One Mile Away

I’m the cute guy that you swiped right for on Tinder. My wavy light-brown hair, radiant smile, and chiseled physique won you over. Not to mention my witty caption about my ideal first date. We

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Summer Sweet

“Oh, that’s nice. Neal is home for summer break,” Mom says to me one day over breakfast as she’s scrolling through her Facebook feed. At the blank look I give her over my Special K

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Slip ‘N Slide

“It’s not really a waterpark…it’s more of an…adult water themed party? But with slides. And fountains. And lots of watermelons soaked in vodka and weed gummies.”  “That sounds exactly like a waterpark but minus the best

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The Chiropractor

I arrive at his office alone about midday. He and I are the only ones there and it’s warm inside. He’s a sizable Latino man with a dark complexion. I’m a small European who is fair. “I’ll begin

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It felt like days, but I knew it had only been hours as the first pangs of hunger started to run through my stomach. It was no use trying to look around with the blindfold

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During Class

I’m a senior in high school, and my testosterone has been boosting my erectile equipment for a few years now. Having had little success in the girl department I became adept at manually attending to

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Bastille Day

It was the second to last night of the Paris leg of our trip. My best friend, Nyla, and I were meeting our friend from home for drinks at this little cafe by our hotel.

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My First Time With a Girl Was With My Best Friend’s Older Sister

  People often ask, “Did you always know you were a lesbian?” And the answer is a complicated no. I had always been attracted to girls, but I thought it was a normal level of attraction

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Strip Wii Golf

Right after graduating college I was lucky enough to land a good well playing job near by. I wanted to stay in the area for the foreseeable future and opted to buy a house since

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“Guess what, babe?’ Cassandra giggled over the phone, “They’re finally leaving me alone with the house.” “Holy. Shit,” Jessica squealed, “Are we fuckin’ doing this or what?” “Hell yes we are – d’you think we can get

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