A Series of Mistakes (Part 2)

He was so fucking big, Kimberly couldn’t believe it. It was like nothing she’d ever felt before. She was, for the first time in her life, filled, in the truest sense of the word. Charles’ cock was so much longer and so much meatier than Gregory’s, that she could feel him pulling her insides apart, negotiating as much room for himself as he could. In fact, his cock was just like him – belligerent, selfish, and so, so sensual. She could feel it throbbing inside her, almost like it was testing her limits – just how far it could prod into her, and pull her lips open to take more of him. The first time he filled her up to the hilt, she felt his head nudge against her g-spot, and that alone was a near-orgasmic experience. 

As he drove into her slowly, bit down on her hand to keep herself from moaning out loud in ecstasy. Still afraid of being caught, her teeth sunk firmly into the back of her hand as Charles took her to sensual heights she, till now, hadn’t known were possible. Her body rocked and her tits swung each time he thumped into her, his hips smacking into her ass, and his thighs into hers. She shifted her beautifully sculpted legs, the bottoms of her heels scraping against the floor as she spread them wider, wanting to feel more of Charles’ heated rod deeper inside her. 

Each time her legs shifted open, Charles snickered to himself, satisfied. He finally had her – Kimberly, the good, faithful, cute little girlfriend that no one else had been able to unlock like he just had. He drove his hips against her slowly, pushing his cock into her an inch at a time, and pulling out in the same, teasing manner. He watched as her thighs shook, and her hips quivered each time he was nearly out – she wouldn’t say it, but she was wordlessly begging for him to fill her up again, each and every stroke he took. 

The next time he slid back into her, he wound his hips in a gyrating, circular motion, massaging her insides with his throbbing, heated pole, and watching smugly as she pressed her forehead against the wall in front of her and let out a muted, reverberating moan against the back of her hand. 

As Charles circled his hips and swished his cock inside her, Kimberly felt herself already approaching her climax. Her face reddened as she realized that she was going to cum before Charles had even begun working on her in earnest – he was still easing into her with slow, tempting strokes, and his sensual, hungry gyrations. Still, her embarrassment at cumming from Charles’ earliest moves wasn’t enough to bar her body from tipping over the edge. 

No longer able to find the will to mute her moans, Kimberly’s hand dropped from her mouth and she let out a loud, piercing squeal as her sex exploded with her first orgasm of the night. A wave of pleasure beginning from between her legs travelled through her body, and set her awash in a glowing, fiery orgasmic warmth. Her thighs shook, and her knees nearly collapsed as she felt Charles grip her hips tightly, steadying her as her body shook involuntarily from one of the most intense and pleasurable climaxes she’d had in a long, long time.

“Y-you,” Kimberly panted, still moaning, “You’re amazing.”

Kimberly had been preventing herself from being verbally complimentary of Charles this past half-an-hour. She did this despite knowing it was a lost cause, considering the signs her body had been giving their entire encounter, but the earth-shattering orgasm he’d just brought her to within a mere minute of introducing himself into her broke Kimberly’s resolve completely. Before this moment, Kimberly tried to keep comparisons between her boyfriend and Charles, as far as she could, from lingering in her mind. The thought of comparing Gregory’s sexual prowess with Charles had sickened her with guilt, until this. She could no longer pretend like she wasn’t weighing the two men’s comparative aptitudes for sex, just like she couldn’t pretend that Charles wasn’t so completely superior to Gregory in every way. The last time she’d cum like this – while she was sure it must have happened at least once – wasn’t a time she could remember clearly anymore. More importantly, it had taken Charles no real effort, or any determined attempt to do it. Charles was a natural, through-and-through, and Kimberly was falling hard for him. 

“Now, I want you… here,” Charles grunted, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her over to the futuristic-looking sink in the Onsen-room, and in front of the tall, borderless mirror that sat over it.

Kimberly blushed furiously when she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, her mascara was running, and her dress was crumpled. 

“I want you to watch me fuck the shit out of you,” Charles said, pressing his lips up to her ear and growling in it, “You’ll see how fucking hot you are for me.”

Kimberly nodded, acquiescing, though her eyes still darted away from the mirror, embarrassed at the thought of watching herself be ploughed by a man she barely knew. He pressed his cock back into her, and this time, began driving into her with purposeful force.  


Fuck me,” Beverly said, walking back down the corridor she’d passed fifteen minutes ago, “Are they still at it?”

Abigail giggled, and nodded her head. 

“They’re loud too,” Beverly commented, “That’s two rules of the office-party quickie rulebook they’re breaking.” 

Beverly stood still for a moment longer, her eyes narrowing at Abigail.

“Any reason you’re standing out here, creepily listening in on their fucking?” Beverly asked, half-amused. 

The question caught Abigail by surprise. It was her friend inside, but she wasn’t about to throw her under the bus to save herself from an awkward situation. 

“I… uh,” Abigail stuttered, her mind whirring, trying to come up with a plausible explanation, “The uh, uhm, th-”

Abigail was interrupted by another loud, wanton moan from inside the toilet. 

“Geez those two are really enjoying themselves,” Beverly remarked, before giving Abigail one last suspicious glance, and strutting down the hallway, back to the party. 

Seconds later, the boyish-looking lover she earlier had in tow came rushing down the hallway, flashing Abigail a sheepish smile as he hurriedly tucked his shirt in and slipped down the stairs after Beverly. 


“There’re people outside again,” Kimberly whispered as Charles kept driving into her, relentlessly. 

“I don’t fucking care,” Charles grunted, sweat dripping from his brow as he continued thumping into Kimberly. 

“Just g-mmh, go s-slow, please,” Kimberly asked, turning her head slightly to plead with Charles. 

Charles didn’t respond. Rather than acquiesce, Kimberly felt one of Charles’ hand snake under her sex and press up against her clit. As he continued driving into her, he began roughly toying with it, while he, with impish glee, watched her shudder with pleasure. Unable to muster the physical or mental strength to restrain Charles, Kimberly began whimpering loudly, her sex being roughly toyed with both on the inside and outside. 

Knowing that she would be heard was no longer enough to dampen her cries – she knew her high-pitched whine, and the sounds of Charles’ thumping were loud enough to penetrate the door of the Onsen-room, but could no longer muster the resolve to suppress herself. A minute after Charles had begun his tag-team onslaught on Kimberly’s pussy and clit, Kimberly felt her sex explode with her second climax of the day. Kimberly squealed in delight as she felt jolt after jolt of unadulterated, sexual euphoria shoot up her spine as her orgasm ravaged her every lucid sense. 

“Open your eyes,” Charles demanded, his hand roughly pushing her face upward, egging her to watch herself in the mirror.

Kimberly opened her eyes and watched as her body shook in pure pleasure, and Charles slowly pressed one of his fingers into her mouth, tugging at her lips as he held his cock deep inside her, waiting for her orgasm to ease. 

“Oh my f-fucking shit,” Kimberly moaned, now quietly, as her climax ebbed to an understated end. 

A second orgasm in ten minutes. 

This is nothing like anything I’ve ever fucking experienced in my fucking life. 


Gregory has never had me like this. Never. 



I’m so sorry, baby. 


“Ah, hi!” Gregory smiled, before shaking the hand of the petite young woman he was being introduced to, “You must be Mad…dison.”

“Maddie is fine, really!” the giggly young woman responded, shaking his hand daintily, “You’re Kimberly’s boyfriend, right?”

“Indeed, I am,” Gregory said, glowing proudly, “Which reminds me, I haven’t seen he-”

“I am such a big fan of her work,” Madison gushed, “We used to go to college together and she did so much for the environmental and humanitarian societies there – she is such an inspiration, honestly.”

“Ah, so you guys are friends?” Gregory asked absent-mindedly, his eyes scanning the room for Kimberly.

“Yes… kind of! We hung out a bit in college,” Bethany rambled, “I was so happy to see her here! Small world huh?”

“Y-yeah, small world!” Gregory smiled politely. “Well, it was really nice talking to you, let Mack know I said hi – I’ll be seeing him at the Monday morning meeting, actually,” Gregory said with an awkward finger-gun, before slipping away into the crowd in continuance of his search for his girlfriend. 

Maybe Abbie’ll know. I think I saw her going up the…


“Oh m-my god, Greg!” Abigail said, shocked, her voice trembling. 

“Hey, what’re you doing up here?” Gregory asked as he began walking down the corridor toward Abigail. 

Abigail shot forward, meeting Gregory halfway. 

“I, u-uh, I was… looking for the uh, washroom.” 

“Oh, right,” Gregory said, a look of confusion forming on his face as he remembered that there was a toilet downstairs that he was positive Abigail had pointed out to him earlier on. “But, uh, anyway – I was looking for Kimberly. You seen her?” he asked, peering behind Abigail.

“Kimberly? Nooo… I haven’t, nope,” Abigail said, as casually as she could, shrugging.

A few seconds of awkward silence prevailed between the two, before Abigail spoke again.

Actually, I think she was in the garden, downstairs – I remember Cheryl saying she was going to take a small group out for a tour of the grounds,” Abigail quickly said. “That way,” she said, pointing back in the direction Gregory had come from. 

“R-right, cool,” Gregory said, turning away slowly, “Let Kimberly know I’m looking for her if you catch her.”

“Got it,” Abigail smiled back. 

Once Gregory was out of sight, Abigail turned around and let out a huge sigh of relief. She’d saved Kimberly’s ass, and she was somewhat proud of herself, despite the circumstances. She felt a strange sense of duty to preserve Kimberly’s ability to continue exploring this new, more open side of herself, and she was more than happy to carry it out.


“W-where are we going now?” Kimberly asked as, Charles pulled out of her, and guided her across the room. 

Her heels click-clacked against the marbled floor of the room, her eyes widening as she saw where he was taking her.

“Here,” he said, pushing her up against the door, and pulling her dress back up to her hips.

“They’ll hear us,” she whined, just as his cock began to slide smoothly back into her pussy. 

“You think they haven’t already?” he grunted, throbbing inside her. “Now, be a good girl and let me cum,” he said, gripping a fistful of her hair as he did. 

Kimberly whimpered as he began driving into her again, his hand pulling back on her head as he ravaged her hungrily. She supported herself against the door with her hands, which was now rattling from the force of Charles’ thrusts into her. 

“Whose slut are you?” he grunted in her ear, as he reached between her delicious legs, and nudged them further apart, giving him deeper access into her cunt. 

Kimberly shook her head, abashed. 

“Answer me,” Charles said, gripping tighter on her hair. 

“N-no, please,” Kimberly begged, reluctant to sink further into debauchery than she already had. 

Upon hearing her response, Charles swiftly pulled his cock out of her and watched as her pussy quivered as a result of his sudden vacation. Kimberly groaned, and turned around. Her eyes were watery and blackened with runny mascara. 

“P-please, put it back in me,” she begged, “Please.”

“Answer the question,” Charles said, massaging her head in his firm grip.

“P-please, don’t make me say it,” she quivered, eyes closed, “I-I… I love him.”

Charles smirked, and leaned down. He pressed the length of his cock against her pussy, and slowly humped it against the length of her slit. He smiled, and watched as she moaned, mouth open and lips quivering – she needed him back inside her.

“J-just put it b-mmh… b-back inside me, please,” she whimpered again. 

Charles didn’t respond. He continued sliding his cock against her cunt, waiting. 

“I… I’m y-yours,” Kimberly whispered, “I-I’m your slut.”

Immediately, Charles slid his cock back into her and filled her to the hilt, giving Kimberly the sweet, sensual release she was craving. For the third time that night, she came. And for the first time in her life, her orgasm was so violent and so explosive that she felt her juices shoot out of her cunt and splatter against Charles’ cock, which was deeply lodged inside her. Moaning, Kimberly’s nectar also squirted out of her pussy and down her long, smooth legs. 

“T-that’s never happened,” Kimberly moaned, panting, as she felt her warm juices begin to run down the back of her thighs.

Charles grinned, and held his cock in place, enjoying Kimberly’s warm, massaging orgasmic contractions around his cock. He bent down and kissed the back of her neck, smiling as she flinched at his touch, the skin on her body still sensitive from her ebbing orgasm.

As her climax came to an end, Charles began driving into her again. This time, Kimberly could tell from the way his cock was throbbing eagerly inside her that he too was, finally, on the verge of cumming. 

A short minute later, Charles smoothly pulled his rod out of Kimberly’s cunt and rolled the condom off his cock. Then, he stroked himself to the sight of Kimberly’s tight, toned ass and her long, lightly tanned legs.

“Not on my dress, please,” Kimberly whimpered, her eyes fixated on Charles’ cock, and the furious speed at which he was jerking on it. 

Groaning, Charles exploded against Kimberly’s ass and thighs. Mesmerized, Kimberly watched as shot after shot of warm, sticky cum spewed out of Charles’ cock and landed on her butt. His shower of cum began to run slowly down the insides of her thigh and the back of her legs, till they sunk into the straps and the insoles of her heels. 

Before she’d even half-recovered from their whirlwind encounter, Kimberly looked up and saw Charles’ nearly fully dressed. He had pulled his boxers and trousers back on, and was carefully styling his hair in the mirror with a small tube of hair wax he’d pulled out of his pocket. 

Kimberly rolled her eyes – as predictable as his ability to pleasure her well had been, so was Charles’ disregard for her after it. Carefully, she pulled her dress back down in place, and, slowly, walked across the Onsen-room to the box of disposable tissues that sat on the counter-top. 

As she was cleaning herself up, Charles came up to her, kissed her on the cheek and gave her a cheeky wink. 

“Till next time,” he grinned, before cracking open the door to the bathroom.

“Ah, Abbie,” he exclaimed, not expecting to see the woman who’d been trying to get his eye earlier so soon after his latest conquest. “Been here the whole time?” he asked, suppressing a laugh.

“As a matter fact, I was…” Abigail responded, wryly. “Is Kimberly okay?” she asked, slightly concerned that her friend hadn’t yet emerged from the bathroom behind Charles. 

“She’s fine, you can see for yourself,” Charles said, pushing the door open, and then disappearing down the hallway.

“Fuck,” Kimberly said, seeing her friend in the doorway.

Too exhausted to deny her involvement in the tryst she was sure her friend had got an earful of, she sunk her back against the wall and let out a long, defeated sigh. 

“Please don’t tell Greg,” Kimberly whispered, the euphoria of her sexual encounter now wearing off, and the guilt she felt in the pit of her stomach magnifying by the second. 

“You’re joking,” Abigail said, briskly walking up to her friend and placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder, “Of course not.”

Carefully, Abigail helped her friend fix her makeup, hair and dress. She offered her her lipstick to repaint her lips, and carefully shifted her pristine, glistening jewelry back in symmetrical place against her neck. 

“Woah, that is… a lot of cum,” Abigail said, noticing a stream of Charles’ seed running down Kimberly’s leg that she’d missed in her earlier clean-up. 

Pulling a wad of tissues out of the box on the counter-top next to her, she swabbed Kimberly’s leg clean and tossed the soiled tissue in the wastebin. 

“You’ve got a stain on your dress, but it’s barely noticeable,” Abigail murmured, as she examined Kimberly from top to bottom, ensuring she hadn’t missed out on any telltale signs of her tryst with Charles. 

“I fucking told him not to get it on my dress, ugh,” Kimberly groaned, rubbing at the spot to no avail.

“Tis a small price for good sex,” Abigail winked, “It sounded fucking amazing, by the way. Never knew you had this in you.”

Kimberly’s face reddened. She didn’t either. 

Still sore between the legs, Kimberly walked out of the room as presentably as she could, mentally preparing herself for the moment she’d have to face her boyfriend again. 

It had been a wild, wild night. She knew things would never be the same again. 


“Thinking about that good dick?” Abigail giggled, smacking her friend’s ass lightly as she passed her in the kitchen. 

Kimberly blushed. Too embarrassed to admit that Abigail had been spot on, she quickly returned to the task at hand while trying not to smile. 

Since that day with Charles two weeks ago, all Kimberly could think of was Charles’ huge, girthy cock and the way he’d dicked her silly. More than that, she found herself enamored with him. The way he carried himself – the air of confidence, the flippancy, and the way he so casually commanded her attention and her body. He was a natural, and the experience left her starving for more.

Things, however, meandered on with Gregory. It took a lot for Kimberly not to cave under the guilt and tell Gregory everything that had happened between her and Charles at the party, especially in the first couple of days after it happened. After that, the guilt remained, but it weighed a little less heavily on her conscience. 

She sometimes thought that, perhaps with time, her guilt would dissipate entirely and things would go back to normal. But then she would remember the moments she shared with Charles – the raw, sexual energy that pervaded every inch of her body – and struggled to see how things between herself and Gregory could ever be the same again. She loved him dearly, but he came up short in everything that Charles excelled so well in. Charles was, in short, the antithesis of her boyfriend, and she couldn’t get him out of her mind. 

It didn’t help that Abigail took every chance to remind her of her infidelity that night. Her friend was thoroughly tickled by the fact that Kimberly was capable of such immodesty, especially after years and years of watching Kimberly be so staunchly vanilla, especially when it came to her sex life. At times, Kimberly felt like she was spending every waking moment thinking about Charles, in one way or another. 

“Also, babe, that uh… clothes drive thingy,” Abigail cooed from across the kitchen, “When was that again?”

Kimberly froze. The drive… she’d completely forgotten about it.

“T-that’s, uh… it’s tomorrow,” Kimberly stuttered, remembering the conversation she’d had with Charles two weeks ago. 

Would he…? No. There was no way.