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Sex Swing and a Riddle

“A guy runs up the same hill by his house every day. He runs to the summit, and then he runs back down. One night there is a torrential downpour and his normally surefooted path

Maid of Honor and the Bride

Valerie is having a meltdown. Today is her wedding day, and guests are at this moment making their way to the grassy lawn outside, finding their seats, and looking with expectation at the altar, decorated

The Exchange Student

The heft of Jimmy’s body lay on top of mine, generally lifeless save the occasional gastrointestinal grumble and vague pumpings he was making inside of me. Twenty years of marriage, and I’m sorry – I

I Watched My Girlfriend’s Sex Tape with Her Ex

This story takes place a little while back. My girlfriend Amanda and I had been going though a bit of a rough patch as a couple. We had been dating for about 4 years and

“I Dare You” (Part 2)

The same red paper had been slipped inside my locker. The same flawless handwriting with the same “cutie,” and the same innuendo with the word “unbrace” italicized. I glanced up at the locker room still full

Puppy Love

From the moment Sam opened his front door, Eva felt a strange connection to her new dog walking client.  His strong jaw, his reluctant but dimpled smile, those intense hazel eyes – the way he was

“I Dare You” (Part 1)

“I dare you.” I stared at the words again and they seemed to take on a new meaning, the letters morphing of their own accord into different shapes and sizes and colors. This couldn’t be

“It’s Only Sex”

I recently got out of a long term relationship and I needed a place to live or crash until I found my own place that I could afford. A friend of mine suggested that a

A Small Town Surprise (Part 3)

Billy followed Lara out of their rumpled bed at the Salmon Creek Lodge and turned on the bathroom shower. The bathroom was tiny but the shower was smaller still, but he didn’t want to be

Kate and Andy (Part 1 – The Rebound)

Kate was thirty the day she flew to Reno to get her divorce.  She’d gotten married in Nevada, and she was told it was cheaper and easier to get divorced there, too, no muss, no fuss;

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