel her walls grip around my cock. I wanted our bodies to be connected and for her to be unable to escape my grasp. I came back up to eye-level with Emily and looked her in the eyes. I smirked, and then kissed her passionately, biting her lower lip even harder than before.

Our bodies were now covered in sweat and I dry humped her with all of my pressure. My warm, hard cock rubbed against her wet pussy and throbbed, longing to be inside of her. I couldn’t wait and teased the head of my cock on the surface of her pussy. I could feel Emily breathing down my neck and licking her lips – she was ready to be penetrated roughly.

“You want daddy’s big cock, yeah?” I said as I continued to thrust into Emily.

“Fuck yeah, daddy. Give me that dick now,” she begged.

“You’re gonna take this dick, baby. And you’re gonna like it,” I demanded

While on top of Emily, I reached for the ball gag on the end-table. I didn’t let Emily say another word before I strapped it on around her head. The gag was big and stretched her mouth. Now she’d only be able to make muffled screams. But I knew these would be blissful screams (and maybe some painful). 

I popped my hips back, wrapped my hands around my cock, and slowly put all of it into Emily’s dripping wet pussy, inch by inch. Emily squirmed like a helpless little animal, but she liked the feeling. I noticed her clenching her fists with white knuckles, trying to contain the pleasure. I could also hear the nylon tightening and stretching against her skin. Had she pulled any harder, she would’ve broken the bed frame right off. 

Beads of sweat poured down my face and onto her chest as I thrust into her passionately. I moved with purpose, wanting the feeling to last for the both of us. Honestly, I never wanted this moment to end. Emily tried to escape and adjust her hips to reduce the tension, but I kept on thrusting, eventually faster and harder into her. It came to the point where even I was getting tired, but I couldn’t show any sign of weakness to Emily – I had to stay dominant and fully committed to it all. 

After several minutes of me thrusting rapidly and Emily shaking and making muffled screams through the gag, she started to shake at a million jolts per second. She was almost convulsing – this is something I had never seen. All the while, her screams intensified ten-fold, likely to the point where people in adjacent rooms could hear. I thought back to porn and I quickly realized… Emily was about to cum for the first time. 

After a few more passionate and hard thrusts, I slipped my cock out of Emily and immediately started vigorously rubbing her clit. Within a matter of a few seconds, Emily started squirting everywhere. I couldn’t believe how much she had squirted, making a mess on the bed. Though, this was a delicious mess; This was the hottest mess she’d ever made. I wanted to lick her juices up, I wanted to consume it all. Even Emily looked at the juices fly out of her body in disbelief. 

This got me as hard as I’d ever been, and I could feel that I was about to cum too just because of how hot this was. I got up, leaned over Emily’s face, and jerked myself off right above her mouth. It also didn’t take long for me to cum buckets. I seriously came more than humanly possible. Emily’s face was covered in my cum and there was nothing she could do about it. I could tell that she was eager to lick it all up once she got out of her restraints. 

Eventually, I took the ball gag off of Emily and she licked up whatever cum she could around her lips. “I can’t believe we just did that. I don’t think anything’ll ever live up to that. For real,” Emily said. 

“Don’t you worry, this is just the first time. More like a trial run. We’ll definitely top this soon,” I exclaimed.

And I wasn’t wrong either… Emily and I would go on to experiment a ton in the BDSM realm. Whether it involved a cage, handcuffs, or even a whip, we tried it all. All it really took was for us to go through this one experience in order to realize that we were both kinky and open to anything. It spiced up our relationship, and I genuinely don’t think that anything will ever come close to the sexual chemistry, comfort, and understanding that we had. 

Things didn’t work out with us ultimately because of different life paths – she wanted to move to NY, but I needed to stay on the west coast for the entertainment industry. Emily really was a sweetheart and I’m sure that she is still happy now with her job and new boyfriend. But I know that deep down, regardless of wherever she ends up, Emily will never forget our time in Bali where she was all tied up.