Birthday Foursome

The four of us go out for drinks at a bar on the east side. It’s my girlfriend Maria’s birthday, and she wants to do something fun but keep it small. Maria’s best friend Courtney, Courtney’s boyfriend Riley, and I meet at our apartment for a couple of pre-game “warm up drinks,” then pile into my beat-up Audi to drive across the river to the Ace of Spades bar.

Even though it’s a small party, and the Ace of Spades isn’t exactly a baller club, Maria bought a new outfit for the occasion—a tight-fitting black dress that exposes her bare shoulders, shows off her impressive ass, and stops at the middle of her thighs, revealing her long, thick, beautiful brown legs, balanced atop a pair of white heels. I haven’t gone all out like she has, but I still look good in a black button-down shirt, with the top three buttons unbuttoned, showing my bare chest.

Courtney and Riley are dressed more casually, but that’s all right. I know they don’t go out much, preferring to stay home and “Netflix and chill,” or whatever these folks call it. Courtney’s wearing a light-blue blouse and a floral print skirt, which reaches to right above her knees. Riley is comfortable in blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Riley’s all right, though. He and I met about a year ago, when he and Courtney first began dating, and we hit it off right away. Maria and Courtney are lifelong friends, best friends since they were both girls. Maria and I have been dating for three years, and she can still turn me on sometimes just by looking in my direction, especially when she looks as good as she does tonight.

The four of us are sitting across from each other at a table at the far side of the bar. It’s crowded in the bar and the music is too loud—some latest R&B joint, which is nearly indecipherable at this volume. We’re nearly shouting at each other over our drinks.

“How does it feel being 24!” Courtney shouts at Maria.

“What!” Maria shouts back.

“How does it feel to be 24!” Courtney shouts again.

“Yes, I will have one more, thank you!” Maria says and holds up her empty glass.

And so on throughout the evening.

The lack of meaningful conversation gives us more time to drink, and we’ve each put away a few without realizing it. While we’re sitting at the table, shouting at each other and drinking, I notice Riley taking frequent looks over at Maria. If it were any other guy, I might be upset, ask him to show some decency. But, like I said, Riley is my homeboy, and I know he doesn’t mean any disrespect. Besides, I can hardly blame him. Maria is so hot tonight it makes me sweat just sitting next to her. Her dark brown hair is spilling out across her bare shoulders, her tits are firm and round inside her tight black dress, and every few seconds or so she sticks her tongue out and licks her lips long and slow, as though she were tasting herself.

To be completely honest, I’ve also been looking at Courtney from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never attempted to flirt with her or make any moves on her—she’s Maria’s girl and I’m Maria’s man, and I wouldn’t ever want to do anything to jeopardize that. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sometimes fantasize about Courtney. I’ve wondered what she sounds like when she moans, what she tastes like underneath her floral skirts. Sometimes, when Maria and I make love, I’ve imagined Courtney peeking in through our window, blushing but unable to look away. Other times, when I’m eating Maria’s pussy and she’s about to cum, I’ve imagined Courtney right outside our bedroom, her ear pressed against the door, touching herself, biting her lip to keep from making any noise.

“Does anyone want another drink,” I shout at everyone.

“I could use one,” Maria says.

“I’ll have one too,” Courtney says.

“I’ll go with you,” Riley says, standing up.

Riley and I make our way to the bar and try to get the bartender’s attention, but there’s a long line of thirsty people next to us, all trying to do the same thing. As we’re waiting for our drinks, I turn to look at the two women, back at the table, and let out a low whistle.

“We’re lucky guys,” I say to Riley. “You know that?”

Riley smiles. “I sure do, Jackson. I sure do.”

“You and Courtney seem happy together,” I say.

“We are,” Riley says, but he says it more like a question. “I mean, I’m happy. But I don’t know, you know?”

“What’s up, man?”

“I just feel like it can be, you know, boring sometimes? Like, we love each other and all, but sometimes I get, I don’t know, a feeling like she might not be completely satisfied with our routine, you know?”

“Your routine?” I say. “Wait, are you talking about fucking? Did you just call fucking ‘our routine’?”

“I mean, yeah,” Riley says, shrugging. “That’s what it is.”

“Well, that’s your problem right there,” I say and laugh.

I’m about to say more, but the bartender finally makes his way to us and asks what we want. Riley orders an IPA for himself and a vodka soda with cranberry for Courtney. I order a whiskey Coke for myself and a gin and tonic for Maria. We carry the glasses back to the table and sit down next to our girlfriends, who seem to have been deep in conversation before we arrived. They take the drinks from us, take a sip, then set their glasses down, all the while staring at each other and grinning like they’re both in on some fresh secret.

“What’s up?” I say.

“Nothing,” Maria says and turns to me. “Thanks for the drink, baby.”

The four of us sip our drinks, with the too-loud music still beating against our heads, and a growing collection of empty glasses on our table.

“Are you having a good birthday,” I say to Maria.

“What’d you say?” she says.

“Your birthday,” I say. “Are you having a good time?”

“I can’t hear a fucking word you’re saying,” Maria shouts. “God, why is this place so loud? I mean, for fuck’s sake.”

“I’m with you on that,” Courtney says. “I could use a change of scenery.”

“Well, what do you suggest?” I say.

“I don’t know,” Maria says, shrugging her shoulders. “I think we’ve still got some bottles left at our place, right? Why don’t we head back and put on some music and just hang out there?”

“That sounds good to me,” Courtney says.

“I’m OK with that,” Riley says.

“Works for me,” I say. “Let’s finish these drinks and peace out of here.”

I turn and look at Maria and Courtney, and I think I catch a slight grin on their lips.

We pile into my car again and drive back across the river to the apartment Maria and I share. Once inside, I put on a Miles Davis record while Maria fixes everyone a drink. Our apartment is comfortable for Maria and me, but we don’t have a lot of places for guests to sit. Maria and I sit next to each other on the couch, while Courtney sits on Riley’s lap on the love seat. We’re talking and laughing together, changing records and refreshing our drinks. Maria takes her heels off, leans back against the arm of the couch, and stretches her legs out across my lap.

Courtney has at some point unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, and each time she leans over to pick up her glass from the floor, I notice for the first time that she’s not wearing a bra. Her tits are small but firm, and as she bends forward to pick up her glass, her nipples peek out shyly from her blouse. I also notice that, as she’s sitting on Riley’s lap, she’s been grinding her ass into his lap, but slowly, like a stirring a cup of tea.

I feel my cock begin to stiffen. I quickly turn away and look at Maria, sitting next to me. She’s been watching me watch Courtney. I panic, thinking I’ve been caught and I’m about to have hell to pay. But then Maria gives one of those grins again. She rubs her foot against my lap.

“Uh oh,” she says. “Looks like someone is getting turned on.”

“Is that so?” Courtney says and returns her grin. “Well then, that makes two of us. Excuse me, three of us.”

“No,” says Maria. “Definitely four of us.”

“Well, what should we do about this, you know, development?” Courtney says.

“I don’t know,” Maria says. “But I do know that you are way too far away. Courtney, sweetie, won’t you come over and join us on the couch?”

“I’d be delighted, thank you,” Courtney says.

She stands up, smooths her skirt, and walks over to the couch. Maria lifts her legs from my lap, sits up straight, and pats the spot between Maria and me. Courtney smiles and sits down. I look over at Riley. His eyebrows are arched and his lips are pressed together, like he’s not quite sure what’s happening. To tell the truth, I’m not sure either. But then, as if guided by some secret signal, Maria and Courtney lean toward each other and begin to kiss.

Their lips open and close, searching for each other, their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths, both of them moaning and sighing heavily. Maria has one hand in Courtney’s hair, her other hand is reaching underneath her blouse, and I hear Courtney moan louder when Maria finds her breasts. Courtney is rubbing her hands along Maria’s legs, up and down, gently stroking Maria’s smooth brown skin. Maria pulls away from Courtney and lifts Courtney’s blouse up and off, dropping it onto the floor. Courtney’s nipples are taut and erect, and her tits rise and fall as she takes deep and heavy breaths.

I look again at Riley, still sitting motionless on the love seat. His mouth is open so wide a bird could fly into it. The expression on his face makes me want to laugh, but my attention is redirected when I feel a hand crawling into my lap and rubbing my cock through my pants. Maria and Courtney are still kissing as Maria unzips my pants and reaches for my cock. Courtney’s hand is now inside Maria’s dress and, as Maria moans and sighs, she begins to stroke my cock.

It feels so good that I forget about Riley. I lean back and close my eyes and feel Maria’s hand on me, but when I open my eyes again I see Courtney’s hand is now wrapped around my cock. She’s biting her bottom lip, watching herself stroke me.

Maria stands up from the couch. She grabs the hem of her dress and lifts her dress above her head, sliding out of it like a snake shedding her skin. She stands naked except for her lace underwear, which she promptly pulls down and kicks across the room.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Courtney says to Maria, while still stroking my cock.

It’s true. Maria is absolutely stunning, towering above us with her long legs, her thick thighs, her large breasts—like the Statue of Liberty, if the Statue of Liberty were a thick, half-black, half-Puerto Rican woman from New Jersey.

Maria smiles at Courtney and me, then turns around and stares down at Riley.

 “Don’t worry, baby,” she says. “We haven’t forgotten you.”

I’m watching Maria approach Riley, wondering what she’s about to do, but my attention is again diverted when Courtney begins to unbutton my shirt. After my shirt comes off, Courtney slides off the couch and kneels in front of me. She tugs my pants and boxers the rest of the way off, then pushes my legs apart. My cock is hard and throbbing with anticipation. Courtney looks up, stares into my eyes, and smiles. She continues to hold my eyes with hers as she opens wide and lowers her mouth onto my cock. I let out a long, loud moan and my eyes roll back.

I hear another low moan across the room. I open my eyes and see that Riley’s now naked too, and Maria is on her knees, sucking his cock. I always imagined I’d be jealous or uncomfortable with Maria pleasuring another man, but I’m not jealous at all right now. To be honest, it’s kind of a turn on, watching how good she is making him feel, watching Maria’s head bob up and down masterfully on Riley’s cock.

I focus again on Courtney, on her pastel lips wrapped around my cock, her mouth fitting as much of me as she can take. After a few minutes, Courtney and Maria—again, as if by a secret signal—stand up at the same time. Maria strides back over to the couch and tells me to change places.

“With who?” I ask, meeting Riley’s eyes. “With you?”

Maria and Courtney laugh. “No, baby, with Courtney. Get down on your knees.”

 “You too, Riley,” Courtney says. “Come join us over here?”

Maria and Courtney sit side-by-side on the couch, spread their legs, and continue kissing and feeling each other’s breasts. Riley, on his knees now, kisses the inside of Maria’s thighs, inching his way higher and higher until his mouth is buried deep within Maria’s beautiful pussy. I’m also on my knees, between Courtney’s legs, and I’m licking her thighs, savoring what tastes like sweat and sandalwood. When I reach her pussy, I feel her back arch up as she lets out a loud moan.

“Oh god,” she breathes. “Yes, Jackson, yes.”

Courtney’s clit is warm against my tongue, and I can feel her wetness dripping down my chin. Some of her wetness passes my lips and into my mouth. I swallow it down and go for more. As I’m eating Courtney’s pussy I glance up at her and see that she’s got Maria’s fingers in her mouth, sucking each of Maria’s fingers one by one. Maria’s free hand is clutching the top of Riley’s head, pressing him into deeper into her pussy. Her eyes are closed and beads of sweat are glistening and rolling down her full tits.

Just when I think Courtney is about to orgasm, she pushes my head away, then bends down and pushes Riley’s head away from Maria’s pussy. She turns and stares at Maria.

“That’s enough,” she says. “I want to eat your fucking pussy, Maria.”

“Really?” Maria says.

“Yeah,” Courtney says. “I’ve wanted to ever since we were girls.”

“Well, why didn’t you say something then, sweetie?” Maria says. “Please don’t let me deprive you any longer. Come here.”

Maria rolls off the couch, lies on the floor next to all our strewn-about clothes, and opens her legs. Courtney crouches above Maria and takes in her body.

“Look at you,” Courtney says. “God, you’re so hot.”

She kisses Maria’s neck, kisses her breasts, bites her nipples. She flickers her tongue inside Maria’s navel, then runs her tongue slowly from Maria’s navel to the hair above her pussy. Maria is shaking and moaning, sweat dripping from every inch of her.

“Oh my god,” Maria says. “Courtney, Courtney, sweetie pie.”

“Maria,” Courtney says.

“Eat my pussy, Courtney,” Maria says. “Oh god, eat my pussy, Courtney.”

Courtney dives into Maria’s pussy and Maria lets out a piercing cry, echoing through the apartment. Her legs are shaking wildly, and she is bucking hard against Courtney’s mouth. Courtney’s ass is sticking up in the air, shining with sweat. I’m so turned on I don’t notice I’ve been stroking myself on the couch, or that Riley has been doing the same. But after a while Courtney lifts up her head and turns around to look at us. Her lips are glistening with Maria’s wetness.

“Riley,” she says. “Come over here and fuck me.”

Riley crawls over to Courtney, as she turns back to Maria. Riley enters her from behind, and I can hear Courtney moan into Maria’s pussy. I get up from the couch, crawl over to Maria, and I lean over and begin sucking on her breasts, biting her hard nipples. Maria’s hand reaches out for my cock and she begins to stroke me, and then she pulls me closer and puts my cock in her mouth. I can hear Maria moaning with pleasure, and I hear the sound of Riley slapping against Courtney’s ass, and I feel Maria’s tongue working up and down along the length of my erect cock. Before long, I hear Maria saying that she’s going to cum.

“Yes, Maria,” Courtney says. “Yes, cum for me, Maria.”

Maria begins bucking her hips up and down on Courtney’s mouth, while Riley fucks Courtney from behind, and Maria is stroking my cock faster and faster, spitting on it, pressing her lips against the tip. Maria screams as she orgasms, while Courtney is working on her clit saying, “Yes baby cum for me, cum for me” and like a chain of events set into hyper speed, I hear Riley let out a long moan as he cums inside Courtney, which puts Courtney over the edge and now she’s bucking back against Riley’s cock and squeezing Maria’s tits as she orgasms, and finally I can’t hold it any longer. I try to pull out of Maria’s mouth, but she grabs my ass and takes all of me and I let go into her mouth, while Courtney continues to drink up Maria’s cum from her pussy.

In a few seconds we all collapse in a heap onto the floor, sweating and sticky. We lie panting for maybe five minutes, maybe longer, and then Maria begins to laugh. Courtney laughs too, followed by Riley, and soon we’re all laughing like kids at recess.

“Jesus,” Riley says. “That was—I mean, that was fucking amazing.”

“Happy birthday, baby,” I say to Maria.

“That’s right,” Courtney says. “Happy birthday, Maria. How does it feel to be 24?”

Maria grins and winks at Courtney. “I heard you the first time, sweetie.”