Best Medicine

You said I could be in charge of our holiday plans this year, so I’ve dragged you to the Netherlands for an ayahuasca retreat. Ayahuasca has been a big part of my life for over a year now, and I want you to experience it for yourself. I want you to understand my spiritual side, to fully get me.


“I love him!” Maria, the ayahuasquera I’ve been working with for the past year, tells me as she fills my second glass. “It’s so special that he came here with you.”


As I expect, you don’t have the deep, life-changing realizations I do. You’re not that kind of person. But you feel it in your own way. You lay there smiling and laughing and reach your hand out to my bed when I’m having trouble. Like you always do. The past few months have been rough for me, but you’ve always been there for comfort. My big teddy bear. My best friend. My best medicine.


“What happened for you?” I ask after the first ceremony.


“I can’t explain,” you say. “I listened to pretty music.”


“That’s all?” I laugh.


You take a long, contemplative pause then smile a deep, deep smile. “Yes.” There is so much in that “yes.” There is so much in that smile. It embodies who you are. You don’t need to analyze things. You don’t need to draw conclusions. You just enjoy the music, and you help me enjoy it, too. I smile back.


The next morning, we take a shower together. I love Maria’s bathroom, with her Moroccan scrubs and lotions. After ayahuasca, my body feels pure and energetic and sensitized. Even squeezing a lemon into hot water is a sensual experience. I feel driven toward connection. I feel warm. I feel love.


My whole body is an erogenous zone. The arousal stretches from my right hip to my left, across my belly and my womb, like a flame that grows and grows. You can feel it, too, that earthy, juicy desire. And you can’t help but respond to it. You grow hard against me as I lean into you.


Ayahuasca has a way of turning every scene into a jungle. The plants in the living room become flowing, luscious trees; the electrical cords become snakes. You, my dear, become a jungle man, and I, a wild woman, following our instincts, inching closer in this forest of a bathroom.


I can feel the magnetism of our passion in the air as we free ourselves of our clothes. I can’t help but grind my body up against you, running my hand over your back, reaching up to steady myself on your broad shoulders, inching up to meet your lips. My soft breasts rub against your hard chest. I clasp your soft dark hair and push your head into me, closing my mouth on yours and then backing away and then following the magnetic pull back.


It doesn’t feel respectful to go further in this setting, so I lead you into the shower, where I scrub your body with black soap and the utmost care, giving your butt an extra pat as we dry off. Feeling your skin beneath my fingers puts all sorts of dirty thoughts into my head, but they can wait.


The morning after the third ceremony, we say our goodbyes, and you and I head to our hotel nearby in Amsterdam. I’ve splurged on this vacation, and our accommodations are accordingly luxurious: an intricately decorated Christmas tree in the lobby, a huge bathtub in the room. We decide to take a bath, and you turn on the water. But as we start to undress, our plans change. You notice my hard nipples peeking out at you from beneath my bra, and I can see your bulge pushing against your underwear. You stop the water.


We don’t even make it to the bed; you throw me down on the floor between the room’s entrance and the bathroom and pull down each cup of my bra one by one. Still in my ayahuasca glow, my breasts are extra sensitive. You know this, so you slowly, deliberately kiss each one, circling each nipple with your hands. Every time your hand or tongue goes down, little shivers fill my body and my pussy twitches, almost like a mini orgasm.


You run your hands back and forth from each of my hips to the next, following that line of turn-on. When you glide over my stomach, I can feel your hand on the inside; it tingles deep within my pussy. We stay like this a while, the sensation radiating throughout my body. Then, finally, you say, “Let’s get these off” and help me take each leg out of my pants.


“Arr,” you growl like a tiger about to devour its prey. I can see the animal desire in your eyes as you slowly pull my panties off to reveal my bush. “Mm.” You take in the view. “That feels so good.” You put a finger in. I melt into your hands, knowing you’re getting as much out of this as I am. You push your finger in deeper, watching me gasp and arch my back. You love to control me like this, to know I’m at your mercy. “I want to taste your pussy,” you whisper, your longing audible in your deep voice. I spread my legs wider, and you place your hands on my thighs.


The moment your tongue touches my clit, I shiver again. My mind goes blank, and I let you take me on a ride, up and down the waves of pleasure, never wavering with your tongue, pressing the finger inside upward and holding it still just as I like. It isn’t long before I tell you, “You’re gonna make me cum.” I cum and cum beneath your tongue, squeezing and releasing around your fingers, bucking against your mouth. You stay right there, licking until it hurts.


Once I push your head away, you come up for a kiss, whispering in my ear, “Would your pussy like some cock too?” That’s an easy one. “Yes.”


“Did we bring condoms?”


I laugh. This always happens. “I think I have one.” I scramble to dig one out of my purse. Thankfully, I do. “Lay down,” I tell you.


Your shirt’s already off, but those pesky pants are still on. I can fix that. But first, I tease you, rubbing your hard-on through your pants. “I love when you touch my cock,” you sigh.


“Then it’s your lucky day,” I smile. I unzip your pants, and you eagerly pull them off. “Impatient, huh?” I tease you.


Your cock lays on your stomach, swollen and red. I place my hand around it, rubbing it up and down. You let out a groan of pleasure. I can tell that you’re in heaven. And I know how to make it even better.


I lean over you and slowly lower my mouth down over the head, sucking it hard up into my mouth. “Oh, my god,” you moan. I move down to take the whole thing in my mouth, loving the musky taste.


“This makes me want to fuck you so bad,” you tell me.


“Then your wishes are about to come true,” I laugh. “I’m at your service.”


“Arr,” you growl again. You get up, get the condom, wrap it around your member, and get on top of me, pinning one of my hands down on the bed. You linger briefly at the edge of my opening before going in, rubbing yourself up and down the slit. I shift my hips to try to suck you into me. Slowly, you submerge halfway in, and I move up so you go deeper. And deeper. And deeper.


“Oh,” I cry out. I feel you filling me, taking me over.


“You like that?” you ask.  


“Yes. Oh god, yes.”


In this state, I feel split open, as if you’re penetrating not just my body but my heart and soul. You get down on your elbows and kiss me as I put my hand on your ass, feeling you thrust into me and into me. “Mm, yes, like that,” I moan into your mouth. After a while, you get up on your knees and I put my feet on your chest so you can reach even deeper and higher. Then, you lower yourself back down close to me again, and I grind my hips back and forth against you.


“This makes me want to cum so hard,” you growl in my ear.


“Mm, do you want to cum inside me or on me?”


“Too late,” you laugh. Your hips jerk several times, and you let out a deep groan with each one then collapse against me, kissing my neck. “But I would have loved either.”


“You know what I would love?”




“To lick the cum off your cock.”


“Oh baby, I love when you get dirty like this.”


I’m ravenous; I want to feel more of you, to taste more of you. You withdraw and kneel, and I slowly take the condom off. I love to see the evidence of your pleasure, glistening around the head. I lower my mouth over you, running my tongue in circles along the edge, sucking hard to get out every last drop. “Mm,” you let out a deep, satisfied sigh. Finally, once you’re appetite’s been satiated, I let you out of my mouth. Your cock falls limp between your legs, happy to have been catered to.


I give it an affectionate pat and rise back up to kiss you. “Come on, let’s check out the sauna,” I say.


Even more so than before, I feel renewed from the inside out now. It’s like your cock has healing powers. You really are my best medicine.