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Nikki Alton

Puppy Love

From the moment Sam opened his front door, Eva felt a strange connection to her new dog walking client.  His strong jaw, his reluctant but dimpled smile, those intense hazel eyes – the way he was

A Small Town Surprise (Part 3)

Billy followed Lara out of their rumpled bed at the Salmon Creek Lodge and turned on the bathroom shower. The bathroom was tiny but the shower was smaller still, but he didn’t want to be

Kate and Andy (Part 1 – The Rebound)

Kate was thirty the day she flew to Reno to get her divorce.  She’d gotten married in Nevada, and she was told it was cheaper and easier to get divorced there, too, no muss, no fuss;

A Small Town Surprise (Part 2)

Lara and Billy were driving. She was reckless with still wanting him, as if the long blissful time they’d spent in his truck parked by the Salmon River were only brief moments. “I don’t want you

A Small Town Surprise

It was Friday night, and Lara was stranded. She was driving to visit her friend’s new bed and breakfast in Montana and see the Wild West. But her car broke down, and she was getting it

Delivery Man

His smile was amazing, his eyes a deep grey, his thick dark lashes off-set by a strong jaw, and a thin tint of five o’clock shadow. His black hair was long in the back. I

Orgy in Lecce, Italy

The sandstone that graced the baroque buildings with cherubs, monsters, flowers, and beasts was a warm, soft pink. The color of sunset. The color of a woman’s skin, Jack thought. Lecce was off the beaten track