A Touch of Light

(Continued from A Shot in the Dark)

“What happened?”

His words are quiet, spoken so softly that only my ears will hear them, keeping them from Seth, who was hidden behind the wall at my back. I know I should answer but I am not sure what to say. The corridor that I have walked each day for the last two months still looks the same, the carpet and curtains the same muted colours, but in the last few minutes everything has changed.

I want to run. To escape his always watching gaze and ignore his questions, but my body is too strung out, my limbs too heavy to keep fighting the pull these two men have over me.

“It is nothing, just a disagreement.”

Devon moves closer, his large hands so elegant in their movements, reach to cup my cheek. His hand is warm, his touch gentle. And it breaks me. I let my eyes drift closed so as not to crumble under his gaze, but it is a lost cause as I imagine those same fingers delving inside my already soaked underwear and running through the wetness his best friends words have created.


I let out an unsteady breath as my name parts his lips. His words now so quiet I am not sure if they are only in my mind. I can picture his beautiful face like my eyes were open. His eyes the clearest blue, framed by the lightest of lashes. His lips long and striking, his bottom one plump and soft, looking good enough to suck. 

Everything that he is is  beautiful, innocent. I know I would soil him with the thoughts that my mind contains. 

“I need to kiss you.”

His words lick around my core, dragging a moan from deep within my chest, pulling the sound from so low that my belly contracts. I have to force my eyes open and stare at his unspoilt visage, drinking in the symmetry and perfection I know so well.

 His lips find mine. Hot and wanton. His tongue brings his taste to my mouth and I shudder at the sweetness of it. His arms encircle me, pulling me into a tight embrace, his hands roam my flesh, tentative and gentle. It calls out to my arousal, leading me forwards, closer to the path that will lead to my demise, for I know I will not come out of this whole.

 My arms engulf his frame and I feel the shiver that resonates through him, his cock hard and pulsing as it rests on the softness of my belly. His lips find my neck and I push towards their attentions wanting pleasure, wanting the bite of pain, wanting him to brand me, to mark me. But his kisses are chaste and delicate and it shakes me, pulls me under, my head drifting into a sea of emotions, letting the soft lap of them take me.

“I know he wants you but I do too damn it. I have for so long.”

The words fall from him, tumbling like rain, covering every inch of my skin and washing away the last of my resolve. I surge to his lips, taking what I want, licking into his gasping mouth and devouring. His fingers knot into my hair, his fist clenching, sending a delicious spark of fire down my spine that runs down the back of my legs. I lift onto my toes, pushing every inch of my softness into his hard body, offering it all to him, needing to ease the tension that still coils like a snake in my loins. He understands, pushing back harder, meeting the demands my body is begging for.

 He pushes me backwards, the wall at my back once again. This time no hands lock my body in place. They instead delve under my clothes, probing at my tender flesh, squeezing my breast enough to draw a feral cry from my throat. His thumb finds my nipple, his nail raking over the stiffened flesh as his teeth finally, mercifully, latch on to the skin at my neck. 

 I let me head fall back, grunting as they meet the wall but the pain is only fleeting as my sense become engulf with the frenzy that Devon is creating around my body.  I stare ahead, my eyes locked on the ceiling, the discoloured paint coming in and out of focus as his other hand squeezes my neglected breast.

He works them in unison, plumping and stroking them, molding them to fit his hands. It sends a rush of arousal to my groin, cooling my outer lips as the wetness settles into the material. As if it calls to him, he makes his way downward and I let out a fractured moan as my tingling breasts are left bereft, aching for more contact, needing to sink back into the cocoon of heat and pressure he gave them.

 I let my gaze follow him, watching his head descended lower and lower. Gentle kisses are peppered overthe top of my uniform, the course material rubbing over my tingling flesh sparks a different kind of want in I want to feel his flesh on mine, feel the warm of skin on skin, of heat against heat. I dig my left hand into his hair, grasping the soft strands, feeling them side between my digits like warm grains of sand. Devon stops in his movements and tilts his eyes to mine. The hunger I feel is reflected back in his bright orbs. Open and needy, on a knife edge and baring down, watching the line of red begin to pool to the surface. 

 I move my free hand to the top of my blouse, wrenching the material until I can feel the stitches gape. I do not speak, only watch as he rubs his chin into the fleshiest part of my stomach. His day old stubble rasps across the dimples there, the delicious friction sending shock waves to my neglected pussy that swells against the constricting cloth that now clings to its every damp curve. 

I can take no more of the torture, no more of the constant desire that has seeped beneath the surface since I first entered this place. I push his head to the side and unfasten my own trousers; my shaking fingers know their way around the region so well that I am able to keep my eyes trained on the man who has yet to know its plains.  

Making quick work I shove my trousers and underthings down to my ankles, trapping my own legs but caring little of that when I hear the strangled groan that sounds from my hip. I smell my own scent as the chill of the air hits the wetness there. I feel it coating my outer lips and know some will sits prone on the thin tuft of neatly trimmed hair that I have. A cool breath parts the hair, chilling my lips even more as his face lingers just before my snatch. I know the heat of his mouth and part my legs in anticipation. The slick sound is rhapsodic as my folds part at my movements and it is the last thing I hear before my world turns into flashes of bright light and swirls of heated pleasure. 

 His tongue probes inside my swollen cunt like it holds the secrets to all. His hands grip at my thighs, kneading and scratching the unseen skin on the back. My legs quake as I raise my hands to grip the wall behind me for balance, watching as he pushes his face in further, freeing one of his hands to spread my lips wide. He eases back, taking stock of what lies before him and I see the sheen of my wetness across his face. He grins like a famished man at a buffet, his heavy lidded eyes the most erotic sight I have ever seen. 

 “I’m going to make you come for me and only me. Do you understand Grace?” 

His eyes flit to my face and I see ownership beneath the want, I know what the words mean and I nod my assent and watch once more as he drags the trousers from my left ankle and pushes my foot over his shoulder, before dragging the flat of his tongue from my arsehole all the way to my clit.

I melt, grabbing his head and pushing  closer to his seeking mouth, grinding myself onto his questing tongue that is stroking me higher and higher.  He suckles my clit into his hungry mouth, both hands now involved, one splaying me open for his ministrations while the other thrusts deep into my pussy. He moves all parts of himself in time, licking as he thrust, sucking as he withdraws. 

 My nipples throb at his attentions and I want to reach out to pinch them, needing the press of his fingers or the lap of his tongue, anything that will help me reach the peak of pleasure that hovers just beyond my reach. I picture it then, both men at my beck and call. One between my prone thighs while the other ravishes my mouth and breast. My eyes move to Seth’s door, and I see them then. The dark eyes of a predator stalking me beneath his furrowed brow. The gasp that leave my mouth is a heady mix of pleasure and shock, how long has he been watching? Does he like what he sees?

The way he watches me sends me drifting higher and I cling to the head at my centre, my entire body resting on one shaky leg. 

“Stroke your cock.” 

I bite out the words, my teeth gritted making my breath  hiss as it pushes through.

“Do it now.”

I watch in awe as two sets of hands reach downwards, one pulling a zip one, the other tugging at his sweats. I look down to Devon, his eyes squeezing shut as the turgid head of his cock springs forth. I lick my lips at the sight, gripping his hair in time with his own frenzied motions. I see the figure in the doorway mimicking them too and the groans of my two men push me to my peak.

As my back arches and my toes curl I force out the words that they both need to hear.

“Come for me, come all over your hands for me.”

 I let go, my ears filled with the sounds of sex and the grunts of two men climaxing with me. I scream loudly, joining them, as my body spasms. My limbs feel numb, my fingers tingling, as I try to keep a hold of something to ground me. But it is not enough. My core grips down on Devon’s fingers like a vice, forcing a growl over my sensitive clit. I come again, my fluid gushing down my thigh and onto the still lapping tongue at my entrance.

 I don’t know when I closed my eyes or when I slipped to the floor but that is where I find myself when I finally come down. I hear words of affection and loving caresses and they stir a smile to my thoroughly kiss swollen lips. 

 The hallway is silent once more.  The sounds of the three of us already a distance memory. I manage to part my lids and am not surprised to see the ethereal presence looking right back. His halo of hair is no longer pristine, he looks well and truly fallen. 

 I run my fingers across it, mussing it further, unable to stop myself from touching him just a little more. “That was everything.” Devon whispers, almost like he fears me hearing the words. But I take them into me, locking them away. They are mine now, the same as he is and I will give him his everything if he will let me. I stroke my fingers across his features, hoping to learn them with my touch as much as my sight. 

“Did you know he was there?” 

I nod, looking to the door already knowing it will be shut tight. “Does it bother you, that he was here?”

Devon shakes his head at my question, stroking his hand across the still bare calf.  

“It was always going to be this way.”

And I think he is right. The two of them together are a pair and I am drawn to both. They are my light and my dark, my day and night. I can not think of one without the other.

“Do you think he knows that?”

 The question hangs between us and I realise I will do anything to find out the answer.  Cupping Devon’s face I plant a kiss to his temple. He closes his eyes and I know that he wants to find out too. 

“Whatever happens, I will be here for you.” 

As we straighten our clothes I let me eyes move back to that doorway. I see now that Devon has not just here to save me, he is here to save Seth too. Finally moving out of the corridor I risk a tentative look back, the shadows at the door jamb show me all I need to know. My darkness is still there, hiding just out of reach. But I am ready to take a leap of faith now and there is only one way I want to jump.