A Series of Mistakes (Part 3)

“Cool, I set some things aside for the drive, I’ll hand them to you tomorrow,” Abigail said, as she rummaged through the cupboard above the stove. “Also, something interesting – I don’t know if you know that, uhm… that girl… I saw her at the party – beautiful auburn hair, really sexy, Asian too…”


“Yeah, Beverly! I met her, uh… briefly, at the party,” Abigail said, “And I saw her today outside the complex – she’s moving in! To the place above us.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Kimberly said, smiling softly, “Y’know, Greg has always had a bit of a crush on her.”

Oooh, got a little infidelity four-way going here, eh?” Abigail giggled, leaning against the kitchen countertop.

“Ugh, don’t be gross,” Kimberly groaned, rolling her eyes, “It’s super innocent. You know Greg. Ever the perfect boyfriend.”

“And I thought I knew you,” Abigail said, winking cheekily. 

“Strange, also, because this, uh, this girl I knew from college – she was a year under me – I met her on the way up yesterday… and she said she was moving in upstairs too. Really sweet girl… a bit obsessed with me, but sweet, still,” Kimberly said mulling over the coincidence.

“Madison? They’re gonna’ be roommates!” Abigail said, “That’s what Beverly said, at least.”

“Whaaa…? Small world,” Kimberly said, her voice trailing off as her thoughts wandered for the umpteenth time that day. 

Abigail paused, concerned by Kimberly’s distance since her night with Charles.

“There’s no reason to feel so down, babe – it was a stupid fling, you had fun, nobody got hurt – that’s it. Chill out and move on,” Abigail shrugged, trying to sound as casual as possible.

Patting her friend on the back reassuringly, Abigail decided to give her friend some space, and left Kimberly to herself. 

Kimberly wished she could be as flippant about her relationships as Abigail was about hers. It was equal parts fascinating and disturbing. Perhaps that’s what year after year of casual sex and the refusal to commit did to a person. 

Kimberly thoughts were brusquely interrupted by another flashback to the night she’d had with Charles. Instantly, Kimberly saw the irony of judging Abigail’s approach to commitment. Here she had was, supposedly a ‘good girl’ with a dear, loving boyfriend who gave her everything she could ask for, and yet, somehow, she’d betrayed him in a bathroom (albeit, a very, very classy bathroom) for a playboy with a smooth tongue, and a big… girthy, throbbi-


Tomorrow was Kimberly’s anniversary with Gregory, and she was determined to enjoy the elaborate, romantic dinner he had planned for the both of them. She had already picked out a sexy little number that she’d bought on a trip they took to Barcelona two months ago – a short, beige dress that made it just up to her upper thighs, with a black leather belt that slunk around it and hugged its midriff around her hips. She thought it went particularly well with the flashy multi-strand crystal necklace Gregory had splurged on as an anniversary gift to Kimberly with the money he got from his year-end bonus at BR. All that, plus her favorite pair of black, three-inch heels, and Kimberly knew she would have Gregory’s jaw on the floor the minute he laid eyes on her. 

While dinner’s venue was supposedly a surprise, Gregory had told Kimberly not to worry about being overdressed, so Kimberly was excited to doll herself up for the event. She had also told herself that she’d give Gregory the time of his life after, though that was mostly driven by the guilt that she’d performed debased acts of carnal bonding with Charles that she hadn’t graced Gregory with in quite some time, and not so much because she was looking forward to sleeping with Gregory again. 

Again, Kimberly remembered the first time she saw Charles’ cock in all its glory, and how she’d thought long and hard about acquiescing to his requests to put it in her mouth… fuck. A blowjob had never felt so good. 



“Woah, looking good babe,” Abigail whistled, giving Kimberly an impressed once-over as she stepped out of her room. “Greg’s gonna’ be so fuckin’ horny,” Abigail giggled, “Are you gonna’ do him in the toilet like you did Charles?”


“Oh right, sorry – he’s too delicate for that kinda’ thing,” Abigail smirked, “Look, enjoy yourself, kay? I have a shit ton of work to clear tonight, so I might still be up whenever you get back.”

Abigail waved goodbye to her friend, and slipped back into her room, her eyes glued to her phone and her fingers tapping furiously on her digital keyboard. 

Seconds after Abigail had closed her door behind her, the doorbell rang. 

Huh. Who could that be?

Kimberly looked at the clock on the wall – fifteen minutes to seven. She had forty-five minutes to get to the rendezvous point Gregory had given her. Whoever this was, they had better make it quick. 

She peered through the peephole of her door, but all she saw was a man with a cap holding what looked like cardboard box full of… clothes? 


Despite remembering yesterday that there was a possibility that Charles could show up at her apartment like he’d promised when he had first met her, she had written off the possibility of him actually remembering what he had said that night and keeping to it. That, plus the fact that she’d been so absorbed with preparing for her anniversary date with Gregory right after getting home from work meant that, for the first time in two weeks, Charles had barely crossed her mind the entire day.  

“Who is it?” she called out.

“Delivery – for the drive?”

I didn’t give anyone my fucking address…

She opened the door, and there he was. The first thing that hit Kimberly was the smell of his cologne. Her senses were instantly overwhelmed by the same forested, musky perfume that he had worn on the night of the party, and almost immediately triggered vivid memories of their intimate time together. 

“Told you I’d bring something,” were his first words, as he set the carboard box of clothes down in the doorway. 

“I-I… uh, thanks,” Kimberly stammered, flustered, as she held the door open, “I didn’t expect you to actually come by.”

“Aren’t you gonna’ invite me in?”

“I… I have to go t-…” 

“Dinner with Greg? It’s your anniversary isn’t it?” Charles interrupted, finishing her sentence.

Kimberly blushed a bright red. 

“Yes, he’s waiting f-for me,” Kimberly said softly, her eyes on Charles’. “What happened that night… really shouldn’t have. Really. I can’t do that again, I really, really can’t,” Kimberly said, as earnestly as she could, even as her confused thoughts were tugging her in every direction. 

“So, you’re not gonna’ invite me in?” Charles asked, grinning self-confidently. 

Kimberly sighed. 

“Five minutes. You can grab a drink,” Kimberly said, “And thank you for the clot-”

Charles reached his hand down to Kimberly’s cheek, lifted her head, and planted a confident, hungry kiss on her lips. 

Instinctively, Kimberly returned it. Charles’ lips were so easy to melt into, and kissing him felt so natural and so incredibly sensual, like nothing like she’d ever experienced with any other man (much less Gregory, who had always struggled a little in the lip-locking department).   

When she realized what she was doing, Kimberly broke away from the kiss, and pressed her hand up against Charles’ chest in an attempt to keep him at a distance from her. 

“Please, we really shouldn’t,” Kimberly whispered, her lips still quivering from their kiss. 

“You want this, Kimberly,” Charles said, wrapping his arms around Kimberly’s waist and pulling her up to him. 

“I-I… I just want things to go back to normal,” she said, sighing, knowing that ‘normal’ no longer seemed like an option for her.

“They won’t,” Charles said, his face right above hers, “Accept it.”

Again, he pressed his lips up to hers, his hands grabbing her ass firmly through her dress. Their kisses grew passionate, and Kimberly couldn’t help but sink into his warm, commanding embrace. He was so magnetic, and it took a certain measure of disciplined willpower to again push him away that Kimberly knew she didn’t have. 

“Tell him to wait,” Charles whispered in her ear, as he nuzzled against her cheek and kissed down her neck, “Tell him you’ll be late.”

Kimberly hesitated, her hands clinging onto the back of his neck as he rained kisses on her neck, and against the necklace Gregory had bought her. 

“Do it,” he told her again, grabbing at one of her breasts through her tight, silky blouse, and massaging it firmly, “We won’t be long.”

Wordlessly, Kimberly pulled the phone she had in her handbag on the coffee table next to her and pulled it out. Her fingers trembling, she began typing.

honey. will b late. caught up at work.

no worries hottie 😉

i’ll be at the place soon. how long will u take?

just 20 mins mayb? 

30 mins. sry. bit of a last minute thing.

it’s cool. will be waiting.

rendezvous spot is on park ave and e 32 st again, in case u didn’t have it.

there’ll be a surprise 😉 

Kimberly put her phone down, closed her eyes, and exhaled. The guilt she felt in the pit of her stomach was strong, but with Charles right in front of her, she felt like her emotions were caught in a blurry, aroused haze. She could barely think straight. All she could think about was the way Charles ran his hands over her dress – how it made her feel wanted, prized, and so, so fucking horny for him. 

“Kiss me,” he said, nuzzling up to her face, his stubble scratching against her chin.

Kimberly pressed her lips to Charles’ and kissed him hungrily, her hand wrapped around the back of his neck. 

“Let’s go into my room,” she whispered, in between kisses, “I don’t want Abbie seeing me out here.”

The pair kissed and fumbled their way across the living room, backed into the door to Kimberly’s room, pushed it open, and stumbled into her room. Kimberly kicked the door shut behind her, and the pair fell onto Kimberly’s bed together, tangled in one another’s arms. Breaking away momentarily, Charles began unbuttoning his shirt. 

At that moment, Kimberly realized that she hadn’t seen Charles with his shirt off before. While it was clear that Charles was a regular at the gym, she only now saw how incredibly fit, toned and chiseled his chest and abs were. Kimberly admired the menacingly masculine tattoo of a dragon he had inked onto his left pectoral, snaking over his shoulder blade. It reminded her of the time that Gregory had wanted to get a tattoo, but she’d convinced him not to, telling him she didn’t find inked skin attractive – another thing she had been wrong about. 

Throwing his shirt aside, Charles undid his trousers and tossed them to the side of the bed. Then, he pulled Kimberly’s dress up to her waist and pressed his fingers up to her crotch. 

“Panties today,” Charles snickered, “Greg doesn’t get a naked pussy for his anniversary dinner?”

Kimberly’s cheeks reddened, but she ignored the remark. 

Charles massaged Kimberly’s pussy through her underwear firmly. The warmth of Kimberly’s sex emanated against Charles’ fingers, and the longer he toyed with her pussy, the more he felt her moistness begin to permeate her thin, laced panties. 

“How long do we have?” Charles asked Kimberly, pulling her panties aside and teasing her wet lips with the tips of his fingers. 

“I-I told him half an h-hour,” Kimberly whimpered gently, her hips writhing as her body begged for Charles to press his fingers into her cunt. 

“Huh,” Charles grunted, “Guess we better get to it, then.”

Pulling his cock out of his boxers, he slapped it against Kimberly’s pussy, rubbing its bare head against her clit, and relishing Kimberly’s quiet, desperate moans. His pre-cum smeared across her pussy, and the head of his cock threatened to push past her lips without protection. 

Feeling the heat of his bare cock against her cunt, Kimberly gently pushed her hands against his hips. 

“Condom, please,” Kimberly whispered, taking his cock in her left hand and stroking it.

Charles reached into the pocket of his trousers that lay crumpled atop the bed and pulled out a condom wrapper. Tearing it open, he rolled a thin, skintight condom onto his cock. Then, spitting on his hand, he smeared his saliva against the length of his rod for lube, before pressing his cock up to Kimberly’s pussy and pushing it into her, slowly.

Kimberly gasped in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Despite their previous encounter, Kimberly was still not completely comfortable with the size of Charles’ girthy, long cock. Biting her bottom lip, she closed her eyes and waited for Charles to fill her completely before she relaxed, and let her sex close around him. 

Exhaling, she moaned gently as Charles began driving his cock in and out of her with slow, long strokes. She watched as his hips swung smoothly, with the deftness of an expert in lovemaking. Sexually, she was enamored with him – the way his hand reached down and groped with her breasts, and the way he so easily maneuvered his large cock in and out of her… everything he did to her only magnified her lust for him. 

“Whose slut are you?” Charles grunted, twisting her nipple between his fingers roughly. 

Remembering the ordeal Charles had put her through the last time she didn’t immediately respond to him, and not wanting Charles to pull out of her for anything in the world, Kimberly responded immediately.

“I-I-mmh… I’m yours,” she panted, her breasts dancing as Charles drove into her, faster now, “I’m your slut, Charles.”

Kimberly’s cheeks burned pink as soon as the words left her mouth. Saying Charles’ name in bed created an intimacy between her and her lover that threw her off-guard – it had been a long time since she’d had sex with anyone but Gregory, and the ‘wrongness’ of saying his name like he was someone special… like he was Gregory… it sent shot of illicit, aroused excitement down her spine. Was she enjoying cheati-

Suddenly, Charles pressed his thumb up to Kimberly’s clit, and began massaging it while her cock drove into her, eliciting a loud, squealing moan from Kimberly. His free hand pulled her toned legs up, and rested her ankles on his shoulders so that he had the room to drive deeper into her. 

“D’you want me to take those off?” Kimberly panted, motioning toward the heels that she still had on.

“I told you I like those on,” Charles grinned, one of his hands running up and down her legs, kissing at them while he continued to nudge firmly at her clit with the other. “I’m curious,” Charles continued, a devilish smile forming, “Why didn’t you ever keep them on for Greg?”

His strokes sped up, and he ran his tongue along her leg, teasing her. 

“Was it because he just wasn’t good enough?” he continued, smirking, “Or d’you keep them on for me because I’m better?”

Kimberly shook her head shyly, embarrassed. 

“Say it,” Charles grunted, his finger pressed directly up to Kimberly’s clit, vibrating against it fervently, “Tell me I’m better.”

“Y-you’re better,” Kimberly whispered, moaning.

“Better than who?”