A Series of Mistakes (Part 4)

“Better… than… Greg,” Kimberly said, her words interspersed by panting, pleasured moans. 

The second those words left Kimberly’s lips, she felt her body begin to shake, her sex exploding with a euphoric orgasm. Whimpering, she came, tears spilling from her eyes as her climax overwhelmed her. It was the first time that she had cum this violently, and she began to realize that, perhaps, she was deriving some sort of twisted, taboo excitement from cheating on her boyfriend with her new, hung lover.

Charles was well aware of this – he took pleasure in asking attached women this question as he ploughed into them, and almost always watching them cum immediately after. He too took a depraved satisfaction in the fact that he could snatch women away from committed relationships so easily – it was what fed his dark, ever-growing ego. 

Dipping his head down to kiss Kimberly, he ran his tongue against hers as he began thrusting into her again, easing her wet, swollen slit with slow, smooth strokes. 

“Is this the bed Greg fucks you on, hmm?” Charles grunted in Kimberly’s ear, as he continued driving his cock into her. 

Kimberly nodded, biting her bottom lip. 

“Good,” he grinned, “Then we can move on.”

“Move on?” Kimberly asked, puzzled. 

“To the couch,” Charles said, kissing Kimberly’s neck, “I want to fuck you in every part of this fucking house.” “I want you to take you on the couch you watch movies with him on,” he grunted, “I want to fuck you on the dining table you both eat on, I want you everywhere.”

“N-no, Abbie will see us,” Kimberly protested, her eyes widening. 

“I wouldn’t be worried about that, really,” Charles said, cryptically, before gripping Kimberly by her butt and lifting her off the bed easily. 

Kimberly yelped, surprised at how Charles had carried her with such ease. Wrapping her smooth, long legs around Charles’ butt, her heels poking into it, she held on tight as he approached her room door and unlocked it with one hand, his other hand supporting her. Pre-occupied with Charles’ impressive strength, Kimberly’s inhibitions were temporarily forgotten as he brought her to the apartment’s living room, and lowered her onto the roomy, leather sofa that she and Abigail shared. 

“We have to be quiet,” she whispered, taking a quick peek at Abigail’s door to make sure it was still shut tight. 

Telling herself that Abigail was likely plugged in and thoroughly occupied by her work, Kimberly let herself relax as Charles climbed back over her, and slid his thick, meaty cock into her pussy. Moaning quietly, she wrapped her hands around his neck and her legs around his butt, before closing her eyes and enjoying the warm, sensual feeling of Charles sinking comfortably into her. He filled her to the hilt, his balls sidling up to her pussy before he began gyrating his hips, swishing his cock inside her deliberately. 

“Oh, fuck it’s so good when you do that,” Kimberly whined, trying to stifle her moans, “You’re so, so fucking good at this…”

“Do you want me to keep going, Kimberly?” Charles asked her, pushing his index finger into her mouth, and watching her as she sucked on it. 

“Y-yes… mmmh, yes, p-please,” she said, her lips smacking against his finger, with Charles’ digital penetration reminding her of the time she’d been on her knees in front of his thick, girthy cock in the Onsen-room. 

“Tell me,” he said, as he wound his hips and drove his cock into her, “Tell me how good I feel inside you.”

“You f-feel… so fucking good, Charles,” she panted, “Your cock is so b-big, it’s so fucking thick and so fucking long.”

“More,” he said, his cock throbbing hungrily inside her as she kept going. 

“It’s t-the, mmh… best d-dick I’ve ever had,” she whimpered, “It’s like you’re tearing my t-tight little pussy open, and it feels so fucking good.”

Kimberly’s cheeks reddened as she heard the words coming out of her mouth – she rarely talked dirty during sex, both her and Gregory being quite reserved out of shyness, but Charles, somehow, seemed to be able to so easily convince her to do things she would never usually consider. 

“Please fuck m-me Charles, fuck me b-baby,” Kimberly whimpered, her moans turning louder now as she begged for Charles to begin thrusting into her again, and satisfy her thirst for him. 

Slowly, Charles acquiesced, and began to thump into her again. Pulling his cock out of her almost fully before driving it back into her, Charles filled and fucked her easily, her juices flowing freely and lubing his rod’s trajectory. The sound of their skins slapping filled the air, and Kimberly’s whine grew louder each time Charles filled her up with his tool. 

He drove into her harder and faster, his hand digging into her long, black hair and gripping onto a fistful of it as he pumped into her vigorously.

“Make m-me your slut, J-Charles,” Kimberly moaned, as she felt Charles tug on her hair, “Make m-mmmh… m-make me your fucking whore.” 

She spread her legs open wider, pressed her fingers to her clit, and began diddling at it fervently. On the verge of a second orgasm, Kimberly suddenly felt Charles release her hair, and wrap his hand firmly around her neck instead. 

“You are my whore,” he said, simply, a fiery look in his eyes.

Caught in Charles’ tight grip, Kimberly felt herself hit her climax again, driven over the edge by the words that had just her lover’s mouth. Her back arched sharply, Charles fingers still gripped around her throat, as she came over, and over again. Her pussy clenched around Charles’ rod, suffocating it as her body reverberated with pleasure. Moaning loudly, Kimberly had let all inhibition go now, too caught up in the physicality of their encounter to care about being found out by her flat-mate anymore. 

As her orgasm ebbed to a close and Kimberly sunk back into her couch, panting, Charles pulled out and took a breather himself, leaning back and stroking his cock at a leisurely pace. Looking at the clock, Kimberly suddenly realized that half an hour had zipped past, and that she had to leave the house now if she was going to make it on time…

Then, she looked over at Charles, and saw that his cock was still stiff as ever. It didn’t look like he was going to be done with her anytime soon. 

She looked at the clock again and sighed. 

Maybe I can delay things for just a liiittle longer?

Hopping off the couch, Kimberly slipped into her room and picked her phone up again.

so sry. can’t believe it, boss needs me at work – really urgent.

damn, okay. I can wait. how long more?

another half-hour, probly. rly sorry

cool. no worries babe, take your time.

Kimberly stared at her screen for a moment, expecting to feel the uncomfortable guilt that she had become so familiar with churn inside her. Instead, however, she felt a tingle of excitement. The hiding, the cheating, the sacrifice of her relationship – something so dear and important to her – for something so trivial, so physical… it made this tryst infinitely more arousing. It made her horny, and it made her so, so wet. 

Tossing her phone on her bed, she slipped back out of her room and skipped back to the sofa. She saw Charles sitting on the couch, casually stroking his cock, his leg up on the coffee table. It was then that she saw that he’d taken his condom off and thrown it on the floor. 

“D’you want me to get another one from your trousers?” she asked, pointing back at her room, hoping that Charles wasn’t done fucking her yet. 

As much as she would have loved to take him in her mouth and have him finish all over her, she hadn’t yet had her fill of his cock. Another thirty minutes with him inside her, however, would most certainly do the trick. 

“No,” he said, as he continued to stroke his slicked cock in his fist, its veins throbbing as he did, “I don’t.”

Kimberly looked slightly disappointed.

“Oh, then sh-”

“I wanna’ feel you raw,” Charles continued, still tugging at his cock.

Kimberly was lost for words. 

“I-I… uh,” she stammered, taken off-guard by the request. 

She had acquiesced to every one of Charles’ requests… but surely this was one she had to deny? She wasn’t on the pill. She hadn’t had sex without a condom before, because she figured it was the most hassle-free method of contraception. Gregory didn’t complain, quite content with the simple joys of Trojan’s ‘BareSkin’ condoms that promised him they were as good as going without a rubber.

“I-I’m not on the pill,” Kimberly said, her lips trembling. 

“I’ll pull out,” Charles said, standing up, and wrapping his arm around Kimberly’s waist, kissing her. 

He slipped up behind her and nestled his pulsing cock between her cheeks. His lips pressed up to her neck, kissing her against her necklace as he reached up in front of her, pulled her dress down, and groped her naked breasts in his hands. As he ran his hands over them, his breath on her neck, Kimberly felt herself gradually losing the strength to deny Charles’ latest, most demanding request.  

“J-Charles, I d-don’t know,” Kimberly stammered, “Can’t we just use another condom?”

“I don’t have another condom,” Charles whispered in her ear, “So you can choose. You can have me raw, or I can go into your room, get dressed, and fuck off.”

Charles stayed pressed up against Kimberly, his muscular arms gripping at her tits, and his cock still throbbing firmly against her cheeks. She felt him reach down to his rod, and bring its moist, heated head to her cunt, running it along the length of her slit. Kimberly moaned as she felt his sticky pre-cum being massaged into her pussy – he alternated between teasing her entrance and massaging her clit with the head of his cock.

“Don’t you want this fine fucking cock inside you?” he asked her, his lips pressed up to her ear, “Don’t you want me to be the first man to fuck you raw?”

Kimberly’s cheeks reddened. She did. She wanted Charles to shove his bare, throbbing rod inside her pussy and take her on the night of her anniversary with Gregory. She wanted Charles to fuck her like she hadn’t let anyone before him. 

“I w-want it,” Kimberly breathed, leaning over the kitchen table, pulling her dress up and presenting herself to Charles, “Fuck me, Charles.”

Immediately, he pressed his cock up against her cunt and pushed it into her, groaning with satisfaction as he felt her warmth against his bare, uncovered rod. 

“You’re my dirty, fucking slut,” Charles grunted, as he pumped his cock into her, “You’d do anything for this cock, wouldn’t you?”

Mmmh… I-I’d do anything,” Kimberly replied, moaning, “I would do anything for your cock.”

“You’d fuck me on the night of your anniversary?” Charles growled, “Bent over your dining table while your boyfriend waits for you to show up to dinner?”

“I-I would,” Kimberly panted, her entire body shaking back and forth as Charles fucked her from behind.

“You’d let me fuck you raw even though your boyfriend hasn’t?” 

“I w-would,” Kimberly cried, “I-I am.”

“You’re my dirty, cheating slut,” he said, pumping into her ravenously, his hands pulling and pushing her hips on and off his cock, “Say it.”

“I’m y-mmmh… I’m your d-dirty slut,” Kimberly moaned, “I’m y-your dirty, cheating slut.”

“Louder,” he said, smacking her right ass cheek firmly.

“I’m your d-dirty, cheating slut,” she cried, so loud she knew Abigail would hear her. 

As if on cue, seconds after the damning words left her mouth, Kimberly saw Abigail’s door creak open. 

Twenty minutes earlier, Kimberly may have frozen in her place in fear and embarrassment, but now, Kimberly was too far gone to care. As her body rocked with pleasure, her necklace swaying and her heels scraping against the floor, Abigail stepped out of her room and saw her, mouth agape. 

“I knew I heard something,” Abigail said, half-surprised, half-amused. “Kimberly! You’re such a fucking slut!” she grinned, giggling. 

“She knows,” Charles sniggered, still pumping into her at full speed, unfazed by Abigail’s presence. 

Kimberly’s cheeks burned a crimson red, but each time she tried to respond, Charles would pump his cock into her with an especial vigor, cutting her off and causing her to moan at the top of her lungs. 

Suddenly, Abigail reached into the pocket of her pajamas. 

“Shit, someone’s calling me,” she muttered to herself, pulling her phone out and opening the door to her room, preparing to step inside and take the call in private. 

Then, she stopped, and a small smile crept across her face. 

She stepped back out, leaned against her doorpost, facing the two, fucking lovers, and put the phone to her ear. 

“Greg! Is everything okay?”

Kimberly’s jaw dropped, realizing that it was her boyfriend who had called Abigail. A part of her felt terrible allowing Charles to continue pummeling her during the call, but another part of her was incredibly excited by the thought of her being ploughed by Charles just feet away from her boyfriend’s voice. With Charles pumping into her without reprieve, inertia ensured she stuck with the more titillating option. 

“Kimberly? Isn’t she out at dinner with you?” Abigail said, putting on her most innocent voice. 

There was a pause, as Gregory’s voice scrambled on the other end of the line. 

“She hasn’t showed up still? Jeez, you think she’d be on time for her anniversary dinner,” Abigail said, stifling a laugh, while making eye-contact with Kimberly. 

Charles, meanwhile, had pulled out of Kimberly to take a breather. He took his girthy cock out of Kimberly, and smacked it against her lower back, resting it there while he wiped his brow off with the back of his hand. When Kimberly leaned down into the table, pressing her forehead up to it and catching her own breath, Abigail saw that Charles’ cock was bare. 

Thoroughly surprised, Abigail gasped softly. 

“Did Kimberly ever let you…” she began in a part-daze, still surprised that things were moving so quickly between her friend and Charles, “Uh… let you know that s-she was, uh… gonna’ be working late today.”

Abigail – knowing that she nearly let herself slip – breathed a quiet sigh of relief. The thought of her friend fucking raw, though, came as such a surprise to her – even she didn’t fuck without a condom! Kimberly’s willingness to submit to Charles so fully, so unconditionally – it made her wonder just how good Charles could be at lovemaking, stoking the envious feelings she thought had effectively stifled. 

Meanwhile, Charles’ break was short-lived – he pushed back into Kimberly, to a rousing moan from her. 

“The sound? Oh, that’s u-uh, that’s nothing – I, uh,” Abigail muttered over the phone, “I’m actually, ahem, having a bit of fun with a friend, you see.”

There was a pause, as Gregory scrambled with anxious embarrassment on the other end. 

“Don’t be silly, you didn’t interrupt anything,” Abigail smiled, “They di-ahemwe didn’t stop just because you called, hah.”

They exchanged goodbyes, and Abigail hung the phone up, winking at Kimberly.

Kimberly’s closed her eyes, embarrassed on behalf of her boyfriend for how easily he’d been fooled by Abigail. 

“Thanks f-mmmh… for covering,” Kimberly said, with as genuine gratitude as she could while being thumped from behind by Charles.

“Don’t mention it babe,” Abigail said, clicking her lips, “Back to work for me.”

Abigail closed her door behind her.

Charles rolled his eyes. 

“She’s a chatty one, isn’t she?” he snickered.

“A little, but I love her,” Kimberly replied.

“More than your boyfriend, I hope,” he grinned, as he ran his hands over ass, spreading her cheeks open. 

Kimberly blushed. 

Suddenly, she felt his fingers run over her tiny rosebud, massaging it. 

“Have you ever had it in here?” Charles asked running his thumb over her tiny asshole and watching it flinch instinctively.

“N-no,” Kimberly said, anxious, “I don’t r-really like the idea of… y’know, anal.”

“Why’s that?”

“It, uh… doesn’t sound particularly, uhm, arousing,” Kimberly whispered, slightly embarrassed at what she imagined would sound like quite a prudish answer to her seasoned, playboy lover. 

“I’ve had a girl cum just from me fucking her in the ass,” he said, spitting on his finger and teasing her rosebud with it, just barely dipping his fingertip inside it, eliciting a small whimper from Kimberly. “She said it wasn’t really about feeling anything in her ass… it was just the feeling of being fucked where she shouldn’t be, y’know,” he said, as he added a second finger to the gentle teasing massage was giving Kimberly’s asshole, “Filled up where she wasn’t supposed to be – spread open, gaping for a fat cock – that’s what made her cum.”

Kimberly listened silently, Charles’ description of his previous partner’s anal orgasm admittedly sounding quite electrifying. 

“I… I don’t know,” Kimberly said, the tickle of Charles’ fingers against her rosebud sending shivers down her spine. 

Charles had stopped thrusting into Kimberly and was holding his cock deep inside her while his fingers danced across her asshole. 

“I’ll give you a little taste first,” he said, slowly pushing his middle finger into her ass.

Kimberly gasped as she experienced penetration where she never had before. It was a… strange sensation, but coupled with Charles’ cock still throbbing inside her cunt, one that was pleasurable in an equal part. 

He writhed his finger inside her ass, loosening her tenseness and easing her open for his second finger. When he introduced it, Kimberly felt a tinge of pain mixed with pleasure. Her small asshole was beginning to be stretched open, and it made her feel dirty, like a cheap slut who let a stranger push her into increasingly debased acts of carnality on their first date. 

Mmmh, slowly, please,” Kimberly moaned, gently, her legs spreading a little wider as she tried to accommodate both of Charles’ rough, thick fingers inside her virgin asshole. 

Charles listened, and slowed the pace of his finger-fucking. He spat on her asshole, and used it as lube for his digital penetration, easing her slowly into the sensation of being taken somewhere she’d never been before. 

Then, he began pushing his cock into her pussy, while his fingers fucked her asshole in tandem, eliciting a loud, piercing moan from Kimberly. 


In her room, Abigail’s phone lit up, buzzing. 

She rolled her eyes.

Gregory, again? Jeez, your girlfriend’s having good dick on the dining table man, be patient, please. 

She picked her phone up and saw that it was… Beverly. Huh.

hey, nt to be a bother but we can hear u frm up here. 

its really loud, hahah.

Abigail laughed.

not me. guess who. 


its kimmie. hahhaha. 

she’s back home w greg alrdy? thats a quick anniv dinner.

nope. nt with him 😉


whaddya mean

she nv went fr the dinner.

shes fucking charles


charles who

like ur colleague charles. works w u… and greg

oh fuck off. kimmie’s such a good kid.

how stupid d’you think i am

keep it down will u, please

Abigail rolled her eyes. Knowing there was only one way to convince her new neighbor that she was telling the truth, Abigail very slightly cracked open the door to her room. Peeking, she poked her phone out, and snapped a couple of pictures quickly. In them, Kimberly was bent over the table, necklace dangling, eyes closed and lips pursed as Charles stood behind her, his torso blurred from his vigorous thrusting movements. 

Slipping back into her room, Abigail sent both pictures to Beverly. 

believe me now?




heh. don’t tell anyone, plz. she’ll kill me for taking those.

showed them to maddie already.

she is freaking. the fuck. out. hahaha

jeez okay no more after maddie, please

okay. fuck, i thought kimmie was such a good girl

we all did

who dyou think was fucking in cheryl’s bathroom that day

holy FUCK that was her??? with charles???

oh my fucking shit greg will KILL him if he finds out

yeah but he wont, because you wont tell him

yeah, yeah relax

sry for the bother

np, i gotta get back to work now

ttyl. u gotta fill me in on this juicy shit, fr tho

tmr. ttyl.

Abigail clicked her phone off with a devious smile and plugged her earphones back in. If she listened to the debauched din of the two lovers for any longer, she knew that she probably wouldn’t be able to resist the increasing urge to strip off her clothes and join them.


“Fuck you’re tight,” Charles muttered, his fingers buried in Kimberly’s ass. “You need to relax, or it’s gonna’ hurt,” he said, as he felt Kimberly’s tiny asshole relax the anxious clench she had had around his digits.

Slowly, Charles pulled his fingers out of her ass, and massaged it with the tips of his fingers again. She felt his cock slide out of her pussy, and the head of his heated rod rest against her puckered asshole. She took a deep breath as she felt him spit on her rosebud, and massage it in with his cock. The sensation of his burning rod teasing her asshole with his sticky pre-cum mixed with his saliva was a warmly pleasurable one, and Kimberly began to find herself excited at the thought of his girthy cock sliding into her virgin asshole for the first time. 

Kimberly braced herself, gripping the table she was leaning over firmly as Charles began easing his cock into her ass very, very slowly. She was surprised that, while there was a pang of pain from the initial moments of penetration, the thick head of his cock managed to slide into her relatively small, tight asshole with reasonable ease. Still digging her fingernails into the table – more with anxious anticipation than a fear of pain, now – she moaned softly as she felt Charles ease the length of his rod into her, slowly pulling her ass open and filling her to the hilt. 

“Oh fuck, oh fucking hell that feels g-good,” Kimberly moaned quietly, beginning to sympathize with Charles’ ex-lover’s sentiments. “I-I… I feel like a slut,” Kimberly whispered, partly to herself, and partly to Charles, “I feel so dirty.”

“That’s what makes it fun,” Charles grinned, his cock deep in her asshole, enjoying her tightness. “I’m proud of you,” Charles snickered, his hands around her hips, “You’ve come so far in one night. Going raw, taking it up the ass – you’re a five-star slut.”

“Anything for you,” Kimberly whimpered, as she felt Charles slowly wind his hips backward, beginning to thrust into her tight, lubed asshole.

“It’s your anniversary, and you’re taking it up the ass for someone you barely know,” Charles grunted, pumping into her slowly, “Most women save this shit for their boyfriends. You really are a fucking whore, aren’t you?”

“I’m a slut,” Kimberly nodded, biting her bottom lip, “I’m your fucking slut.”

She rocked her hips gently, meeting the rhythm of Charles’ restrained thrusts. He thrusted into her carefully, wanting to ease her into the pleasure of anal sex as smoothly as he could.

“Didn’t Greg beg you for this shit?”


“Anal,” Charles said, “He’s wanted to do this with you – you wouldn’t let him.”

“J-just ho-mmmh… just how much does he fucking tell you, exactly?” Kimberly asked, irritated at the breadth of information about her and Gregory’s sex life that Charles was apparently in possession of. 

Charles just grinned. 

“Anything else you’ll do for me that you won’t do for him?” Charles asked, confidently.

Kimberly turned around, and shook her head, though a mischievous smile crept across her face. While she wasn’t sure there was much more she could do with Charles that she hadn’t with Gregory, she didn’t doubt Charles’ ability to cook some lewd act up for them to play out that she hadn’t yet contemplated. 

Charles reached down to Kimberly’s clit, and toyed with it as he pumped into her ass with vigor, now that she had become accustomed to having him inside her. 

His firm, swift motions against her clit were just further proof of his effortless excellence with women – while Gregory struggled to manipulate Kimberly’s clit in any way that she could reasonably consider pleasurable, Charles had found her spot without even looking, by intuition and estimate alone. As he sublimely played with her clit while his cock drove in and out of her gradually loosening ass, Kimberly couldn’t help but begin to moan loudly again with wanton pleasure. She knew she would be disturbing Abigail in her room, but the pleasurable ‘ordeal’ Charles was putting her body through was too overwhelming for her to keep her lips sealed. 

Her legs shuddering and spreading, Kimberly felt a building climax in her wet, heated sex. 

Fuck, am I climaxing from… anal?

Maybe I really am a slut. 

“I-I… I’m g-gonna’ cum,” Kimberly moaned, reaching down between her legs and pressing her hand up to Charles’, joining his fervent motions against her clit. 

Her smooth legs slid further open, and Charles’ rod was wedged deep inside Kimberly’s asshole when she started to cum. Whimpering, she pressed her face into the table, her body shaking, and her cheeks dancing as jolt after jolt of orgasmic pleasure ran from through her spine. Happily overwhelmed by the feeling of cumming while her ass clenched firmly around a thick, girthy tool, tears streamed down Kimberly’s face as her body shook with orgasmic euphoria. 

Oh, that felt g-good,” Kimberly whined softly, “That felt so, so good.”

Her rosebud unclenched around Charles’ cock, and he slowly pulled it out of her. He stroked it over her ass, pleased at the gape he’d created with his large, thick member. Gently toying with her used asshole, he waited for Kimberly to recover from her orgasm before he told her how he planned to finish their night.

“It’s my turn now,” Charles said, as Kimberly got off the table, and turned around. 

Approaching him, she kissed him on the cheek as he pulled her up to him, by the waist. The two shared hungry, passionate kisses, Charles running his hands all across her now messy, disheveled dress, groping at her breasts and ass. 

Pulling away from their kiss, Charles put his hand to the top of Kimberly’s head and pressed on it lightly, signaling for her to drop to her knees. Kimberly did so intuitively, before realizing the import of his unspoken request.

“Y-you want me to finish you off?” Kimberly asked, gripping the cock that had freshly fucked her ass in her fist, and stroking it slowly. 

“With your mouth,” Charles said, his eyes directly on hers. 

“U-uhm, but y-you jus-”

“I just fucked you in the ass,” Charles said, nodding, “And now you’ll clean me off with those sexy lips you painted for your boyfriend.”

Kimberly’s eyes dropped back to Charles’ throbbing tool, and she remembered the first time she was in this same position two weeks ago. His hard cock was throbbing in exactly the same way it had been before, its veins bulging, and pre-cum dripping from his tip. The same urge to simply put aside her reticence, slip it into her mouth and take it down her throat also returned. With every passing second, she knew that that urge would not be resisted, no matter how depraved the act would be. 

Closing her eyes and opening her mouth, she let Charles grab his cock by its base and push it into her mouth and past her lips. The sweet-salty taste that hit her tongue was neither unpleasant nor the opposite, something she was pleasantly surprised by. Resting her butt against the flat spikes of her heels, Kimberly let herself be impaled by Charles’ rod, him using her mouth just like he’d used her ass – a fuck-toy for his pleasure. 

With saliva pouring down her chin, Charles pumped her mouth hungrily, his balls smacking against her chin as he began to grunt and groan, ready to cum. With both his hands sunk into Kimberly’s hair, he held her firmly in place as he began to shoot his hot, sticky load into her mouth and down her throat. 

The musky-sweet taste of Charles’ cum splashed against Kimberly’s tongue, and spurted down her throat. Letting aside the final vestiges of her purported ‘modesty’, Kimberly willingly sucked and licked on Charles’ cock, cleaning the cum that dripped from his still throbbing head, and swallowing it enthusiastically. Then, she pulled off his cock and gently massaged his balls, knowing that his post-orgasm sensitivity had now likely kicked in. 

Holding onto his muscular thighs for balance, she returned to her feet, and planted a small peck on Charles’ lips, before leading him back to her room by hand. There, the two collapsed in bed together, equally spent. 

Suddenly, Kimberly’s attention turned to the phone that lay on her dresser. 

Oh fuck.

She’d completely forgotten about the half an hour extension she’d asked Gregory for. Shooting out of bed, she was about to pull her dress up, pick up her clutch and run out of the door when she caught a look at herself in the mirror. 

Her makeup was runny, her lipstick smudged and her dress a mess, splattered with saliva and their juices.


Closing her eyes, she let out a long sigh, before sitting back in bed and picking up her phone.

She had nine missed calls from Gregory, and eight texts.

hey, skip the rendezvous spot, I’ll just meet u at the restaurant – on 3rd ave n East 47th – I’ll let the restaurant b the surprise 😉

hmu when ur done

heyyyy how’s it going?? can’t believe he’s holding u back this late

did u tell him its ur anniv? 

starting 2 get stares… i think these ppl don’t believe I have a girlfriend hahha

got a bit worried so gave Abbie a call. said ur probly working late

should’ve told me if ud known in advance, could have done this another day

okkk 10 more mins n then i’m coming over to have a chat with ur boss haha

Kimberly looked at the clock. 

Shit, he might’ve just left.

Fingers trembling, Kimberly tapped briskly at her keyboard.

heyyy babe im so, soooo sorry omg.

was in a meeting with the rest, whole office is held back with me

crazy day, i’m so sorry I didn’t know it was gonna last this long babe

i’m so tired rn, wanna do dinner so bad but don’t wanna be there lookin exhausted

let’s do it next week, i promise, on me

i’m alr out of the office so u won’t catch me there

Kimberly tossed her phone aside before Gregory could reply, knowing she was not in the right frame of mind to deal with his responses. 

When Kimberly turned around, Charles was fully dressed.

“For someone who takes their time fucking, you sure get dressed quick,” Kimberly quipped in a snarky tone, remembering how swiftly Charles had gotten dressed at Cheryl’s house too.

Charles shrugged. He came up to her, kissed her on the cheek, and winked.

“Catch ya’ later,” he grinned. 

She caught a final waft of his strong perfume as he opened her door to her room and stepped out. He waved to Abigail, who was now in the living room as he walked toward the front door.

“Thanks for setting this up,” he said, grinning, as he opened the door.

“Shhh!” Abigail said, shaking her head vigorously, just as Kimberly popped her head out of the door, a quizzical look on her face.

“Set what up?” Kimberly asked, just as Charles shut the door behind her.

“I… uh,” Abigail stammered shyly, her cheeks flushing. 

“Spit it out Abbie.”

“I didn’t set anything up!” Abigail blurted out defensively. “Okay, I mean… he was gonna’ come by today anyway, he knew it was your anniversary because Greg told him and all I did was tell him what time you were gonna’ be leaving the house because he didn’t wanna’ miss you.”

There was a silence, as Kimberly stared at Abigail, waiting to see if there was more to her story. 

“Fine… he specifically wanted to show up just before you left,” Abigail said, rolling his eyes, “Big deal… you had fun, he had fun, and you can just have dinner tomorrow, or something.”

Kimberly shut her eyes and let out a long sigh. 

Everything felt out of sorts. Everything. It wasn’t something Kimberly was used to, but this uncertainty… it excited her. For the first time in her life, things felt like they were out of her control – Kimberly knew she should feel some measure of fear, but instead, all she felt was an excitement for the unknown.