15 Questions That Lead to Better Sex

Start by just looking at each other, some nice chill eye contact. Relax and breath together. This is all about just taking some time and having fun together.

What are you wearing? Are you naked, clothed? Are you lying down? Sitting up?

Just kind of notice what’s going on in the room around you. Let your day wash away, and focus on the person in front of you. 

Before we get to the good stuff, I think it’s always good to tell the other person one thing you really find hot about them. What gets you going when you think about them?

1. When was the last time you guys had a sexual encounter? Have one person tell it through their perspective in slow-mo. What was your favorite part? 

2. What’s your favorite way to be touched by your partner? Where do you like to be licked, if at all?

3. If you guys were to make homemade porn, what would you feature? What style would it be shot in?

4. Do you like watching other people have sex? What’s your favorite porn?

5. Would you guys ever have a threesome? If you guys could have one with anyone, who would you pick?

6. What name do you like in bed? What kind of dirty talk do you like? What’s the best dirty talk line your partner has ever used?

7. What are your biggest insecurities in bed?

8. What was your most embarrassing sex moment?

9. What do you want to do next time you guys are in bed together? Explain in deeeeeep detail.

10. What’s your favorite way to reach orgasm? Is it alone? With a partner? Oral? With a toy?

11. Okay. This one is a little stupid but whatever. One of you must complete a strip tease to a song of your choice. 

12. The one who didn’t do the strip tease has to run around the room butt naked. 

13. If you aren’t both naked by now, get naked. 

14. Take turns showing each other what it’s like when you masturbate alone. Do the whole thing. Pull up your favorite porn and show them how you like to touch yourself.

15. Tell your partner that you:

  1. want them to take their time when you guys are in bed together, 
  2. that you like the way they taste, and 
  3. that turning them on turns you on.