A New Beginning

Sarah sat at the bar, not really feeling as confidently about this as she thought she should. She looked down at the finger on her left hand; the indention of the ring was faint, but still visible to anyone who was looking for it.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about that either.  On the one hand there was a sense of proud defiance – she was an adult, she knew what she was doing; what does it matter if someone saw her here?  But on the other hand, well, what if someone saw her here?  She weighed it for a few seconds, decided that if this was really what she wanted she’d feel better about it, so she made up her mind; she just wasn’t ready for this. Not yet, anyway.  She finished her drink in a single gulp and signaled to the bartender that she was ready to tab out.  She started to pack up her stuff, feeling a pleasant sense of peace in her decision.  She was ready to go home and watch Dirty Dancing.  But even so, there was the slightest twinge of disappointment that she couldn’t follow through.

Couldn’t?  No.  Didn’t want to.  This was her choice, after all, and she didn’t owe anyone any explanations.

But that’s when he walked in.

She felt like a cliché, stopping in her tracks, watching him walk across the room.  But he did it so well; like casually, but with a purpose. That suit, the haircut, his posture, even the way his arms moved when he walked; she could imagine the way his body looked moving underneath his clothes, but as she felt the heat spread throughout her own body, she realized that imagining it was not going to cut it. In fact, she was legitimately surprised at how struck by him she was.  And even though every inch of her mind was filled with stark images of ripped lace and lips on flesh, part of her was still just a touch overwhelmed and hoped he’d keep on walking right out of her view, so she’d be free to just call it a night.

But of course, he noticed her too.

And why wouldn’t he? She knew what she was setting out to do when she left the house this evening.  Her hair perfectly sculpted and draped over one eye; her dress exquisitely tailored to her every curve, covering lingerie that made HER feel sexy and confident, regardless of whether anyone would have the opportunity to see it. And even though she knew exactly how she looked, she also knew it was that confidence more than anything else that made him stop in his own tracks.

They held each other’s gaze as he just stood there, a slight smirk on his face.  Sarah could have sworn she saw a bit of a flush in his cheeks and found that kind of endearing; even with as handsome and well put together as he was, he was still a little nervous.  It helped put her at ease as she watched him take a breath and start toward her.  She turned back toward the bar and caught the bartender’s eye.  She must have made a face because he chuckled and whispered good luck at her.  As she took a breath and tried to compose herself, certain that her face was beet red, she felt him sit down on the stool next to hers.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked the newcomer.  “Um, vodka cranberry for me and…?” he looked at Sarah. She smiled at the bartender, who replied, “Okay, one vodka cranberry, and one whiskey sour, coming right up.” As the bartender set about making the drinks, the newcomer turned to Sarah.  “So,” he said clearing his throat and shifting in his seat.  “I’m, uh, Bradley.”  Sarah found herself feeding off his nervous energy and was surprised at how much she liked the feeling.  “I’m Ashley,” she said, still getting comfortable in this newly-found sense of herself.  She held out her right hand and he shook it with his, but she made a point to check out his left hand, too.  He had the same faint indention, which made her feel a little better about hers. “So, Ashley, what do you do?”

She wasn’t sure how honest she wanted to be here, she’d already used a fake name, why not just run with it?  She thought back to her big Middle School Dream.  “Well, I was on track to be an Olympic Gymnast, but I didn’t quiiiiite make it, so I decided to use the scholarship money to go to law school instead.” After she said it, she realized that she didn’t even know if scholarships worked that way, but Bradley just rolled with it.  “That’s really cool!  I mean I’m sorry you didn’t make it to the Olympics but that you even got that close is a hell of an accomplishment.”  She saw him glance down at her legs right as the bartender showed up with their drinks, so she turned back to the bar and made sure she shifted just enough that her dress rode a little bit higher up her thigh.  She smiled to herself as she felt his eyes on her.

Soon, one round of drinks turned to three, and the nervous energy turned into something else entirely. The conversation got a little more flirty and Sarah found herself making up every single aspect of her life, just to see if she could pull it off.  She felt a sense of pride as Bradley placed his hand on her thigh and whispered his room number in her ear.  She sipped her drink and pretended to consider it before she accepted his invitation. Bradley paid the tab, and they made their way to the elevators, slightly tipsy and giggling like teenagers.

Once they were safely behind the closed doors of the lift, Bradley’s floor selected, there was no holding either of them back.  He swept the hair away from Sarah’s eye and kissed her long and deep.  With one hand cradling her neck and the other wrapped around her lower back he practically dipped her as he kissed her, and she had to wrap her arms around his shoulders to keep from losing her balance.  Once she regained her footing she stepped back, caught her breath, shoved him against the wall of the elevator, and ripped open his shirt.  She ran her hands over his chest, pinching and twisting his nipples as she kissed and nibbled his neck.  She glanced down and noticed the bulge in his pants getting bigger.  She wasn’t sure how much time she had left before they reached Bradley’s floor, or who might be waiting when the door’s opened.  So, in a rare moment of brazen boldness – asking herself ‘what would Ashley do’ – she reached over and pressed the STOP ELEVATOR button

The elevator stopped almost immediately as a short alarm sounded.  Sarah and Bradley were tossed just a bit and had to hold onto each other to keep from tumbling over.  “Whaaaat the hell?”  By the way Bradley looked at her, she could tell that he had no idea what he was in store for this evening. “What can I say?”  She looked deeply into his eyes as she stepped out of her heels.  “We were going up, buuut I had something different in mind.” With that she sank to her knees and started unbuckling his belt.  Bradley was stunned, and on the outside she reveled in it.  But on the inside she was like “What the fuck did I just say?  Who even AM I right now?”  But she knew – she was Ashley.  And Ashley was about to give Bradley the best fucking blowjob he’d ever gotten in his entire life.  She realized that just hearing herself think like that made her unbelievably wet.  Once she got his belt unbuckled, she unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor around his ankles.  His erection was massive and strained against the fabric of his tight, black, microfiber boxer briefs.  Sarah really liked the way the material felt as she caressed his cock and massaged his testicles.  She looked up at Bradley, who still just gazed down at her in disbelief.  She maintained eye contact as she grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down, taking his arousal in her hand.

As she gently squeezed and stroked it, she used her free hand to reach around and massage his ass. She had plans for that hand, and that ass, but that would come later.  Meanwhile she lifted his cock and continued to masturbate him as she placed her lips around his balls, sucking softly.  She heard his breath quicken and felt his fingers run through the hair on the top of her head.  As she let his balls fall from her mouth, she ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft.  She felt his body tremble as she lightly licked his frenulum and brought her tongue up to the tip of his head, where a small pearl of precum had collected.  She almost licked it off but instead she collected it onto her fingertip, then took her hand and lifted it high.  Without her having to say anything, she felt Bradley take her finger into his mouth, gently licking and sucking the precum from it.  As he sucked her finger, she followed suit and took his cock into her mouth.

She kept her mouth open wide as she took the entirety of his erection, closing her lips around the base of the shaft.  As she lightly sucked, she moved her lips up to the edge of his head, and back down again. She found a rhythm that matched pace with his breathing and looked up to see him lost in ecstasy, playing with his own nipples.  As she continued her blowjob, she took her hand and ran it up the inside of his thigh, underneath his scrotum, and started massaging his perineum.  As if on cue he managed to step out of one leg of his pants and underwear and spread his legs a bit wider.  As she massaged him, she pulled his penis out of her mouth and started stroking it; it was no time at all before more precum collected on the tip. Once again, she collected it on her fingertip, but rather than offer it up to him, or taste it herself (she’d gotten to enjoy plenty while he was in her mouth), she carefully moved her hand back under his balls and past his perineum.  Knowing what was coming, Bradley spread his feet just a little more widely to give her access, and Sarah used the warm precum as lubrication to slowly slide her fingertip into his tight, but eager asshole.  She made sure to take his cock back into her mouth, and at the same time, she penetrated him; the sound that came out of Bradley told her that she was absolutely succeeding in her mission to give him the best he’d ever had.

As she continued to suck him off, she slowly and gently worked her finger more deeply inside of him, the stimulation creating natural lubrication to help her along the way, and then she found it – his prostate.  She started lightly massaging it in rhythm with everything else and it wasn’t long before the precum started to practically spill out of him.  It was hot and thick and tasted so good on her tongue. His breath quickened, his cock swelled and she knew he was getting very close to cumming.  And even though the thought of taking every drop in her mouth aroused her so much she could almost smell her own sex in the air, she wasn’t ready for this night to be over.

Slowly, gently, she removed her finger from inside him, took his cock from her mouth, and made her way up to her feet.  She took a few steps back, and as he removed his shoes and stepped out of his pants and underwear, she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress.  It fell to the floor, revealing the matching, lace-trimmed navy blue bra and panty set she’d bought just for tonight.  All he could say was “oh,” but he breathed it more than said it.  The sound gave her goosebumps, as did the feeling of his strong hands groping her breasts as he kissed her once again.  He moved one of those hands from her chest up to her shoulder, where he gently slipped the bra strap from her shoulder, letting it fall to her arm.  He bent and kissed the skin where the strap was as he reached behind her and unhooked the clasp.  Sarah pulled the other strap over her shoulder and let the bra fall to the floor, her chest rising and falling with with her heavy, aroused breath.

They locked eyes as Bradley slowly sank to his own knees, pausing along the way to lightly lick Sarah’s erect nipples and kiss her navel.  Once he was on his knees, he ran his fingertips over her panties, tracing the slightly swollen area where her clitoris pressed against the fabric.  He gripped the waistband and even though he meant to pull them down, well, he just ripped them right off her.  She gasped.  He started to apologize but before he could say anything, she grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face in between her legs.  He took direction exceptionally well, his tongue exploring the space between her labia while his hands massaged her ass.  Soon, her right leg was draped over his shoulder, her fingers tangled up in his hair as he sucked her clitoris and fucked her with his tongue.  It wasn’t long before both of her legs were draped over his shoulders and she was bracing herself on the handrail as she moved her hips in tandem with his tongue.

Once she felt his fingers reciprocating what hers had given him earlier, it was only a matter of time before the warmth began to wash over her and her muscles began to contract.  Now, in her life she’d had thousands of orgasms, but squirting was something she’d only ever heard about second or third hand or seen in porn videos (with varying degrees of skepticism).  That, however, all changed right there in that elevator. At first, she didn’t even realize it was happening; it felt like every other orgasm as the waves of pleasure rippled out across her body.  But suddenly she felt it and before she could even process what was happening, Bradley whispered “holy shit” and she looked down just in time to see herself…well…she had trouble putting it into words but what else could she call it?  She was cumming on his face.  It wasn’t an exorbitant amount like she’s seen in some of the videos, there wasn’t even any excess – it just…sort of splashed out onto his mouth and neck.  Her first instinct was to apologize but before she could even say the words, Bradley took a very deep breath and resumed voraciously eating her pussy.  Her whole body was electric and she moaned but within seconds it was sensory overload and she had to ask him to stop.

He stopped immediately and helped her back to her feet.  He stood to meet her and after a bit he kissed her.  Hard.  She could taste and smell herself on his lips, his tongue, his breath, his skin. And the enthusiasm with which he shared her with herself turned her on, which made her kiss him back even harder. She felt his erection pushing its way in between her thighs and she wrapped her leg around his hips, giving him access to her.  The extreme wetness left behind by the best orgasm she’d ever had made it easy for him to slide his engorged cock in between her lips and into her still hyper-sensitive vagina.  She trembled as the nerves were still on fire, and she wasn’t sure how long she’d be able to withstand it, but as he settled into a rhythm she did too, and soon the sharp electricity was replaced again by the warm waves of pleasure.

“Tell me when you’re close,” she whispered in his ear as she heard his breath quicken.  He was so lost in his own ecstasy that all he could say was “mm-hm.”  She felt his muscles tighten as he got closer to climax so she whispered again in his ear. “Not yet.”  She deftly dismounted herself from his cock, slowly sank to her knees, and once again took all of him into her mouth.  She used her tongue and lips in tandem and before she had the chance to even settle into a rhythm his core tightened, he moaned, and she felt his dick swell.  She opened her mouth and held his cock in front of it as he exploded.  She guided him perfectly, and every drop hit the back of her throat and her tongue.  Once she was certain she’d drained every drop out of him, she rose back to her feet and kissed him long and hard, making sure he could taste himself just as completely as she’d tasted herself earlier.  It turned him on just as much as it had her. They passed his cum back and forth as they made out, both eventually swallowing what they could and letting passionate tongue-kisses turn into sweet, delicate pecks on the lip.

As they caught their breath and gazed at each other, they were interrupted by a disembodied voice over a loudspeaker.  “Ummm…is everything…okay in there?  We got the stop alarm but haven’t heard anything in a while.  Just push the intercom button to talk back.”  Sarah thought fast as she and Bradley re-dressed – “OH, uh yeah we didn’t even see that button or we would have called as soon as it stopped, and uh yeah, everything’s fine, I just pushed the stop button by accident and we couldn’t figure out how to make it start going again?  So we were just waiting for someone to, ya know…fix it?” “Ah.”  Sarah couldn’t be certain, but it really sounded like he didn’t believe her.  She wondered how often this happened.  “So the button is actually a switch, just pull it back out and it’ll get things running again.”  Bradley reached out and pulled the STOP ELEVATOR switch and sure enough they continued upward.  They thanked the voice for his help and shared a little giggle as they felt the elevator slow down and eventually stop at their floor.

The next morning they woke up to a beautiful roomful of natural light and just laid in bed and looked at one another.  “So,” he said.  “Last night was incredible.  But…Ashley? Almost an Olympic Gymnast?”  Sarah laughed, almost embarrassed.  “I mean yeah, you wanted to pretend to be strangers, so go big or go home, right?”  He smiled at her.  “Well I’m glad you didn’t go home.”  “Oh well I mean I almost did.  I felt so self-conscious sitting there and I just KNEW someone was going to see me all dolled up, at a hotel bar, not wearing my ring, and then I would never hear the end of it.  Speaking of…” She rolled over to the nightstand and picked up her wedding ring.  “Can we put these back on now?”  He held up his left hand where a gold band sat in place of the faint indention she had seen last night.  “Way ahead of you.”  She put hers on and they kissed.  “And then you walked in looking like that.  I can’t remember the last time I saw you look like that.  But then again, when’s the last time you saw me look like that?”

They looked at each other for a few seconds.  “I’m sorry I haven’t tried more,” he said.  “I’m so glad we did this, not just the sex but the…I dunno – effort, but I won’t wait until our next anniversary to do it again.”  “I won’t either,” she said back.  They kissed like two people in love, and spent the rest of their anniversary making the most out of that hotel room bed, and the rest of their lives making the most out of each other.