Bar Bathroom Hookup

My friends had dragged me out barhopping that night. I had just been through a breakup. I wasn’t in the mood. It was almost midnight and I was about to make my excuses when I saw you.     


You were with a friend at the bar. I hadn’t felt interested in a single thing in days, but I felt very interested in you.   


I kept an eye on you. I didn’t see a ring on your hand.


I waited. When your friend went outside to smoke I took my chance. I knew that there was a huge chance you might brush me off for any number of reasons. Maybe you weren’t into me, maybe you weren’t single, maybe I was the 5th guy to hit on you that night and you were already over it. 


I really don’t know how we went from me asking to sit beside you at the bar to me eating you out in the bar’s bathroom.      


But I can’t really complain. 


I was a little drunk, but not enough to excuse me kneeling on the bathroom floor, pressing you against the door, and ripping your panties off so quickly that they snapped against your legs. 


I could almost see your pussy lips poking out through the hem of your tiny little skirt, it was so short. I couldn’t resist, I pushed it further up your hips, the leather only moving just enough that I could see what I so badly wanted to see. 


I slid a finger lightly just between your lips, barely pressing at all. Your body shook. You were already wet. I could feel it on my fingertip.  


I lifted your one leg, placing your foot on my shoulder. I felt the black stiletto heel of your shoe scratch down my back as I pressed my lips to your wet heat.   


I circled your clit with my tongue until I felt your thighs shake. I couldn’t get enough. I felt your hands in my hair as you grew even wetter, your juices dripping down my chin as I moved farther down to taste between your lips and dip my tongue inside you.  


I slid a finger in and you threw your head back. It clunked against the door. You started to wobble in your heels as I finger-fucked you. I felt more and more of you as you slid down the door, always coming closer to my hands and mouth. 


When I slid in another finger and returned my tongue to your clit you all but screamed. I kept going, applying pressure. 


“More!” You demanded and even as my arm burned I kept finger fucking you until I felt you tense around me. You positively gushed all over my tongue and fingers, nearly sliding down the door as you came.  


You were flushed, heaving, and glassy-eyed. Your pussy dripped between your thighs, poking out from beneath where I had rucked up your skirt to get a better look at you. Your ripped red lace panties were crushed under one of your heels. Your red lipstick was all over your face and probably mine too. 


I wanted to fuck you so bad.  


As I stood up you wobbled on your heels and I caught you. I ran a hand through your hair and kissed you. Feeling you melt against me, open up to me, and taste yourself on my tongue was wondrous. I felt like I was drowning in you and I had to have you immediately.  


I heard someone knocking on the bathroom door and instead of stopping, as most people would do, it only egged me on.   


My cock was rock hard and throbbing, begging to be inside you. I took it out of my pants and immediately felt your delicate hand around me.      


I kissed you and lifted your leg in my one hand by the thigh.  


For a second I wondered if you had done this before. You seemed to slide my cock inside you and wrap your legs around my waist. I could feel your heels knocking against my ass and your nails digging into my shoulders through my shirt. 


It was so hot and wet inside you that I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. And then you squeezed down on my cock from within and I moaned long, loud, and low. 


Whoever was knocking at the door must have heard me and went away.   


That’s when I started to move. I moved you up and down my cock in increments, almost dropping you against me at points to let gravity do some of the work. I felt you working for it too, always grinding down against me and occasionally squeezing my cock deep inside you so tight I would go momentarily blind.   


I watched as you pulled down your tank top and let your tits pour out of it. I wanted to touch them too, but I was holding you up against the door.              


I settled for a quick nibble, just a little taste. I kissed and licked and bit each nipple just a little bit, teasing you for as long as I could hold the position. It wasn’t long before I felt you squirming a little and squeezing impatiently down on my cock. 


I knew what you wanted. 


I heard knocking again, and this time I wanted it to be you who moaned so loudly that whoever had come by left, maybe feeling a little embarrassed.  


Or maybe even a little jealous. 


When I suddenly fucked into you with all my strength I felt you shake around me. You keened high and loud, your head banging against the locked door.    


I heard whoever was on the other side mumble a little curse and walk away. 


We laughed a little bit together over it. For just a second it was like we were old friends sharing an inside joke. Old friends who were half naked fucking against a locked bathroom door in a public bar, maybe, but still… 


“Did you hear how her heels clicked?” You said, and your voice was sweet but had the deep huskiness of someone who is in the process of being well and truly fucked. “She is not happy.” 


“Maybe we should have invited her to join?” I said, jokingly, and I could tell you didn’t like the idea at all. You dug one of your sharp heels into me and squeezed my cock so hard inside you that I almost felt like I was going to black out. 


“She has the heels of somebody who is going to get the manager. You might want to finish.”   


With you squeezing onto me like that, how could I not?  


I pounded into you ruthlessly and you moaned, goading me on as you dug your nails into my back and shoulders. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. I was losing my mind. 


Suddenly we were kissing again and I felt like my whole body was on fire. 


When I came I felt like my soul had been ripped out of me in the most delicious way possible. 


I sank to my knees in front of you on the bathroom floor and you stayed propped against the door, chest heaving and face gleaming with sweat.      


As the haze started to lift I heard the banging on the door.     


“Fuck!” You said. 


“Open up! This is the manager!” Sounded through the door. I couldn’t move, let alone consider a a way to cover our tracks.  


Luckily, you had it covered. 


“Zip up your pants and crawl to the toilet.” You demanded. When I didn’t move fast enough you zipped up my pants for me and pushed me toward the toilet. I caught on and started flushing the toilet and pretending to heave as you quickly fixed your hair, wiped the lipstick off your face, and put your clothes in order.  


You opened the door just enough that the manager could see me heaving over the toilet.  


“I’m so sorry,” you said. It sounded like you may have been crying. “My boyfriend Rob is on a new anti-depressant and it’s not mixing with the alcohol right. He is almost done throwing up I think and we will be out of here soon. Can someone bring me a glass of water for him?”     


My name isn’t even Rob.   


And I’m not on anti-depressants.      


Was I going to be your boyfriend, though? 


Shit, maybe. 


I’m not entirely sure what happened, but in seconds I had a glass of water and they were gone. 


I stood by the toilet, drinking the water. I noticed that your foot that you had kept behind the door was very close to giving you away. The wet panties I had ripped off you and destroyed were wound around the heel of your shoe. You traced my eye and threw the panties in the trash with a sigh.        


“Now we have to leave together to avoid suspicion,” You told me. 


“Makes sense,” I said.