Blindfolded in Corbin’s Cabin

Brooke found herself distracted again, but this time he seemed to notice.

Damn it.

The new temp caught her eye from across the office and smiled tenderly in acknowledgement.

Brooke smiled back in response, then quickly shifted her gaze toward her desk. Tax reports were splayed out before her, and a mug of warm coffee sat next to her keyboard. She checked back to see if he was no longer looking.

There he sat, his thumb resting delicately on his lips. At the moment he seemed focused entirely on his work. He had smooth dark hair and soft brown eyes. Even through his button-up Brooke could see just how in-shape he was.

I wonder if he can feel the way I’m looking at him.

Brooke then watched as he took off his tie and released the top button of his shirt. She imagined him unbuttoning the next one, and the next, all the way down until his entire torso was out in the open. She began to perspire, and felt one or two cold droplets roll down her face. She  felt one fall between her breasts.

She felt heat rising through her body; beginning between her thighs, then creeping up to her waist and into her chest. She imagined him unbuckling his belt and slowly pulling down his pants. The bulge through his boxers was too easy to see. He tugged at the waistband, ever so slowly revealing his smooth skin. She could almost see it now…

Suddenly he stood up. Brooke was jolted back to reality. He turned and began walking toward Brooke’s desk.

Oh god, he thinks I’m a creep for sure.

“Hey, my name is Corbin. I’m a bit new here, and I just decided I would introduce myself to all my coworkers. You’re Brooke, right?”

He knows my name already.

“Yeah, that’s me!”

“Great! So my family shares this cabin about twenty minutes North of here, and I was planning on inviting the office for a bit of a get-to-know-everyone party. Do you think you’d be interested?”

“Y- yes, of course!” Brooke stammered, her heart pounding through her chest.

It’s a miracle he can’t hear my heartbeat right now.

“Perfect! I’ll see you around.”

Brooke watched longingly as Corbin returned to his desk.

The rest of the week passed relatively quickly, and before Brooke knew it she found herself outside the front door of Corbin’s cabin. She knocked, and before long the door swung open.

“Brooke, you made it!”

Brooke looked up to find Corbin leaning against the door frame, his body filling the entrance. He was dressed casually now, wearing a slim-fitting T-shirt that stretched tightly over his upper body and fitted jeans that complimented his sculpted physique.

“I noticed there aren’t any other cars out front. Am I really the only person to come by?”

“It would seem that you are. It probably has something to do with me being ‘the new guy’” laughed Corbin, all the while gazing softly into Brooke’s eyes.

“Please, come on in.”

Corbin stepped to the side and Brooke entered the cabin, but not without brushing past his firm torso. The door shut softly behind them. Corbin turned toward Brooke.

“You know, I noticed something in the office this week.”

Brooke’s heart stopped.

Oh my god. He noticed me staring.

Corbin continued.

“Is it just me, or did we catch each other’s eye quite a bit?”

Brooke’s heart was pounding hard again. She stared deeply into his eyes, at a complete loss for words. Corbin stared back.

“Brooke, I feel I need to tell you something: I haven’t been able to keep my mind off you since the first day we met. I’ve been so distracted lately, and I just can’t seem to control my urges. No one has ever had this strong of an effect on me. I understand if you would like to leave, but if you would like to stay I will very gladly have you.”

“I think I’d like to stay.”

Corbin smiled warmly. The heat returned between her thighs – much stronger this time – and crept up again, filling her entire body. She could feel her face flush with blood.

Corbin stepped closer, and leaned in for a kiss. His lips were warm and soft against hers as he ran his left hand through her hair. He then pushed her up against the door, his right arm wrapped around her waist and his left hand now caressing her face. She couldn’t help but let out a soft moan, and her heart was thumping louder than ever.

Let him hear it.

Brooke took Corbin’s hand and moved it to her chest. She could feel his hot breath as he started kissing her neck. His hand moved around slowly, his thumb searching for her erect nipple.

Oh god, please. Do what you want with me.

His hand moved down again, and he slipped it into her shirt. He reached under her bra and cupped her breast, then proceeded to play with her nipple. Waves of tension seemed to build up in her body, and she couldn’t help but buck her hips slightly against his. He began biting at her neck, causing tingles to shoot through her spine. Then he stepped back.

“Follow me.”

Brooke followed Corbin through the living room and down a hallway to their left. On the right side at the very end of the hallway was a closed door, which Corbin opened. They entered a dimly lit room with a king-sized bed situated in the center. Just one look in Corbin’s eyes confirmed what Brooke already knew to be the truth.

There’s no stopping us now.

Brooke went straight to the bed, but Corbin walked to the opposite side of the room and opened a drawer that Brooke couldn’t quite see into. Corbin returned with a blindfold.

“Do you trust me?”

Brooke nodded her head yes; she was already breathing too heavily for the words to come out. She watched as Corbin stripped down to his boxers.

It’s all exactly as I imagined.

His hard cock pressed tightly against the thin piece of fabric now separating Corbin from Brooke. He went on to remove her top and her pants, after which he pulled his belt off the waist of his own.

“You still trust me?”

Brooke nodded a second time. Corbin climbed onto the bed with her and bound her wrists together with the belt, placing her arms above her head. He got on his knees next to her head and removed his boxers. He was just inches from her face. It was even bigger than she had pictured. He straddled her chest, resting the tip on her lips. Brooke opened her mouth in anticipation as Corbin slowly slid his cock into her mouth. She could feel it pulsate as Corbin moved his hips back and forth, slowly at first. As he picked up more speed and his cock went deeper into her mouth, Brooke became unsure of herself.

I’ve never had anyone this deep before.

Before long his cock was hitting the back of her throat, over and over again. She was pleasantly surprised; any gag reflex she may have had was suddenly gone. Then, just as she expected to feel Corbin’s hot cum fill her mouth, he pulled out. He kissed her on the lips, then her neck, then her chest. He reached around and unhooked her bra, after which he pulled the blindfold over her eyes. It fit snugly over her head, and Brooke couldn’t see a thing. He then pulled off the bra, exposing her breasts to the room. He put his lips to her left breast. Another moan escaped Brooke’s lips. He continued to play with her nipples, teasing her until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Corbin, please fuck me.”

He hushed her and put his fingers in her mouth. Kiss after kiss landed on her chest, then further down, and further still, all the way until he reached her panties, which he peeled off with his teeth. They were completely soaked.

Finally. Give it to me PLEASE.

More kisses followed on her inner thighs. Closer and closer he worked as Brooke bucked her hips uncontrollably. Then his tongue found her clit.

I really don’t know if I can take any more of this. I feel like I’m going to cum already, and he hasn’t even fucked me yet.

His tongue swirled around her clitoris, left and right then up and down. Brooke was moaning non-stop at this point. He pulled back for a second and flipped her over. She felt a cold substance make contact with her anus.


“I- I’ve never… I’ve never done this b- before…” she explained between moans.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a buttplug.”

Pressure. She could feel it entering slowly, and just when she was going to ask him to stop it was already in. Brooke was laying flat on her chest at this point, still right on the edge of orgasm. She felt Corbin climb over her legs and grab her by the ass.

More pressure. His cock was pressing slowly into her vagina. She couldn’t wait any longer.

Corbin inhaled sharply as Brooke hooked her legs around his back and pulled him deep inside. She moaned very loudly this time, and her back arched uncontrollably. She could feel the contractions as her vagina squeezed Corbin’s stiff cock. Waves of pleasure swept over her body.

I’m cumming already.

Corbin continued to thrust; in and out, in and out. There was so much pressure it was hard to tell exactly where the pleasure was coming from. He then rolled onto his back and hoisted her up. Brooke rode him, blindfolded and bound at the wrists.

“You’re so big…”
From this position, Corbin’s penis penetrated even deeper than before. He used his thumb to play with her clitoris.

Oh my god. Oh my god. This is almost too much.

He then grabbed her by the hips and moved her up and down his stiff cock. It was clear  that Brooke was already on the edge of a second orgasm. After fucking her from this position for a while, Corbin moved Brooke back onto her back. He continued to fuck her. In. Out. In. Out. All the while he gripped her breast, alternating from kissing her lips to biting her neck. Brooke could feel that Corbin was close.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.”

Brooke knew Corbin needed to pull out, but she just had to know how his hot cum felt deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed hard against his body, just as Corbin climaxed.

There was much more cum than Brooke expected. Pump after pump he filled her with his hot seed. Just as it seemed Corbin was winding down, he began thrusting even harder than before.

Jesus, his refractory period is practically nonexistent.

There was cum everywhere. Every time he thrusted, a bit more spilled out of Brooke’s pussy. She was so close now. She could feel the blood rush to her head, and for a second it felt like she was going to pass out.


Brooke squirted all over Corbin. His cum and her cum covered his throbbing cock as she rocked her hips back and forth, moaning more loudly than she had ever moaned in her life. She had completely lost control, and her hot cum came out in spurts with her contractions. Her orgasm lasted an entire minute, and by the time it finished she felt absolutely drained. Corbin, however, was not quite done.

“I want you to make me finish a second time.”

When he pulled his cock out more cum gushed out of her pussy.

“You’re going to suck me dry.”

He helped her off the bed and onto the floor, then onto her knees. He didn’t bother removing the buttplug. Or the blindfold. Or the belt. Corbin gripped the hair on the back of her head, and she could feel the tip of his penis on her lips. She reached up to touch his cock his between her bound hands. It was dripping with cum.

“Guess I need to lick it all off.”
She proceeded to clean every last drop of cum off of his throbbing penis, starting with the head. She then took his entire cock into her mouth. She moved her head up and down, and before long the tip of his penis was hitting the back of her throat again.

“Oh god. Keep going. Don’t stop.”

The corners of her mouth curled up a bit with the knowledge that she was in control. Right then, in that cabin, he was hers.

She kept going, working his cock faster and faster, until finally he came again. There was even more cum than the last time, but she swallowed every bit of it. Pump after pump. Thrust after thrust. She took mouthful after mouthful of hot cum down her throat until his knees started to buckle and he had nothing left to give. He had been sucked dry.

Corbin, clearly exhausted, helped her back to her feet again and took off her blindfold. They kissed – tenderly, and with purpose. After a second, Brooke spoke.

“Wow. I don’t think I ever want to leave this cabin.”
“Then don’t.”