A Small Town Surprise (Part 2)

Lara and Billy were driving. She was reckless with still wanting him, as if the long blissful time they’d spent in his truck parked by the Salmon River were only brief moments.

“I don’t want you to stop. Not tonight.” She closed her eyes. Maybe this was all a dream, and if she closed her eyes, it would keep on going. Or maybe this way, with the warm wind flying in through the windows, running through her hair and caressing her skin, with his hand stroking her thighs and higher, higher, oh yes, higher, she could feel it down into her bones. She could feel her own recklessness, along with the heat of his touch.  

If she was a tourist in town, like he said she was, then she wanted him to show her all the hot spots. Oh yeah, every single spot. 

Driving back to town, took both too long and not long enough. 

He lifted her shirt up, and licked his fingers and rubbed them against her nipples. She felt rubbery and electric, charged and loose.

She stroked his thighs and then his balls, squeezing just a little, brushing her fingers up and down along his dick until she felt him throbbing and swelling between them, his soft jeans suddenly far too tight.

At last the truck pulled to a gravelly stop in the parking lot of Salmon Creek Lodge. It was quiet in the last row of rooms; when she’d checked in it was all they’d had available, rodeo in town – Billy’s rodeo, she realized now.

At the time being stuck in the “old section” seemed like the last little indignity – car broken down, part on-order, stuck in this small town with nothing to do for an entire weekend, but now she was glad.

Her room was the only occupied room in the small cluster of log-cabin-style units facing nothing but the parking lot and a stand of stumpy pines. There was no one to see them as Billy took her motel room key card and they fell through the door, he already had his shirt off, they were tearing at what was left of each other’s clothes. 

They stumbled to the bed, leaving the door hanging open behind them. He pulled off one of his boots and threw it at the door, and that closed it.

From the high window just above the bed you could see the back side of the pool, closed now for the night. She hadn’t drawn the curtain before she’d gone out to the bar, and now they were lying on that lumpy queen sized bed, a faint blue light reflecting from the pool, splashing over her body like she was underwater. 

And she could’ve been, because under his touch she felt as slippery as a fish. Her mind was what was slippery, elusive. She was all feeling now, and all revved up from his touch, she was lost, lost, blissfully lost. She was loving everything he was doing, she was floating, swimming, drifting, diving.

He didn’t bother to take her shirt all the way off, he just pulled it off her shoulders with her breasts all pushed up through the top, and he was licking them, keeping her nipples wet and hard. She loved that, the way he left her shirt on, just a useless piece of fabric to be shoved away.

Her skirt was bunched up around her hips. He started with one finger inside her, and then another, and another. She was open, open, so wet her body made lapping sounds that could’ve been coming from that pool but were not, and she cried out, coming, coming, coming again. And then he had his hand inside her, not just a finger or two; no this was his whole hand now, playing with her, keeping her so, so wet. It all seemed impossible. But no, it was possible. Apparently. Lovely. So, so lovely.

Her panties and bra had long since disappeared, the bra still hanging like a prize from the rearview mirror of his pick-up truck where he’d left it after their hour at the river. Just picturing it hanging there, or maybe it was his hand, his hand moving inside her, against her, within her – 

She cried out again, and rocked back and forth against it. Her head arced off the mattress and then fell back. 

He gently took his hand from within her, and ran it idly across her belly, leaving a soft, wet trail. 

“Again,” she exhaled, panting.

He laughed, a wonderful laugh, muffled against her chest. “I’ve never known a girl I could make come so many times,” he said.

“Top your record,” she gasped.

He ran his free hand through her tangled hair, took his lips from her breasts to her lips, pushing his tongue between her parted teeth, both of them tasting of each other, and the beer and whisky from the bar. That was another lifetime ago, she thought. Or this was another lifetime from any other.

He stripped off his jeans, and then he was on top of her. Bare naked, his hard chest pressing against her, his strong legs pinning her down as he stuck his cock up inside her. She was so loose and open, and he just moved in and out and in and out, so slippery and smooth. He was hitting all the right places, his hips locked against hers. 

His lips moved down to her tits again and he nibbled on her, pulling her nipples up like bullets between his teeth. He put one hand under her ass and held it tight while he rocked inside her. The cheap bed moaned and swayed beneath them, as if it, too, was feeling something. 

He flipped her over, lifting her bottom up off the bed. He did her from behind now, she could feel his long powerful strokes, his dick coming out far enough to brush against her thighs. He put a finger inside her anus, then another, and moved them with the same timing he was using on her pussy, so she felt almost as if he was taking her in both places at once.

With his free hand he was stroking her breasts as they hung down, pendulous.

Then all at once he pulled out, both of them gasping from the surprise of it. He tossed her onto her side and pulled her skirt off at last, throwing it on the floor, tugged the tank top off again, roughly. 

When she was naked, he started kissing and licking her from the base of her neck on down, tracing her bones, her veins, licking her all over like she was ice cream, and she felt like she was melting inside already when he bent his head and now with his tongue he was lapping at her between her legs again.

Then he was on his knees, and he was lifting her by the arms and before she could even ask what plucked her off the bed.

Before she could ask him what he was doing, he’d moved her against the dresser, its surface hard and cool and slightly sticky from old wax. But there was a good reason he’d done it –  they could watch in the slightly spotty mirror, his skin tanned and dark against her own white torso, his dick impaling her from behind, her body glistening with his saliva and their sweat, his blonde hair dark with sweat, they bucked and rocked so much that the bottom drawers in the dresser sprang open and hit their ankles and calves. 

Then he had her down on the bed again, on her back, her legs spread wide. He lifted her feet until they were resting on his shoulders, and then he took her, moving into her nice and deep, achingly wonderfully deep. 

She pressed her lips to his arm, to his shoulder, she cried out with her lips buried in his chest, and then he cried out too, and they both collapsed there on the damp sheets of their underwater bed, arms around each other, side by side.


Billy woke at ten, to hot sunlight weeping in through the curtains above the bed. He looked over at Lara, still sleeping, hair trailing damply across her cheek. He brushed it from her face, and she stirred just a little, rolling toward him, and he wanted her immediately, and was going to do something about that, too, but then the maid was knocking on the door. 

“Later,” he called out, and the knocking stopped, and Lara slept on, a slight smile playing across her lips.

She was dreaming. Maybe dreaming about him, he thought, taking her firm naked body, those breasts, those thighs, the scent of her, musky and heady.

Just like he’d said to her, he’d never had a girl who could come so many times. Or as wild, like a rodeo ride on an untamable mare. But maybe, just maybe, he could stay on for the ride, for the pure joy of it, for the electric jolt of possession, no matter how temporary, no matter how sure you were that you’d get thrown in the end, and she’d bolt, and leave you behind in the dust.

It was always worth it, that ride. 

You had to take advantage of it while you could, before the chance was gone.

So now, putting his arms around Lara, he slipped his dick inside her again.

“Oh,” she gasped, and that was how she woke up.

He could see her realizing he was inside her, moving in her, barely penetrating at first, then diving inside her deep as her eyes widened and her smile deepened.

They had a really damn good rhythm going.

The sun bore down through that window generating a kind of penetrating heat. Her skin, his skin, he felt like he was on fire. 

They were so in sync they both came, her first, then him, just one, two, three.

Life didn’t get better than this, he thought, when there was such a thing as thought again.

He pulled out of her and rolled her onto her back. “‘Good morning,” he said.

She laughed, “Very, very good morning.”

  “It’s gonna be.” He kissed her tits and her belly.

“Wish I could keep you lying there like that, just lying there, all day,” he said.

He forgot any reason why he could not as she stretched and yawned and inched her way down his body until she was between his legs. “Why can’t you?” she asked.

She took his cock in her mouth. 

He didn’t think he could get hard again so fast, but it took like a minute if that. 

He was pulsing between her lips, trying to hold back. She licked him one side, and the other, and then around the head like he was a lollipop. She lifted her lips away just for a moment, to prop herself up on her elbows, her lips all wet and open and ask all breathy “You like?”

“Yeah, of course, yeah.”

Time melted by with the sun spilling in wider patches across the twisted sheets, and she kept on working him until he couldn’t wait any longer and he shot off in her hot lovely mouth. She sucked him dry, she did not take her lips from him until the last drop was gone. 

Both his body and his mind were emptied; but something came rushing back in to fill that emptiness, something like pure, pure, just happy.

She moved up until she was leaning against his chest, her fingers curling the hairs on his body, her breath soft and ragged.

He touched her lips gently with the tips of his fingers, wet them with his own saliva and traced a moist outline around her mouth. He kissed her chin and her cheek bones and put his tongue in her ear and made her giggle, left little love bites along her neck. It was her turn again, he thought.

He put one of her nipples in his mouth and rubbed at the other one with his hand and then lifted his face and switched nipples. He slipped his free hand between her legs and rubbed at her until she latched on to his fingers with her body, pulling against him, and cried out. He got her off four or five more times just like that. He could feel his dick already starting to stir again. Maybe she was right, maybe they could just lie here all day and do things to each other. 

There were two little things, little receding from his grasp things that made that unlikely though. They bobbed around in the back of his mind that wasn’t all focused on touching her.

He was hungry, was one. The other was that he had to go promo tomorrow’s rodeo at the county fair. He’d agreed to do it, though it wasn’t something he’d usually do, because he didn’t want to get caught up thinking about winning the finals, or what if he lost the finals, or whatever it was he was going to think about between shows. He never thought he’d have something so much better – something like this – to keep him occupied.

“We need to stop. I have to get going now,” he said softly. 

She’d closed her eyes again but now she opened them, a shadow of doubt on her face, that maybe he didn’t like this as much as she did, or he was moving on from her.

He reassured her, fast. “I should’ve said we need to go. Because I want you to go with me.” He explained where he had to be, and why, and he knew this great diner on the way and…

She just smiled and nodded, okay with everything he said, it seemed like.

“You’re gonna show me around,” she said, like she was delighted with the idea. 

“Show you off. Show you places. Show you a thing or two.”

“A thing or two,” she said dreamily. “I wonder what kind of things that could be.”

“I’m not entirely sure just yet.”

“Maybe I’ll show you something.”

“Baby, you already have.”

“Ha,” she said. “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

“I don’t,” he said, hoping it sounded sincere, because it was.

She looked the tiniest bit smug when she smiled, and he could tell she believed him, and it made him glad. 

This was crazy how glad she made him. How good she made him feel. How much he wanted to touch her again already.

“There’s a carnival at this county fair?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“Make out on the Jumbo Wheel?”

“Make out anywhere you want.”

“And at this great diner you know. I want pancakes,” she said, almost clapping her hands now.

“Okay. Done.”

She rolled out of bed. “Then what are you waiting for? Let’s saddle up,” she said.