Bar Hookup

Honestly, I wasn’t even sure of his name, but it was fine. Sometimes after a few drinks, you just want to have quick and uncomplicated sex with someone you don’t feel bad about kicking out of your house afterward. Or, even better, going to their house and leaving immediately after.  Sometimes after a string of first dates that feel more like failed job interviews than anything you just want to get fucked and be on your way and not worry about it. 


When he asked me if I wanted to go home with him I said “sure.” We were both pretty toasted, and I was happy to find out that he lived a three-block walk from the bar.  


He was taller than me with long dark hair that brushed his shoulders. He wore thick-rimmed glasses and the same jeans and black t-shirt that probably ⅔ of the men out that night had on. He had either just moved into his apartment, or was about 30 years old and still living in a dorm like a college kid. 


Like I also was…


He kissed me in the doorway, and we got to his bedroom quickly. He had a bed in his apartment, which was all that really mattered.   


One thing that really drove me wild about him was that he had seemed so shy and quiet at first. I had started our conversation back at the bar. I had initiated the first flirtatious touches. He hadn’t returned them at all for a while. It made me wonder if he was into it at all, or if I was being the creepy drunk girl nobody likes. 


Behind closed doors, I had no questions at all. He kissed me like he was bent on possessing me head to toe. He practically picked me up and carried me. He would position me where he wanted me. It was hot as hell. I felt like I was caught in the midst of some kind of sensual electrical storm being touched by him wildly everywhere at once.   


He nearly tore my shirt off of me, and the guy who had asked if it was ok if he kissed me back at the bar was beyond gone. I wondered if I ever even knew him at all. 


Suddenly, I was almost naked ,and he was still completely clothed. I had one foot on the ground and one foot on the bed. Two of his long fingers teased just a little between my legs and I pressed down to take more. He gave it to me immediately, and I felt myself melt against him as he fingered me.  


Soon we were rocking against each other as he fingered me. I could feel how hard he was through his jeans and stopped grinding against him, so I could take out his cock and play with it. It felt pretty big through his jeans, and I suddenly wanted to know exactly what I was working with. 


When I undid his jeans I could see that his underwear beneath was already a little bit wet. I pulled it down and his cock sprung free.   


It was huge, with a sharp curve. It was fatter at the head than at the base. His cock was almost shaped like some kind of sex toy. It was amazing. 


I must have stared at it too long. He looked embarrassed, and I knew I had to act fast before things got weird. Maybe some dumb inexperienced person he had fucked in the past had told him he had an alien dick or something and he was sensitive about it. I had no idea. And I wasn’t really trying to figure it out.   


I had spent ten years hating my fat ass before suddenly that became a hot thing to have. I got it. But I wasn’t there with him to talk about that either. 


So I got on my knees and started sucking him off.   


The shape of it made it a challenge. The head of it alone was enough to stretch my mouth. I played around with different angles. I sucked it hard and soft. I played with the tip. I scratched my nails down his thighs, leaving long red lines. I could feel his legs wobbling.  


When I took his balls into my mouth he pushed me off him and collapsed on the bed. He violently kicked off his shoes, socks, jeans, and underwear. He was so sloppy about it he almost knocked himself off the bed, and that’s when I remembered that we were both pretty drunk.    


One of his socks hit me in the face, and we both laughed. I crawled closer to him, kneeling on his bedroom floor between his naked legs. He looked down at me from the edge of the bed. He cupped my face in his hand. 


“Sorry,” he said. He was stroking my face and playing with my hair. It felt nice. I leaned against his leg like a big drunk cat, and his hard cock poked me right in the face.  


That’s when I remembered what I had come there to do in the first place. 


Before I could take his cock in my mouth again he picked me up and placed me in his lap. I wanted to sink right down on his cock so bad, but even I wasn’t too far gone to ask where the condoms were. 


When he lifted me off of him and got up to get one I almost regretted it. I bet his cock would feel absolutely fantastic inside, and I wanted it. 


I watched as he took a condom from a drawer and slid it down the length of his cock. He laid down on the bed and suddenly some of that shyness he had had in the bar was back. He looked up at me through his eyelashes, inviting me to ride him without saying anything at all.  


I was more than happy to.         


I straddled him and took him all the way down to the root with a mutual groan of pleasure so loud that I couldn’t tell if his voice or mine was vibrating in my chest.    


He felt incredible inside. I felt so full. It was so overwhelming that I had to stop and catch my breath. I felt him stiff as a board beneath me, probably trying to resist the urge to move and fuck up into me.  


I squeezed around his cock experimentally, just to see, and it was almost too much to take. It curved inside me so deep that it felt like I was on the verge of collapsing on top of him. 


“Fuck!” He gasped, and I squeezed him again just to watch him squirm. This time he couldn’t help but move his hips and his cock pumped so deep inside me that I felt myself quiver around him.     


Organically a long slow grind developed between us. I don’t know if he or I started it. He was looking up at me and I was looking down at him as I rocked back and forth, keeping him deep inside me.  


His hands were on my outer thighs and snaked around to cup my ass. He pulled me even more snugly to him, guiding me with extra momentum as I rocked on his cock for as long as I wanted. 


I had gotten so lost in the sensation that I almost forgot about him entirely. I hadn’t even considered that, for him, this was a slow tease that was quickly driving him totally insane. 


When he pulled me off him with a little guttural growl it was a shock, but I felt myself instinctively clench inside as a little thrill worked its way through me. 


He laid me out on the bed on my back, spreading my legs and kneeling between them. He threw my knees over his shoulders and, before I could so much as gasp, had slid right back inside me.   


I howled. This new angle felt entirely different. I didn’t have the help of gravity. And I had no control whatsoever over how hard I was fucked or how fast.   


He was inside me down to the root. I felt his hip bones snapped against me as fucked me.  


It hurt. It felt amazing. I felt myself dripping around him and as he hit a spot deep inside me that felt just too good I couldn’t decide if I wanted to move closer or away. He held my hips in place, removing the choice. He pounded into me as I shook around him. 


I hooked my legs around him, digging my heels into his back. I was almost hanging off him and swinging myself onto his cock.    


My arms were wrapped around him and on a particularly vicious thrust, I decided to dig my fingernails into his back. He growled and slammed into me even harder. I did it again.       


After a few thrusts, he paused. He was gasping for air, and I felt his sweat dripping onto me. His long dark hair was an absolute wreck, and I sunk my fingers into it, feeling it thick and wet with his sweat. He leaned down and kissed me, and a sensation like smooth fire curled and spread from my lips to my toes. 


I sighed into his open mouth and he sucked on my tongue. I ran my fingertips down his back as far as I could reach, considering that he was much taller than me. I felt him leaning into my touch like a giant cat. 


I could feel the marks down his back I had made previously with my fingernails. I couldn’t stop touching them.   


Suddenly he was fucking me again, and I was hanging off him and shaking. I felt like we had been in his bed forever. I had no idea what time it was or how long I had been there and had entirely forgotten about the world that existed outside of it. 


“Do you want to change positions?” He asked and I had to have him repeat himself a few times before I could understand language again.        


I nodded and without taking himself out of me he rocked into a sitting position. I was in his lap with his cock buried deep inside me. We kissed as I started to rock my hips. He took my breasts into his hands and started to roll my nipples between his fingers. 


I shuddered, and he leaned down to take them into his mouth. I had forgotten to move and felt myself squeezing and fluttering around his cock as he played with my nipples. He bit and kissed his way up my chest and a particularly intense squeeze sent sparks up my spine as he touched that spot inside me with the tip of his fat cock.      


I felt like I was turning to water around him and didn’t have the strength to ride him for the rest of the night. I pulled myself off him with a slick pop and got on my hands and knees. I arched my back and felt him behind me almost instantly.  


He took my ass in his hands and was back inside me in an instant. I howled. 


This was the angle. This was what I needed. 


I think my little noises turned him on because he slammed into me with more force than he had before. He fucked me so hard that it was almost shocking. I was about to collapse against the bed. It was like being caught in a hurricane.   


When I squeezed down on him he grabbed one of my ass cheeks and I felt myself arch against him.   


“I think I’m gonna…” He started. He couldn’t stop fucking me. He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t even finish it. 


“Do it,” I said. I didn’t know how much more I could take.      


I relished the final few brutal thrusts as he totally lost it. Suddenly he collapsed on top of me. I squeezed his cock with the last of my strength as it pulsed inside me. 


When he slipped out of me it was like being hit with a bucket of freezing water. He got off me to dispose of the condom and I had never felt so lonely before in my entire life. I felt so empty inside it hurt and a part of my hysterically wondered if I could get him hard again tonight.    


I was a panting, sweaty, exhausted mess. It felt like it took him a thousand years to get back in bed.   


A part of me lit up with delight when he flopped back into the bed and instantly curled around me, no questions asked. We were spooning. We fit together perfectly. His arms were wrapped around me, and his lips were by my neck. Warmth suffused me whenever his lips brushed against my skin. 


Suddenly, I felt his body shake a little against mine. I was wondering what was wrong when I heard his little sex-roughened laughs. 


Is it possible for a laugh to be sexy? At that moment, his laughs were the sexiest things I had ever heard.         


“You know…” He started. I was half unconscious and offered absolutely nothing to the conversation. “I don’t think we ever introduced ourselves.”    


Had we? I couldn’t remember. Oh well. 


He extricated a hand from where it had been, in my hair, and held it out in front of me. 


I couldn’t believe it. Was this man who fucked the absolute hell out of me really about to shake my hand in bed after?      


“I’m Sal,” He said.   


“Evie,” I said as I shook his hand. 


Before long we were not shaking hands anymore, just holding them.