A Series of Mistakes (Part 5)

“Look, it just… happened, I didn’t go out looking for it,” Kimberly sighed, a hint of frustration in her voice, “I wouldn’t do that to Greg.”

Madison averted her eyes from Kimberly. She’d been trying to play her true feelings down the entire evening – particularly because she was in the presence of her more ‘hip’, sexually liberal friends, Beverly and Abigail – but couldn’t shake her unsettledness caused by the jarring change in the personality of the woman she once looked up to. Kimberly had been her role-model, both for her work in university with the Environment Society and the upstanding manner in which she carried herself from day-to-day. Now, to Madison’s dismay, she seemed like any one of the other slutty co-eds she’d had the displeasure of interacting with in university. 

Beverly and Abigail, however, were much more enthused by the ‘new’ Kimberly.

“Nah, he came looking for you,” Abigail giggled, “Or should I say, it came looking for you.”

Beverly burst out laughing, slapping her knee. 

“I’m not joking, that thing was fucking massive,” Abigail said, gaping, signaling Charles’ size with her hands, “When he pulled it out and put it on her back, it looked like a fuckin’ snake, I shit you not.”

Mmmh, I’d like to take a look at it myself,” Beverly said, unconsciously licking her lips, “You lucky girl.”

Kimberly grinned sheepishly.

“I mean… it did feel good, I’m not gonna’ lie,” Kimberly shrugged, “I just don’t know how long more I can keep this up for…”

“Oh babe, your screams confirmed that,” Beverly snickered, “That’s why we’re all here, having this conversation, after all.”

Kimberly blushed a deep red, burying her face in her hands. She remembered letting go – moaning, wailing and whimpering at the top of her lungs, knowing she would be heard. At the time, she was mostly thinking about Abigail, and hadn’t contemplated the possibility that her whines would be heard all the way upstairs. 


Never keep the windows open when fucking. 

Perhaps I would’ve known that if Greg’d ever fucked me hard enough to have me moaning like that himself. Ugh. 

“I’ll try to keep it down the next time,” Kimberly said absent-mindedly, eliciting small, surprised looks from the women sitting around in her living room. 

“So, there is gonna’ be a next time,” Beverly asked, a sly smile on her face as she leaned into Abigail. 

“Uh, n-no, I just meant, li-”

“Oh, don’t be shy,” Abigail said, waving her hand dismissively, “I’ve seen what that man does to you. There never was gonna’ be any going back, honestly.” “Might as well stop resisting and enjoy it,” Abigail shrugged, “That’s what I would do, at least.”

There was no going back. Really?  

“Yeah, I mean… I feel bad for Greg and all but, good sex is good sex, y’know?” Beverly said, eliciting a disapproving look from Madison, “If he’s not giving you what you need, you gotta’ get it somewhere.”

“I… I guess,” Kimberly said, though still unsure about how she felt about her trysts with Charles.  

Charles had been silent since their last encounter, an apparent master at ‘playing it cool’. Perhaps he was off fucking other women… or perhaps he just enjoyed knowing that Kimberly was squirming in anticipation of the next time he would unexpectedly pounce.  

Kimberly left her thoughts to the side and looked back up at her friends. She panned their faces, curious. Madison looked… somewhat upset. She had been the quietest today, her hand over her mouth for most of the evening as Beverly and Abigail pressed Kimberly for the lurid details of her sexual encounters with Charles. Abigail, as she always did upon any lull in a conversation (however minor), was glued to her phone. Beverly twirled her hair, looking out the window, lost in thought. She tapped her fingers against her tanned thigh, tugging at the edge of her skirt occasionally. Kimberly was confident that she had some idea of what was going through Beverly’s head, considering how antsy-ly she shook her crossed leg back and forth. 

Smiling to herself, Kimberly sunk back into the couch behind her. Allowing her mind to rest, she took some comfort from the first line of a classic song, que sera, sera. 



Heyy honey,” Kimberly chimed over the phone, “I got off work super early today, I thought I’d bring you a little lunch, cooked it up myself.”

“Babe! That’d be perfect, really,” Gregory replied, “Might have to double down in the office for lunch today, so I was gonna’ get take-out, actually. Would much prefer your cooking, haha.”

“Yay, that’s perfect,” Kimberly giggled, “I’ll see you in an hour or so?”

“Perfect, see you babe,” Gregory said, disconnecting the line. 

It had been a week since Kimberly had last seen Charles. Her mind felt clear again, and the sexually charged haze that clouded her thoughts in the days after she had had sex with him had lifted now. She knew that going to Gregory’s office meant she would run the risk of seeing Charles there, but, somehow, she wasn’t pre-occupied with the prospect. 

Whatever will be wi-

Kimberly’s phone buzzed against her dresser, lighting up. Walking toward it, she picked it up, expecting a text from her boyfriend. Instead, she saw a number she’d never seen before. Immediately, her heart began thumping in her chest. She had turned the option to preview her messages off soon after her second tryst with Charles, worrying that an unexpected, lewd text may pop across her screen at an inopportune moment, so she slid across the notification to open the message, her thumb trembling. 

heard you’re coming by the office. 

Kimberly heart thudded heavily in her chest. It was him.

wear something worth looking at. 

something slutty. 

Kimberly stared at her phone, not knowing how she should respond. He was so incredibly brazen, so sure of himself… despite having experienced it more than once now, Kimberly was still caught off-guard by it. His behavior never failed to raise a series of complicated, conflicting emotions in her – his traditionally machismo confidence turned her on, but also irked her greatly. Whatever happened in the bedroom (or, in the living room… or on the dining table) was one thing – she was happy to engage in dirty talk, to debase herself in a mutually pleasurable sexual encounter, that was part of the fun – but outside of it, she still saw herself as a strong, independent woman. 

Right? I am. 

I mean… I think I am. 

Kimberly looked back at her phone, considering her response. 

you are my slut, right?

that’s what you said last week. 

Kimberly’s phone slipped out of her hand and onto her bed. She was shaking now, but she wasn’t sure if it was in fear, anticipation… or a bit of both. No matter how much she despised Charles’ character and his disgustingly proud demeanor, it seemed that she would never escape his grasp. Even as he spoke to her like she was an object that only existed for his sexual gratification, taking her protracted acquiescence for granted, she felt building excitement tighten in her chest, goading her to respond positively to Charles’ lewd advances. 

Picking her phone off the bed, she stared at it again. 

what do i wear?

Use your imagination.

Kimberly dropped her phone back onto her bed and walked over to her wardrobe. She sifted through her dresses, picking some of them out, giving them a onceover, before tossing them into a pile on her bed, unsatisfied. She didn’t have anything particularly provocative. She usually dressed quite conservatively, and her most revealing dress was probably the one she wore for the cocktail party she and Charles had their first encounter during. Stumped, she took one more forlorn look at her wardrobe before shutting its doors closed. 

Pondering for a few moments if her next move was wise, Kimberly teetered at her door. Deciding to throw caution (and a little bit of her pride) to the wind, Kimberly stepped out of her room, went over to Abigail’s, and knocked its door. 

There was a brief pause before the door cracked open, and Abigail peeked out of from behind it.

“Hey, what’s up?” Abigail asked, her head titled and her hair tumbling to the side.  

“I… uh,” Kimberly began, unsure how to broach the subject, “I was… gonna’ ask you if you had any, uh… c-clothes.”

“Clothes? Another one of your drives?” Abigail asked, cocking her right eyebrow, “Bit soon for another donation isn’t it babe?”

“No, no… I, uh,” Kimberly stammered, before clearing her throat, “I was hoping you had something I could borrow.”

“Oh, sure! Is your stuff in the washer?” Abigail asked, opening her door wider, and inviting her friend in. 

“Uh, kinda’… I mean… I’m looking for something different,” Kimberly spat out, “Something a bit more, uhm, provocative, you could say?”

Abigail stopped, and swiveled around on her heel to face her friend. 

“You’re meeting Charles, aren’t you?” she asked, unable to mask the glee in her voice. 

“N-no I’m ju-uh… I mean, y-yes, bu-”

“Say no more,” Abigail giggled, throwing open the doors to her wardrobe and bobbing excitedly in front of the array of clothes inside it. “Where are you guys going? On a date? To his apartment? C’mon, I need context,” Abigail rambled, gesturing vigorously. 

“No, no, I… I wa-I am, going to the office to hand Greg lunch,” Kimberly began, her voice teetering at the mention of her boyfriend’s name, “But then I got a text from Charles.”

“Oh shit, what did he say?” Abigail asked, on edge. 

“He… told me to wear something, uh, s-slutty,” Kimberly said, clearing her throat, embarrassed. 

“Oh my god, he’s such a freak,” Abigail whispered, “I bet he kinda’ loves the idea of you strutting around for him in something skimpy like a little thot while your boyfriend thinks it’s for him.” “Men like him get off on that shit, y’know,” Abigail muttered, smiling to herself, “And maybe you do too, a little?”

Kimberly didn’t respond, her eyes darting away shyly. Abigail took the cue and returned to rummaging through her wardrobe. 

“I think… this might work,” Abigail said, pulling out a small, nude-colored, thin blouse with a plunging neckline. 

She held it up to Kimberly, eyeing her for a moment.

“Yup, this… and,” Abigail continued muttering, as she looked back into her wardrobe, “This.”

She pulled out a tiny pair of denim shorts that were so highly cut that they looked more like high-waisted underwear. 

“Woah, those look a liiittle…

“Too much? I mean, he did say slutty, didn’t he?” Abigail said, giving her friend a cheeky smile. “If he said ‘adventurous’ well then, that’d be different. But we wanna’ go slutty so we can get that dick, am I right or am I right?” Abigail said, giggling onto her friend’s shoulder.

Kimberly couldn’t help but let out a guilty titter, seeing how enthused her friend was by the prospect of her having sex with Charles again. 

“We aren’t going to do it, I mean… it’s the office. I don’t know. Maybe he just wants a little eye-candy or something,” Kimberly shrugged. 

“Girl, let’s not kid ourselves, hmmm?” Abigail cooed, “If you can do it in a toilet, you can do it in his office.”

“Firstly, it was an Onsen room, and I’ll have you know it was very nice one, with marbled floors and everything,” Kimberly said, half-laughing, half-sassy. 

“Mmm, forgetting I was there?” Abigail giggled.

The two women laughed together, their faces against one another’s shoulders. 


Kimberly walked into the office, self-consciously shifting at the neckline of her blouse, afraid it would expose her bare breasts. She had to skip out on a bra, the straps of the dress already far too skinny for one, and while most of the small top hugged her petite figure quite snugly, its plunging neckline was much flimsier, shifting from side to side and exposing a fair bit of her breasts with each step she took. She caught a few eyes in the hallways, but not many, most too absorbed with their cellphones or the bundles of papers they were carrying to be bothered with the skimpily clad woman gracing their office. Thankfully, Kimberly thought, her the click-clack of her heels was masked by the soft, carpeted floors in the central office area, where she expected to find Gregory. 

Having visited her boyfriend before, she found his desk quite easily. She gripped his shoulders from behind, surprising him. Gregory jumped slightly, turned around, and was momentarily tongue-tied.

“Y-you… you look good,” Gregory said, his eyes running all across her body, lingering especially on her chest. 

“Mhmm, I can see you’re enjoying the view,” Kimberly smiled, before turning her head to glance around the office quickly. 

No sign of Charles… yet. 

“I just have a little more to finish up before I can join you,” Gregory said, swiveling back toward his computer screen. “This desk’s empty,” Gregory said, pointing to the cubicle next to his, “Have a seat if you wanna’.”

Kimberly twirled over to the adjacent cubicle and put the Tupperware packed with food she’d brought for her boyfriend down on the table. Then, she leaned over the cubicle toward Gregory, pressing her breasts over the partition and exaggerating her cleavage for Gregory’s view. To her disappointment, her boyfriend was too preoccupied with his work to notice even this overt attempt at seduction. 

Kimberly was about to turn away when she suddenly felt a warm, firm grip against her butt. Gasping softly, she turned around, and saw who she expected to see. It was Charles. 

“H-hey,” Kimberly said, her cheeks flushing immediately.

“Looking good, Kimberly,” Charles grinned, “Visiting Greg?”

“Uh huh,” Kimberly mumbled, nodding as she took a quick peek behind her, and watched as Charles’ hand roamed her butt. 

“She is,” Gregory said, his eyes still glued to his screen. “Even made lunch for me,” Gregory boasted proudly, “Ever thought about settling down, Charles? Getting yourself a keeper like this fine young woman?”

Kimberly was on the verge of groaning out loud, the irony of her boyfriend’s statements too glaring to ignore. Charles simply snickered. 

“I have, I have,” Charles sighed, his fingers pressing Kimberly’s crotch and massaging it through her thin, skin-tight shorts. “You’re a lucky guy… maybe one day I’ll find my Kimberly, eh?” he said, wagging his chin in Kimberly’s direction, eliciting a muted whimper from her in acknowledgement. 

Suddenly, Kimberly felt Charles’ face brush up against her hair. He was leaning into her, his lips almost up against her ear. 

“I’m gonna’ fuck the shit out of you right in this office,” Charles grunted, his fingers curling firmly around her pussy. 

Kimberly shivered. She was petrified that Gregory would turn, and see Charles’ face pressed up to hers, and stood frozen in her place. Even more, she felt terrible. She was here to spend time with her boyfriend over a nice, sweet homecooked meal made with love. Somehow, it had turned into another debauched, twisted tryst with Charles, his fingers groping at her cunt while she squirmed under his grasp, undeniably very, very turned on.

“How did you guys’ anniversary dinner go?” Charles asked Kimberly, faux-innocently, “Greg told me you missed the first night. Work or something?”

Kimberly’s lips quivered. She didn’t trust herself to spit out a coherent answer, and instead stared at Charles in silence, her mind whirring to formulate a response.

“Oh, it went great,” Gregory interjected, much to the relief of Kimberly. “Could’ve been better if everything’d gone to plan on the first night, though,” Gregory continued, shooting a sideways glance at Kimberly. 

“I told you I had work,” Kimberly shot back, surprising herself with the sting with which she did so.

Gregory turned to face her, surprised that his usually quite happy-go-lucky girlfriend had taken such offense at a statement he had only intended in jest. 

“I… uh, was just joking,” he mumbled, abashed. 

Kimberly sighed. 

“I am gonna’ go put this in the microwave,” she said, holding up Gregory’s homecooked food package. 

“I’ll show you to the pantry,” Charles said, placing his hand against the small of her back, and leading her away from the desk. 

As he did, he turned around and gave his friend a reassuring gesture, mouthing “I’ll calm her down”, much to the contentment of his very trusting friend. 


Beverly, who had had her eyes on Kimberly from the moment she stepped onto her floor, watched enthusiastically as Kimberly followed Charles away from Gregory’s table and down a hallway she could see from her desk. She had heard parts of their conversation and knew that Charles was meant to take Kimberly to the pantry, which had the microwave she was looking for. But, she doubted Charles would actually take her there, knowing his true intentions – the pantry was an open room with no door, had glass walls all-round, and was heavily visited at all points of the day. 

I knew it.

Beverly giggled to herself, satisfied that her prediction had been right. Charles had abruptly pulled Kimberly into a room two doors down from the pantry – the copier room. No windows and a lockable door made it perfect for a quickie, things which she was sure Charles was well aware of only because she was convinced he had used said room for similar purposes before. 


The second the door clicked shut behind her, Charles pressed his lips up to Kimberly’s, kissing her fervently. His hands gripped her ass, the tips of his fingers digging into her crotch, massaging into the warmth that was emanating from her pussy. 

“T-this is a bit risky, isn’t it?” Kimberly asked, pulling away from their kiss, concerned. 

They weren’t far from Gregory’s table, and while the door looked sturdy enough to muffle the inevitable noise that came with lovemaking – something Kimberly was now quite cognizant of – it seemed like there was a good chance that someone could want to use the high-tech-looking copier that sat in the middle of the room at any point during their lovemaking. Locked door or not, Kimberly knew that Gregory’s workmates, or worse, her boyfriend himself, would find the fact that Charles and Kimberly were in the copier room, door bolted, quite suspicious… especially in the clothes Kimberly was in. 

“We won’t be long,” Charles said, reaching back around and gripping both her breasts in his hands, squeezing them tightly through her top.

Kimberly moaned, a pleasured sigh escaping her lips as her tits fell out of her deep, flimsy neckline, and into Charles’ grasp. 

“I… I don’t kn-”

Kimberly’s phone buzzed in her pocket, lighting up. She pulled it out of her pocket, bringing it up to her face as Charles’ head was buried in her neck, kissing and biting at it. 

It’s Beverly, huh.

have fun 😉

Fuck… if Beverly’d seen them slip into the copier room, who else might have? 

don’t worry. gt the rm covered

bt dont take too long. can only hold evryon off for so long

Kimberly held her breath for a moment, contemplating Beverly’s texts. Could she rely on her new friend’s word? Then, she realized the irony of wondering if succumbing to sex with Charles in the copier room would be a ‘bad choice’. Her life, as of recent, seemed to be a series of (supposedly) ‘bad’ choices. Somehow, however, this whirlwind of spontaneity she lived in made her feel the most alive she’d felt in ages. Charles had been the catalyst for this change, and she knew that bad choice or not, she wasn’t going to be able to resist his overtures, especially not when he had his lips wrapped around her tit, sucking and flicking at it with the tip of his tongue the way he was. 

Throwing her phone onto the carpeted floor, she gave in, wrapping her arms around Charles’ head, and pulling him up to her bosom. His stubble scratched against her sensitive, petite breasts, the straps of her blouse now falling off her shoulders. 

“Turn around,” Charles grunted, pushing her up against the copier.

Reaching around her waist, he undid the buttons on her denim shorts, and peeled them off her skin. Pulling them down just enough to expose her small, juicy butt and her tiny pair of black panties, he then reached for his own trousers and undid them too. Kimberly heard the clinking of his belt buckle as he dropped his pants to his ankles and felt the heat of his cock rest against her cheeks. 

Charles pulled Kimberly’s panties to the side, exposing her shaven, dripping pussy. He dipped his fingers into it, toying with her wet lips, and watching how she winced and whimpered with pleasure under his manipulations. 

“Ready?” he asked, releasing his grip on her cunt, and pressing the head of his bare, throbbing cunt up to her pussy. 

Mmhmm,” was all Kimberly squeaked in response, her hands up against the wall, her fingers curled in anticipation for Charles’ big, thick cock to shove its way into her. 

Wrapping his hands around her hips, Charles simultaneously thrusted his cock into Kimberly and pulled Kimberly’s hips on to his cock, provoking a piercing, pleasured moan from Kimberly. 

“Oh fuck, I forgot how fucking big you were,” Kimberly whimpered, immediately remembering how much more easily Gregory’s cock had slipped into her pussy just four days ago, after their belated anniversary dinner. 

Charles filled her up to the hilt, before immediately beginning to thrust into her at his full, unbridled pace. As much as he wanted to dick Kimberly silly for hours, he wasn’t keen on being caught doing an outsider in the workplace, much less an outsider who happened to be one his colleague’s girlfriends.


Beverly stared at the shut door, wondering wistfully what pleasures Kimberly was enjoying on the other side of it. Then, she caught movement out of the side of her eye. Gregory was out of his seat and scanning the office room floor. 

Is he looking for Kimberly?

He looked back down at his desk, and then picked up a small bundle of paper, before making a beeline for the copier room.


Beverly shot into action, scrambling out of her seat and intercepting Gregory as smoothly as she could. 

“If you’re heading for the copier,” Kimberly said, wagging her finger in the direction of the copier room, “That photocopier’s bust. I’ve been doing my copying on the other side of the office.”

“Oh, thanks Beverly,” Gregory said, smiling warmly. 

“I’m going that way too, actually,” Beverly said, smiling. 

She purposefully toyed with the deep neckline of her professional yet eye-catching dress while just barely biting her bottom lip. She had learned of Gregory’s little crush on her since becoming Kimberly’s friend, and quite enjoyed the opportunity to mercilessly toy with the poor, unassuming man.

Twirling around, she began walking toward the other end of the office, exaggerating the sway of her delectably wide hips, knowing that Gregory’s eyes were likely glued to them. She took a quick peek behind and saw that she was right – Gregory was following her at a brisk pace, his gaze so preoccupied with her posterior that he didn’t notice the cheeky, satisfied smile that she gave herself.



“Oh fuck, you feel so fucking good inside me, Charles,” Kimberly panted, her body shaking as Charles drove into her energetically, his balls slapping against her swollen lips as sweat dripped down from his brow onto her back. 

“I know,” he grunted back, reaching down under her, and flicking her clit, “I can feel how fucking wet you are for me.” “I’m gonna’ cum inside you,” Charles grunted, “Then you’re coming over to my apartment for round two.”

“I-I… I have to have lunch with B-Greg first,” Kimberly moaned, between Charles’ voracious, hungry thrusts. 

“Look down,” Charles directed, nudging Kimberly’s chin toward the floor, “You didn’t even realize that happened, did you?”

Kimberly looked down and saw that the plastic container she’d brought her boyfriend food in had fallen to the floor and spilled open, and that its contents were strewn across the carpeted floor of the copy room. In the intense, passionate kissing that had ensued the moment Kimberly and Charles were alone in the room, Kimberly hadn’t even realized that the Tupperware had slipped out of her hands and cracked open against the carpeted floor.

“You’re such a fucking slut for this big, fat cock that you didn’t even see that you’d spilled your precious boyfriend’s homecooked lunch all over the floor,” Charles grunted in her ear, pumping into her ferociously.  “So, stop fucking pretending like you care about anything more than this dick,” he whispered in her ear, his thighs smacking into hers. 

Kimberly blushed, embarrassed by how brutally telling Charles’ words were – in a matter of weeks, the cocky, arrogant bastard had turned her into a near-mindless whore for his cock that constantly degraded herself just for another taste of his meaty, pulsing rod between her cheeks, pumping in and out of her sex.

“I hope you’ve switched to the pill,” Charles groaned, just as he began cumming inside her pussy, ropes of cum spewing out the head of his cock and painting the insides of her cunt. 

Kimberly moaned with satisfaction, the feeling of warm, hot cum flooding her pussy for the first time one that she found immensely pleasurable. Perhaps what turned her on more was the fact that another one of her ‘boundaries’ had been so easily broken by Charles, and in such a meaningless, flippant manner. Kimberly had never let anyone cum inside her – even with a condom, she was much too worried about the risk of a mishap, and made sure Gregory pulled out of her before he finished himself off. Now, just a week after her first time going raw, Kimberly had taken her first load inside her pussy – her first creampie – in a BR copier room, her pants pulled down to her thighs, and her panties yanked to the side. Kimberly knew that all this should have made her feel terrible – not only was she an unfaithful, cheating girlfriend… she was glib, and thoughtless about it. She was letting her arrogant lover have her in ways she never let the love of her life have her, and in the most depraved of manners possible. Somehow, this was what turned her on. This was what made her so horny, and so fucking wet for him.

“You might wanna’ clean that shit up,” Charles said, pointing at the floor as he zipped his pants up. “Meet me downstairs in ten minutes, I’ll have an Uber waiting,” he told her, as he unlocked the door to the copier room, and stepped out. 

With Charles’ cum beginning to ooze out of her pussy, Kimberly quickly slipped her panties and shorts back into place. Then she knelt to the floor and scraped the chicken-quinoa mixture that had spilled out onto the floor back into the plastic box she had brought with her, snapped the box shut, and stepped out of the room. She looked around, trying to re-orient herself with the office, her abrupt entry into the copier room having put her sense of direction into disarray.

“Hey babe,” came a voice from behind Kimberly, startling her. 

She turned around to see Gregory, her boyfriend, a stack of papers in his hands. 

“I was just round at the other copier,” Gregory said, shrugging, “Did Charles help you find the microwave?”

“I-uh… yeah, it was a l-little weak,” Kimberly replied, flustered, “Your food’s still cold, you should put it in again.” “But my boss called and I h-have to get to work, you’ll have to have this alone,” Kimberly said, thrusting the Tupperware into Gregory’s hands, her gaze shifting guiltily. 

“Oh, that’s fine, Charles just took the rest of the day off on some sort of a family emergency, so I’m probably gonna’ be in the office till late today – have to cover his load and mine,” Gregory sighed. “But thank you for the meal,” Gregory grinned, leaning in for a kiss. 

Kimberly planted a quick, tentative peck on Gregory’s lips, darting off in the direction of the exit before he could utter their customary parting words – “I love you” – afraid they would cause her too much embarrassment.