All He Wanted

She’s wearing practically nothing when I show up, and I reach for her as she walks into my arms. I kiss her how she likes it, long and slow, until her breath comes in gasps and she presses herself against me, her hand stealing down to rub suggestively at the fly of my jeans. I follow her upstairs, stripping my clothes off as I walk, watching her apple-bottom ass sway beneath the gauzy material of her negligee.

In her bedroom I pull her garment off over her up-stretched arms without preamble. I push her back onto the bed, my fingers tickling a pattern down her skin, leaving a line of goosebumps in their wake as I bend my head to take a hard nipple in my mouth.

…She leans back and moans; I kiss my way down her stomach, then i spread her legs and dip my head to taste her pussy. i lick and nibble, hearing her moans getting louder until, in a shuddering spasm, she comes against my tongue.

…As she lies there, spent and panting, I climb on top of her and slide inside with one smooth motion.

She wraps her arms around my neck, arching herself towards me as i glide in and out of her over and over, feeling her wetness with every stroke I make.

Her breathing quickens; I don’t know if I can last so I pull out to tease her, slipping the entire length of my engorged shaft up and down against her clit.

She likes it when i do that, and I enjoy watching her struggle for composure as she tries not to let herself slip farther into the abyss I’m pushing her into.

Her breath is coming in gasps, and then she looks down between us to watch me moving back and forth along her clit. I watch as her eyes rise to meet mine; with a slow smile I ease my movement at the right moment, penetrating her once again, my throbbing cock thrilling at the embrace of her warm wetness.

Her eyes widen for a split second, then she closes them, lost in the sensations I’ve just sent racing through her core. I slide a hand under her ass, to lift her slightly as I gently pump in and out, meeting the rhythm of her ragged breaths with my thrusts.

All of a sudden I need to see her above me, outlined in the setting sun; I roll over and pull her up to straddle me on top; her hair falling around her face as she settles herself fully onto my cock.

I let my hands wander up her beautiful body from where they rest on her hips, exploring every inch of her as they grope their way toward her breasts…she’s rocking on top of me, riding my hard shaft, emitting small sounds of pleasure as she hits her stride.

Reaching a hand down to place a thumb on her quivering clit, I watch her eyes grow round, then she bites her lower lip, trying to hold back the excitement building inside her.

I ravenously drink her in with my eyes; my cock is throbbing and aching to cum as she throws her head back and tilts her hips to move up and down against my entire length.

I’m insanely hard, I can barely contain my excitement……i need to take her from behind.

In one smooth motion I flip her over so she’s on all fours and i enter her, my cock finding its way home inside her so quickly it’s as if I never left.

She shudders and gasps at my entry as her back muscles tense; I can feel her muscles inside clench to hold me steady.

She reaches underneath herself to play with my balls as I grasp her hips to pull her closer with each pounding motion; I can’t get close enough. I’m holding back, trying to make the moment last, but her breath is coming in rapid pants and she flips her hair in an arc as she looks over her shoulder at me, whispering, “I want you to come,” and I can’t hold it any longer.

I can feel my head thrown back, my shuddering gasp as I release myself into her, and time stops for a second.

We’re both breathless, sweaty, and satiated……for now.