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T. Miles

Maid of Honor and the Bride

Valerie is having a meltdown. Today is her wedding day, and guests are at this moment making their way to the grassy lawn outside, finding their seats, and looking with expectation at the altar, decorated

Figure Drawing Class

As soon as the man walks into the classroom, Amy knows there’s going to be a problem. She’s been attending this life drawing class for four weeks, hoping to improve her skills, and so far she’s

Postmates Special Delivery

She can hear them going at it next door. The walls in this apartment are too goddamn thin, Kendra thinks to herself. This must be the third time this week. But tonight it sounds like

Birthday Foursome

The four of us go out for drinks at a bar on the east side. It’s my girlfriend Maria’s birthday, and she wants to do something fun but keep it small. Maria’s best friend Courtney,