A Series of Mistakes (Part 1)

“Ugh, here he comes,” Kimberly mumbled, rolling her eyes. 

The unmistakable rumble of Charles Parker’s Porsche was familiar to most of the people at the unofficial BlackRock year-end party – after all, Charles, was one of the firm’s biggest earners in 2018. 

“Hah,” Gregory chuckled, gently elbowing Kimberly, “Your favorite.” 

BlackRock – or BR for short – was one of Wall Street’s most prominent asset management firms and was hardly conservative in its bid to reward its best employees generously. Since Charles secured his place on the firm’s top earner list three months ago, he splurged on a 911 which he insisted on taking everywhere – from the most menial errand to the biggest party in town, you could bet your life on Charles zipping up in his Porsche a fashionable thirty-five minutes late. Even then, while Charles was slow to turn down a chance to wave his metaphorical dong in his peers’ faces, his charming smile and friendly demeanor meant that most people were willing to look past flashes of his arrogant showmanship.

“Ugh, look you guys hang out – I’m gonna’ go and look for Abig-”

“Aw, come on Kimberly, he’s harmless,” Gregory whined, locking his arm around his girlfriend’s, “He’s gonna’ know something’s up if you split the second he arrives.”

“Five minutes,” Kimberly relented, curtly.

They both watched Charles snap the door of his car shut, shuffle nimbly up the flight of stairs, and join them on the beautifully designed balcony-patio of an opulent home that had been gracefully opened for the party.

“Fuckin’ hell – this is Cheryl’s place? I can’t wait to make Director,” Charles exclaimed, scanning the patio, before turning back to his friend. “Ah, it’s so good to see you, brother,” he smiled, yanking Gregory in by the arm for a firm hug. 

Then, he turned to Kimberly, and gave her a once-over. 

Mmh, you are looki-” 

“I’m fine, thanks for asking,” Kimberly cut him off, with a wry smile. 

Charles chuckled, and Kimberly let a small chuckle escape in response. As much as she abhorred Charles’ unnecessarily showy manner, she couldn’t help but be momentarily entertained by his boyish antics. 

When he reached in towards her for a hug, Kimberly extended her hand and pressed it against his chest.

“Stay back, slippery fingers,” she said sharply, “Let’s keep it to a handshake this time.”

No way you’re still mad about that,” Charles chuckled, rubbing his chin, “It was an accident! Come on, even Greg agrees.”

Kimberly shook her head, remembering the first time Gregory introduced his friend of six years to her – even before Charles’ had shown up, Greg couldn’t stop talking about him. The two of them joined the firm at the same time: bright-eyed associates with very little experience, but a generous helping of drive. Together, they worked sleepless nights and tired mornings, climbing the firm’s ladder till their latest promotions as salaried partners a short six months ago. While Charles had taken the cake as one of the top earners this year, Gregory always remained in the running – Kimberly was rooting for him to pip his best friend to the earner’s list in the next year, and it wasn’t, by any means, wishful thinking. Still, the two had managed to stay the best of friends despite going head-to-head in everything they did.

That said, Kimberly also hadn’t forgotten how, on their first meeting, a tipsy Charles’ hands had slid down her lower back too many times to be written off as ‘accidental’ like he was now insisting. She wasn’t the sort who was overly-fussy about touch, and it wasn’t like she’d never noticed how incredibly attractive Charles was, but Kimberly hated the thought of Charles thinking he could have his way with her like he did all the other women that fawned over his chiseled jaw, thick, blonde hair and blue eyes. 

“You boys have fun,” she said, pecking Gregory on the cheek, “I’m going to grab a drink and have a chat with Abigail – she promised me she’d give me five minutes to talk to her about the Red Cross drive on our street next week – I’m trying to get that girl to hand over just a couple of the hundreds of shirts she has stuffed away in her wardrobe that barely see the light of day.”

Swiveling around, Kimberly disappeared into the crowd.


“Are you even listening, Abby?” Kimberly groaned, noticing her friend’s eyes were gazing over her head, into the crowd behind her. 

“Uh huh, you want me to, uh, hand my uh… uh,” Abigail mumbled, while rummaging through her clutch and pulling out her stick of deep red lipstick. 

She swiped open her phone’s front-facing camera and re-painted lips carefully. When she was done, she smacked them, satisfied. 

“I give up,” Kimberly sighed, “Who is it?”

“Don’t know his name but he is that hot piece of ass talking to your boyfriend right now,” Abigail smiled, licking her lips. 

“Parker?! Charles Parker?” Kimberly snorted, “God, that guy is so typical for you.”

“So… a good fuck that’s not overly-clingy?” Abigail smiled, “Perfect.”

“What happened to the last guy – the, uh… the actor? Said he was on a Broadwa-”

“Oh, Alex? He got boring quick… like, real quick, if you know what I mean,” Abigail answered, waving dismissively. 

“Huh. Well, I don’t think there’re many men who can keep up in bed with you, babe,” Kimberly sighed.

“Look, I’ll give a couple of my dresses to the Blue Cross or whatever, just let me know when they’re coming, yeah?” Abigail said, placing a reassuring hand on her friend’s shoulder.  “Don’t forget… you invited me here with the promise of men,” she winked, “And I think I’ve found the perfect specimen.” 

Leaving her friend behind, Abigail made a beeline for Charles.

Kimberly gave a defeated smile. Abigail had barely changed since their days together in college. If Kimberly was being frank, Abigail’s sex life consisted of bouncing one from dick to another as quickly as she could. It ‘preserved the magic’, as Abigail constantly told her friend. Despite her numerous attempts to loosen Kimberly up in college, Kimberly preferred to the less euphoric, longer-lasting joys of a stable relationship and securing an impressive GPA.

Nonetheless, Kimberly would never deny that watching Abigail in action was an entertaining treat. She grabbed her third glass of wine, picked a tall table diagonal to Abigail, Charles and Gregory, and watched as Abigail sashayed up to the two men confidently.


“Right, so you’re both introduced – I’m going to go grab a drink and catch up with a couple of colleagues,” Gregory smiled, giving Charles a slap on the back and giving Abigail a polite nod.

“So… you know Greg because you’re his girlfriend’s roommate – did I get that right?” Charles asked, sipping on his glass of champagne.

“Right – Kimberly,” Abigail replied, sidling up to Charles. “So, tell m-”

“How is Kimberly?” 

“How’s Kimberly? She’s here, and she’s fine, as far as I know,” Abigail replied, perplexed. 

“Nah, I mean… you live with her, right? What’s she like? Any fun?” Charles asked, as casually as he could.

A small, devious smile crept across Abigail’s lips – she too was adept as speaking in ‘code’.

“Aren’t you like, best friends with her boyfriend?” Abigail asked, leaning in and letting her cleavage spill generously for Charles’ benefit.


“God, you’re a sly one,” Abigail grinned, “But she’s not the sort. She’ll loosen up a little with a bit of alcohol in her blood, but she’s not… interested in other men. She’s only got eyes for Greg.”

“I’m not other men,” Charles said, eyeing Abigail’s cleavage openly, before looking back into her eyes, “Maybe another time, Abby.” “That said, that dress she’s got on, fuck me,” Charles said, impressed, eyeing Kimberly across the room. 

Abigail turned to Kimberly, admiring the figure that her evening gown put on stunning display. The silky maroon backless dress dipped dangerously low down her back, hugging her hips tight and smoothing over her small, perky rear comfortably. Her black hair flowed down to her shoulders, and her sparking emerald necklace sat majestically against her neck. 

Abigail laughed. She’d ‘failed’, but now she was very interested to see how the rest of the night would pan out.


Were they both looking at her? 

Kimberly turned around to see if Charles and Abigail were eyeing someone behind her, but didn’t see anyone they could be looking at in her line of sigh. They were looking at her. Or maybe she’d just had a few too many glasses of wine… 

Nah. This is my third gl-… wait. This is my fourth. Or was the last one my fourth? Ugh.

Kimberly wasn’t the sort to get wasted at a party; she could handle her alcohol well, though she would readily admit that she wasn’t always herself after knocking back a few drinks. When she looked back up, she saw Charles coming straight for her. 

Ugh. What now?

Unknowingly, Kimberly glanced quickly at the wall-mirror affixed inside the house behind her and straightened herself out. 

“That dress – it’s stunning,” Charles said, stopping at Kimberly’s table, and placing his glass down next to hers.

“Just the dress?” Kimberly shot back, sardonically. 

“Slippery fingers is trying not to put you off by being too forward,” Charles smirked, “But… I wouldn’t mind another look at the rest of you.”

Charles offered his hand, and Kimberly relented. Placing hers in his, she let him spin her around, giving him a 360° of her stunning frame. 

“Guess Abigail was right – couple of drinks do loosen stiffy Kimberly, eh?” Charles snickered, his eyes still travelling her body brazenly. 

“Is that what Abby said?” Kimberly murmured, looking behind Charles and shooting her friend a dirty look. 

“Listen – I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I don’t need. I’ll bring you a box or two next week, for the drive,” Charles said, placing his hand on Kimberly’s hip and gently tugging her toward him, “Will that work?”

Kimberly wasn’t fooled. But while she didn’t want to humor Charles’ insultingly simplistic ploy, she couldn’t help but be impressed by his relentless need to impress her. Still, she was perplexed. Where was he going with all of this? As much as she was aware of Charles’ difficulties observing physical boundaries, she also knew he had nothing but love in his heart for Gregory – surely he wasn’t trying to…

“It works, but how do you expect to find me?” Kimberly asked, coyly.

Charles reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper and showed it to Kimberly. It had her address on it. 

“Abigail’s the definition of thirsty,” Charles grinned, “She’s hoping I’ll catch her another time.” 

Kimberly sighed. She tried to look defeated, but, for some reason, felt a tingle of excitement in the pit of her stomach.

Charles kept his hand firmly on Kimberly’s hip, squeezing it. Her three-inch heels almost made up the difference in height between them, and she looked into his eyes, wondering what his next move would be.

“I’m gonna’ show you something,” Charles said, breaking the silence, “Upstairs.” 


Abigail watched as the pair quietly stepped off the patio and into the house, up the winding, marble stairs behind the glass doors, and out of sight. 

Fuckin’ hell, Charles was slick. 

Curiosity got the better of her. Abigail scanned the room quickly. When she was sure Greg wasn’t looking, Abigail slipped out of the party, and followed her friend up the stairs. 


“Woah, what is this place?” Kimberly marveled, as Charles stood aside and invited her into a beautifully designed, private Onsen room.  

In the middle stood a large, hardwood Onsen-tub, fitted with a futuristic-looking touch-sensitive tap. Two dim, warm spotlights shone on the bath from above, heating the entire room to a comfortable temperature.

“So… I’m more intimately acquainted with Cheryl’s place than I may have originally let on,” Charles said, grinning.

“W-wait, Cheryl? And you?” Kimberly exclaimed, her jaw dropping, “Isn’t she married? Happily married?”


“You’re twisted, really,” Kimberly murmured, circling the wooden tub and admiring the perfect aesthetic of the room – from the tinted, one-way window with a beautiful view of the city, to the ornate golden bathroom fixtures, the Onsen room was an impeccably-crafted one.

As disinterested as Kimberly pretended to be in Charles, she couldn’t ignore the tension building between them. Her cheeks warmed when, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Charles’ eyes glued to her rear. It wasn’t just his good looks that were so alluring – after all, her boyfriend Greg was a stunner too. It was much more than that. 

It was the confidence. The smugness. He was so sure of himself. Of what he could do… if he wanted to. Kimberly was the last person who wanted to prove him right, but a little voice in her head convinced her that basking in Charles’ gaze for a few more moments couldn’t hurt. Perhaps it was primal – or maybe it was just the alcohol. Or maybe, they were both flimsy excuses she was giving herself to spend a few more moments alone with her boyfriend’s best friend. 

As Kimberly stood by the window, admiring the cityscape’s night lights from the one-way window, she suddenly felt Charles’ hands snake around her hips, pulling her up against him. 

“What do you th-”

“If I’m so ‘twisted’, why are you still here?” Charles interrupted, pressing his lips up to Kimberly’s right ear. 

Kimberly stayed silent, but her deep, heaving breaths gave her away. Her cheeks burned an embarrassed shade of pink as the import of Charles’ question sank in. 

She was here. 

She was alone with Charles.

She was not herself, and she loved it. 

She loved the unease she felt in the pit of her stomach – it made her feel alive. She was anxious. She was excited. She was uneasy. She was exhilarated. 

As Charles held her against himself, she began to feel the outline of his bulge through his trousers, pressing against her rear through her thin evening gown. It was… big. And it was throbbing, hungrily. 

Where was he going with thi-

Without warning, he spun Kimberly around, and pressed his lips up to hers. 

There was a second’s hesitation, but Kimberly relented soon after. Inhaling the deep, masculine scent of his aftershave as their lips devoured one another’s, their tongues began to flit against one another, teasingly. 

Charles’ hand travelled up Kimberly’s body, caressing her breasts on the way to her neck. Then, he wrapped his hands around her throat, and gripped it firmly – not too tight, but with just enough strength to signal his desire to make her his. 

Their kisses turned sensual and passionate, and Charles pushed Kimberly up to the glass wall as their tongues began to dance with one another, exploring one another’s mouths. Charles bit down on Kimberly’s bottom lip, sucking on it as she leaned her head back against the glass, and moaned, gently. 

Then, his left hand slid down between her legs and spread them apart.



Abigail looked around the second floor… where did they go?

Cheryl’s home was a near-mansion – there were so many rooms, and the doors to each of them all looked incredibly similar. Cursing Cheryl’s designer under her breath, Abigail tip-toed down the corridor, peering down each available hallway and wondering if her friend had gone down one of them. 

Then, she heard a noise. 

“Bingo,” she whispered, before carefully trotting over to the door behind which the sound came from. 

“W-wait, I-I… I can’t d-do this,” a voice whimpered, “This i-isn’t me.”

It was the unmistakable sound of Kimberly’s voice.

Abigail looked around and made sure she was alone, before pressing her ear to the door and listening in.


“I’m not doing this,” Kimberly heaved, anxious. “I can’t do this! This is fucked up,” she rambled, panicking and wiping her lips off with the back of her hand. 

“Relax,” Charles whispered, placing his hands on her shoulders firmly. 

His eyes locked with hers, and Kimberly, despite her anxiety, lost herself in his pale blue eyes.

“I’m not one of your ‘bitches’, Charles,” Kimberly whispered, “I’m not Abby. I’m not going to bend over and beg for you to stick it in me.”

Her eyes were burning with indignance now, but she still couldn’t find the resolve to leave the room. 

“And that’s why I want you,” Charles grinned, dancing his fingers underneath her chin, pointing it up to face him. 

Kimberly knew this was just another one of his lines. She knew it with a certainty that she’d bet her life on – her mother’s life on. She always saw through men like Charles in a flash and prided herself on that very fact. But, for some inexplicable reason she was so utterly and completely devasted by him that she struggled to leave the room. 

“I c-can’t, Greg is just downstairs,” Kimberly whispered, “I-I… I love him.”

“He’s busy,” Charles said, simply, “And so are you.”

Before Kimberly could respond, Charles pressed his lips to hers and kissed her again. 

The warmth of Charles’ lips, and his impressively nuanced kisses raptured Kimberly, and she relented, melting in his embrace. His hands ran across her back confidently, groping at her skin and threatening to slip under her gown and grab at her ass. 

His experience with women showed – from the way he ran his tongue across her lips, tasting her, to the way his hands explored her body when his tongue danced with hers – Charles was, undisputedly, better at titillating Kimberly’s sensuality than any man she’d been with, even Gregory. 

As his lips devoured hers, and his stubble scratched against her face, Kimberly felt herself losing every inch of herself in Charles’ lustful grasp. She hated herself for only an hour ago thinking he was harmless – perhaps physically flirtatious but respectful enough of his friend to keep his more vulgar desires to himself – and for now finding out he was not, only because she was complicit in his debauchery. 

Still, she was loving every minute of her mistake thoroughly. 

As they backed into the large, glass window again, Charles pressed his hand between Kimberly’s legs and pushed them open for a second time – this time, without protest. Grabbing her tight, knee-length cocktail gown by the hips, he bunched it up around her waist, exposing her smooth, long legs. 

“Yum,” Charles commented, his eyes drinking in Kimberly’s exquisitely sculpted legs. 

Soon, he snaked his left hand between them, and brushed his fingers teasingly against her crotch. Kimberly felt a millisecond of hesitance, his kiss freezing, and she knew why. He pulled away from her.

“No panties?” Charles asked, grinning, “Did you know I was coming today?”

“Panty line, you fucking pervert,” Kimberly panted, still recovering from Charles’ breathless, passionate kisses, “This dress is tight and if I wore them I’d have a panty line.”

Charles pressed his fingers up to Kimberly’s pussy and massaged her lips, eliciting a muted moan.

“Doesn’t change the fact that you’re wet,” he smiled, his fingers diddling at Kimberly’s sex as she leaned against the wall, her eyes shut tight. “So, so fucking wet,” he grunted, massaging her dripping lips firmly in a circular motion. 

Kimberly moaned, her eyes still tightly shut, not wanting to admit to herself that the source of the immense pleasure she was experiencing was her boyfriend’s best friend. Now thoroughly enjoying Charles’ digital ministrations, Kimberly began to unconsciously gyrate her hips in tandem with Charles’ erotic massage. Biting her bottom lip, Kimberly whimpered gently as Charles upped the ante, his thumb finding her clit as his index and middle finger continued to tease and massage her pussy, getting her progressively wetter. 

As Charles expertly managed both her clit and her lips with just one hand, he yanked down on her gown and pressed his lips to her tits.

“C-careful, don’t ri-mmh… don’t rip it,” Kimberly moaned. 

“Even if I did,” Charles began, looking up from her breasts and smiling devilishly, “He’d believe any story you gave him.”

Kimberly whimpered, pained with guilt, hating Charles’ cocky insistence on mentioning her boyfriend while he had her, literally, by the crotch. Still, somewhere in the pit of her stomach, it triggered a small spark of taboo excitement.

Charles’ wrapped his lips tightly around Kimberly’s tit and lapped at it, bathing her breasts in his saliva. When he flicked at her clit with his thumb, he would bite down on her tit and watch with glee as she jumped with pained gratification, and let out a petite, pleasured squeal. 


 Jeez, those two are really going at it. 

Abigail sighed. If she wasn’t the one going to have the pleasure of banging the shit out of Charles, the least she could be treated to was a lit-

“Hi, is this the way to the, uhm, bathroom?” a voice chimed behind Abigail, startling her. 

Abigail swiveled around and let out a small, imperceptible gasp when she saw the woman attached to the query. Auburn hair, slim, yet fashionably curvaceous, a provocative cocktail dress with a plunging neckline, similar to hers, and sharp, attractive features that the woman had heavily accentuated with makeup. In tow, she had an attractive young man who looked both flustered and excited, his tie half undone and the top three buttons of his shirt loose. Abigail gave them both a knowing smile. 

“I, uh… it might be, actually,” Abigail said, an impish smile appearing across her face.


“Woah, woah, d’you hear that?” Kimberly suddenly said, her back stiffening and her hand reaching down to grip on Charles’ wrist, halting his massage. 

“Like I give a fuck,” Charles grunted, his face still buried between Kimberly’s breasts. 

“It sounded li-”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Hey, someone in there?” called out a faux-unassuming voice from the other side. 

“It’s Abby,” Kimberly whispered, panicking.

Charles ignored Kimberly, and pressed his middle finger against her cunt, teasing her entrance. 

Mmmh-p-please, Cha-”

Smoothly, Charles slid his finger into Kimberly’s pussy and watched as her back loosened and her eyes momentarily rolled back into her head. Whimpering, she raised her hand to her mouth and bit down on it, before shooting Charles a dirty stare. 

“Yup, I might take a while,” Charles called out, his thumb vibrating against Kimberly’s clit as he drove his middle finger in and out of Kimberly’s pussy. “Bit busy in here. There’s another washroom down the hall and to the left,” he quipped, before pressing his face back into Kimberly’s tits.

Abigail smiled, and turned back around to the red-haired beauty and her male companion. 

“Seems like its gonna’ be occupied for a bit,” she shrugged, “But yo-”

“Down the hall and to the left, got it,” the woman nodded, and yanked her male friend by the arm and down the corridor in a hurry.

“Bev, are you su…”

Their voices trailed off and faded out as they turned the corner and disappeared. 

Damn, everyone’s getting some… except me. 


As Charles continued to tag-team Kimberly’s tits and pussy, he felt her body begin to shudder against him. Her perky, petite tits began to quiver in his mouth as her body shook, vibrating in pleasure. Knowing that she was on the verge of an orgasm, Charles abruptly pulled his finger out of Kimberly’s cunt, and his lips off her tit. 

“W-why, d’you stop?” Kimberly panted, her juices running down her inner thighs, and her body shuddering, on edge. 

Charles didn’t answer. Instead, he reached down to the zipper of his trousers and undid them, dropping them to his ankles. Kicking them off to the side of the room, he massaged his half-erect cock through his boxers while Kimberly watched its outline grow against its confines.

Even through his underwear Kimberly could tell that Charles was packing a serious unit. His throbbing cock made a clear imprint on his tight, cotton boxers, and it was long as it was thick. Still, Kimberly wasn’t ready for the sight that graced her when Charles pulled his boxers down and exposed the masculine magnificence that was his cock. 

“Holy shit,” she whispered to herself, quietly, as Charles’ almost-erect cock slipped out, throbbing.

Unlike her boyfriend, Charles was circumcised. The pulsing head of his cock was covered in a sheen of warm, wet pre-cum, ready to be serviced. 

But, I don’t do that. 

Kimberly hated sucking cock. It was why she reserved blowjobs for the most special of occasions – Gregory’s birthday was one, and the other was their yearly anniversary if  Gregory returned the favor (which he usually, quite happily, did). Charles, however, didn’t ask. Coming up to Kimberly, he simply slipped his hand behind her neck and motioned for her to drop to her knees. 

Kimberly shook her head. At this point, she had to admit to herself that it wasn’t because she didn’t want to suck Charles’ cock. It looked positively delicious. Coupled with Charles’ masculine aura, his chiseled body and the musky scent of his cock, there was nothing Kimberly wanted to do more than drop to her knees and swallow his rod down her throat. The only thing that was stopping her was the thought of how immense an act of betrayal giving Charles her mouth would be. In her mind, it would heighten the cruelty of her infidelity greatly.  

All the gifts Gregory had given her, the expensive dinners he had treated her to, the love he’d showered on her – all that hadn’t been enough for her to drop to her knees on the odd week to give her boyfriend the act of sexual submission that he craved… but his best friend, who’d done nothing but be an obnoxious prick since he’d known her… sucking his cock on her knees in a stranger’s bathroom? 

Kimberly began undoing her heels, planning to slip them off before things got anymore heated. As her hands reached for the strap of her black heels, Charles grabbed her by the wrist, stopping her. 

“I like those on,” Charles smiled, “Just like Greg does.”

“He fucking told you that?” Kimberly murmured, releasing her grip on the strap of her heels, “They’re uncomfortable.”

“But they’re gorgeous,” Charles said, kissing her gently on the lips.

Kimberly felt like she would melt in Charles’ gaze then and there. She would die before she told him, but she loved the implicitly commanding tenor every word out of his mouth carried. Unlike Gregory, who would whine, begging Kimberly to humor him once and keep her heels on in bed, Charles’ confidence did all the talking. 

“Plus, they won’t hurt when you’re on your knees,” Charles snickered. 

Relenting, Kimberly dropped to her knees. She gripped Charles’ cock in her hand and began stroking it slowly, resisting the urge to slip her lips over the head of his rod. Her fingers barely made it around his girthy tool, and she watched with admiration as it began to harden almost instantly in her hand, pre-cum dripping down from its tip to the marbled floor of the Onsen room. 

“Suck it,” Charles said, nudging Kimberly’s head toward his pulsing cock.

He saw her lips quiver, and her eyes transfixed on his cock, but she refused to bring her lips to it, shaking her head.

“I can’t, please,” she whimpered, squeezing it between her fingers and jerking it faster, “I don’t do this… usually.”

“That’s for him,” Charles said, “And this is for me. I want your lips around my cock.”

Grabbing his rod by the hilt, he lifted his cock up and lightly smacked it against her lips, his pre-cum lightly splattering her cheeks. Kimberly hesitated, still fighting her conscience. 

I’m here, on my knees. 

I’m stroking his cock. 

He’s smacking it on my lips. 

Would it really be much worse if I opened my…

Kimberly parted her lips, and Charles quickly and smoothly introduced his shaft into her mouth. Immediately Kimberly tasted the sweet-salty musk of Charles’ pre-cum on her lips. Usually, she gagged at the tang of male bodily fluid, taking a while to get into the rhythm of giving head. Today, however, the taste of Charles’ pre-cum drove her wild with primal lust. Without waiting, she pulled his thick cock into her mouth, her lips straining to contain it as she sucked, sputtered and gagged against it, ravenous for more. 

“Fuck, jus-mmh, just like that,” Charles groaned, digging his hands into her hair and easing her onto and off his cock.


Abigail had trouble following the pair’s conversations through the door, but the unmistakable sputter and gag of a big-dick blowjob was one she knew she knew she would never misrecognize.

Sucking cock? This is a fucking development.

Abigail smiled to herself. She knew how stuck up Kimberly had always presented herself as being when it came to sex. It’s not that Kimberly never had any fun, but she had always insisted on doing it her way. The vanilla way. She didn’t pander to Greg’s kinks, and she sure didn’t give blowjobs out like candy – those had to be earned. Abigail had sometimes felt bad for Gregory, but any pity she had for him evaporated today. 

Clearly Kimberly wasn’t a prude. She was just a bad girl waiting to be discovered, and Gregory must have been abysmal at getting her in the right mood for it. Everything going on behind that door proved that. Abigail grinned to herself thinking of all the doors her friend’s newfound slutty, unreserved side opened. 

Now we can really have some fun together…


Kimberly continued sucking and slobbering over Charles’ girthy cock, still struggling to fit it comfortably in her mouth. Her small lips was stretched, and her lipstick left stains all around his shaft as she negotiated his size the best she could. Spent, she pulled off his rod and wiped the back of her mouth off, leaning against the window behind her, exhausted. 

“You’re good,” Charles said, stroking her hair gently and leaning down to kiss the top of her head. “Are you ready for it?” he asked, offering his hand to Kimberly.

She knew what he meant. She didn’t respond, but she took his hand and let him stand her up. She let him turn her around and pull her dress up to her hips. She let him pull her legs apart, and toy with her pussy. She turned, and watched him roll a condom onto his throbbing cock before pressing his head against her cunt. She let him tease her lips with his heated rod, sliding his head along the length of her pussy, eliciting pleasured moans of anticipation. She let him press his cock into her slowly, an inch at a time, finally satisfying the tension he’d built from the moment he’d approached her earlier that night. 

She hadn’t said a word, but she was so, so excited to finally have Charles inside her.